5 Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Marketing

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Internet MarketingWhile there’s a million different questions people ask about internet marketing, there are about 5 which are frequently asked.

They are very general, but very common among beginners and I have seen that if they are addressed right away and understood, people have a much higher likelihood of being successful.

To answer these questions, first you must know the general outline of how this business works. The answers to the common questions will be understood way better if you just understand the business model, so here it is.

Basically to create an online business and to be successful at internet marketing, you need to have a website, content on that website and time for that to mature in Google’s eyes.

Although there are many different options available with this business, this one is probably the most common that opens up the most doors and offers the most options for success. 

The 5 frequently asked questions about internet marketing:

  1. Is internet marketing actually safe to do?
  2. How quickly can you make money with internet marketing?
  3. How much can you specifically make (every week or month)?
  4. Are there any tricks or fast ways to make this work?
  5. Where and how does one begin internet marketing?

These are the 5 most common FAQs you’ll find with regards to internet marketing and I’ll answer them for you:

1) Is internet marketing safe?

From a standpoint of whether or not it’s a scam, it’s not.

Internet marketing is a completely legitimate business where people can make money as direct sellers of products or middlemen (affiliates). As long as people are providing high quality products people like and connecting browsers who look for stuff with relevant answers/products that solve their questions/problems, there is no problem with this business.

However, while as a whole this business is legitimate, there are many who “subvert” it and trick people. Most notably there are companies and people who use the power of this business to fool people into spending money.

These are usually either get rich quick schemes which target people who want to make “quick” money online or generally people who want fast results for health, usually weight loss topic. 

Hype and promise is sold, but those are words and illusions while the actual result is bad and many times, there are results, but they are exponentially higher priced than they should be. You will see that commonly with pyramid schemes.

So in any industry, no matter how promising, there will always be bad people who do bad things, but it doesn’t mean the whole industry is itself a scam, you just need to know how to tell and spot online marketing scams

2) How quickly can I make money online?

Depending on how hard and often you work, your results will usually hover under 6 months.  Out of all the results I’ve seen from people, that is usually when it happens. 

There is NEVER a specific time frame with this business everything is dependent on not just the person working, but also outside factors playing a part. Outside factors are basically search engines and how quickly they’ll rank your website.

How quickly they do that depends on how often you work on your website and obviously the more often you work on it, the faster they’ll notice and help your website get traffic. 

You need to absolutely be prepared to put in at least a few months work if you’re going to try this business. Over 90% of people who get started in this quit because they either just don’t know when they’ll make money or they want to make it so quick that when reality hits them, they quit. I talked about this on a post and how it made me fail many times.

3) How much can I make every week/month?

This is the same kind of answer you’ll get as those who ask about how quickly it’ll take. Every niche website can make money. How much is literally limitless.  

But people always think their website isn’t good enough to make money or isn’t in a niche market that pays well. That is mostly not true since every niche has an audience and that audience is ready to buy. If you can make a website even in an “unpopular” market, but find a niche audience that is ready to buy, you’ll be able to monetize of that website no matter what. 

Sure some niches have bigger audiences ready to pay more, but you should always target a niche you know well, experience how the process works, make money on that website and then if you have time start another one. Want to see which niche sites I’ve money with? That post will tell you.

4) Are there any “tricks”  or “cheats” I can use to succeed in this business?

Yes, but most of them are going to lead you to a dead end. In this business, tricks can be broken down into different things:

Tricks to get ranked high on Google. Everything that promises you to rank high on Google and fast is considered black hat, is a scam and is going to fail. There are software tools, tactics and methods that business people use on their websites to get fast exposure, but the rules of the internet marketing game are against that sort of stuff and in most cases, the king of them all, Google will find out which websites are using these tricks to fool them and punish them. 

Tricks to sell more.

Whether it’s a program that says you’ll make a lot of money and quickly or people trying to use those tactics on others, they are still tricks and if there is no real product or quality service behind what’s being sold, it will lead to failure. 

That’s why most businesses and websites who do this end up failing. And then there are those who fail, repeat the same process and keep failing over and over again, but they keep doing it to make a quick buck. I don’t think there’s any sustainability in hustling people over and over and it’s going to end badly. 

5) How do I get started?

Find a program that is trustworthy and follow what it tells you to do. The best one I trust is Wealthy Affiliate, easily the best one in my opinion for success in this business. 

Take your time with that program’s guidelines.

Remember everything takes time. No business starts up and begins making money right away. There is a time investment, there is a hard work investment put in before results start coming in. If you’re not willing to prepare and do this, then you should not be involved with this business. 

But you should know that anyone can get started. As long as you have the will power to succeed and the right direction ready to help you do it, you are going to experience the limitless success this business can bring. 

Was one of your F.A.Q’s addressed in this post? If not, please ask it below.

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