Learn How to Link Academy Review. Not What I Thought it Was

Learn How to Link Academy is a very mixed bag of mostly bad stuff that I found when I checked it out and in this review, I’ll explain why I don’t like this system.

Quick Report on Learn How to Link Academy:

learn how to link academy review

Name: Learn How to Link Academy by Tony Anderson.

Price: $97.95, no up-sells.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars (scam).

Other than the call they try to have you make when you join which I can’t give a review on (I didn’t try it), the site is actually not bad, but in my opinion extremely disorganized with too much different information “clumped” together. 

There’s good ideas, bad ideas, outdated ideas, but because all of that is just so mixed together, I can’t recommend it.

Update: Once rated 3 stars out of 10, now it’s just 1 and here’s why:

I gave this program 3 stars when I purchased it and I explain in this review why I didn’t like it. But I had to go lower because I tried to refund it especially after seeing that they have a 60 day money back guarantee.

After calling customer service, I waited for about 10 minutes, explained why I didn’t like the program and was told there is apparently some policy in their terms in which I have to first try it for 30 days before requesting any refunds. I said that wasn’t listed and they told me it’s in their terms.

So I said I’d take a look. Here’s what I found: 60 days. Here’s what I didn’t find: NOTHING about that 30 days:


So not only is there no mention of the 30 days, but there’s also a fee I’d have to pay if I left, something the customer service rep from this company did not mention. They basically also say I have to give this program a shot, but what they teach is drop shipping, something I know about and have tried. The way they teach you to do it is very basic. So they can’t tell me I didn’t try.

At the point when I read their terms and saw nothing about those 30 days, the few parts of this program I felt were positive didn’t mean anything if there was some twisted refund issues. That’s why I lowered the rating and now call this program a scam.

I don’t know what would have happened if I listened to them and waited the 30 days, but since there’s no mention of it in the terms, I feel like I’ve been lied to and decided to officially file a dispute. 

Now if you want to still know about the program, please read the whole review below. 

learn how to link academy score

Learn How to Link Academy in a nutshell:

A combination of webinars and tutorials on drop shipping. There is a lot of information on this website, but the biggest thing you learn is how to make money buying products from a whole seller called DOBA and then re-selling it on eBay, which is what drop shipping means. 

Before I purchased this program:

I assumed that it was going to be a scam site (Well looks like it is), only because of the way it looks, but there actually turned out to be legitimate. Usually the people who make these sites and push the programs behind them are pen names.

In Learn How to Link Academy, Tony Anderson, the creator is actually real because in the members area, you do see him doing the webinars and showing his face, although the picture you see of him on the website vs the recorded webinar looks a little bit different. I still think it’s the same person.

When I found that out, I was more relieved because now there was a chance this program could actually be legitimate. But the only way to find out was to see what they were teaching you…

What you learn from Learn How to Link Academy:

For $97.95, you get as I mentioned a lot of tutorials on basically drop shipping. The training style which you learn from this company is based of 7 steps. Some of the steps are easy to set up, while others just take you through tons of resources to read, a lot of which are PLR content which I have found for free online. Let me go over the 7 steps briefly:

Before checking out the first step, they do often push that you call them up to get consultations. And although I did see a number of legitimate points on the site (creator is a real person and there were no up-sells), my experience in testing out these types of programs has taught me to not trust them when they ask you to call them.

Anyway all of the training you find in this program is in their “learning suite”:


Step 1: The link you get here takes you to a sign up to get access to webinars. Some are going to happen in the future, while others that have already taken place can be viewed again. There are also links that take you to YouTube to view things such as SEO advice

I only looked at one video link and checked out 1 webinar which basically went into a “hyped” explanation of drop shipping. 

Step 2: They’ll have you set up multiple things here including an email for your business and a Paypal account.

Step 3: Now you get an ebook which talks about drop shipping, using eBay for it and where to find places that sell products at wholesale prices. Now here things were clear in how you should get started and where you can find products, but a little mixed because what you see in this eBook is a banner for a wholesale company called Wholesale2b, but when you click on the link to it (and there are a lot of these links in the PDF), you get transferred to the DOBA main website, which is another wholesale company. 

I doubt these companies are the same. It’s possible they just forgot to update images. I cannot comment on Wholesale2b nor DOBA because I’ve never done business with them, but it may be a review I put up next time.

The point is that they give you a place to get started if you want to buy products for smaller prices and re-sell them on eBay. 

Step 4: This is actually just a repeat of step 1. It’ll take you to the same webinars and videos.

Step 5: Takes you to a sign up page for DOBA.

Step 6: I think it’s actually the same thing as step 5. Also takes you to the same type of DOBA sign in link.

Step 7: 2 tutorials on drop shipping, but one is just a link to a DOBA members log-in. The other is a lot of videos on selling on eBay as well as a few tricks.

Advanced tutorials: So here things are quite complicated in my opinion. You get a lot of tutorials on many different money making options, including drop shipping. I think what they wanted to do here was just throw in some extra content to make the price worth it, but it really doesn’t because a lot of this information isn’t really related to drop shipping. It’s just other types of strategies. 

I think if you’re going to learn this system, you should only stick to the first 7 steps. For the advanced tutorials, I just don’t think it’s a good idea because it’ll teach something completely different which you can technically connect to drop shipping, but you’re better of doing it the normal way in my opinion. 

Final Rating: Learn How to Link Academy

1 star

1 star

Red Flag (scam)

1 out of 10 stars. The only things I personally found positive about this program is that the creator is real, but the other information you get is just a basic understanding of drop shipping and the advanced videos do offer content, but it can confuse people. This program offers very little new information on drop shipping, but confusion in it’s extra content in my opinion.

My final thoughts:

If you want a good tutorial on drop shipping, you can find it on YouTube and many other areas. If you find that, then you can consider that you’ve covered most of the training in Learn How to Link Academy without buying it. 

The other advanced tutorials can offer value but in spite of there being a lot of information, it’s VERY vague and outdated at times that there’s really not much in terms of specific action you can take. So in it’s general scheme, it explains a lot and you will find yourself very much looking forward to getting started, but the missing pieces and then having to re-organize where to start and what to do is going to really make things hard in my opinion. Again this is only for the advanced tutorials.

Better programs to get you started:

Overall Learn How to Link Academy doesn’t really offer anything that you can’t find for free and that’s why I don’t recommend it. What I DO recommend is a program (Wealthy Affiliate) that is extremely polished in it’s organization and does teach you new things, as well as offers incredible free content you probably won’t be able to find all in one place like you will here. 

4 thoughts on “Learn How to Link Academy Review. Not What I Thought it Was”

  1. I purchased a $97.00 learn to work from home on the internet. Now they are telling me that I need to have more money to get started. Can you help me.

    • Hi Shelia, unfortunately you got caught in their up-sell funnel. All I can tell you is to dispute your charge/s which is what I did.

    • They are a set up I did this in march and it is now December and I cant get my money back yet I called in the right amount of time to do so.

      • Hi Tesha, have you tried this too? That may be another alternative to getting your refund, but be aware, it has been 9 months since you got the program, be ready to prove you tried contact this program when you first got it to get your money.


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