Is Income From Home Academy a Scam? A Far Better Option.

Quick Report:

income from home academy review

Name: Income From Home Academy. Who created it is a mystery…

Price: $19, BUT they do (in small lettering) let you know there’s a $69.95 charge a month, every month and you get to cancel within 90 days, BUT apparently, they also sign you up to an extra program for $1, a month. 

Overall Rating: I have to keep an open rating but a warning and the reason is that there is a lot of hyped and tricky marketing going on and from my years of experience looking into this type of stuff, I would not recommend it. 

Furthermore, on 5, yes 5 different occasions I tried purchasing this very program, only to get an error to try a new card. I tried 4 (one was used twice). Every time the same error message appeared. Perhaps they are out of business or there’s some server errors preventing the approval of the credit cards to go through…

Here’s how this review is going to save you money and lead you to something legit:

I try not to make final ratings on programs I personally do not buy, and since this one didn’t let me do it, I will only analyze the marketing hype they are claiming and tell you how there’s a better program.

And the irony is that this better program I am going to recommend to you is likely better in every single way. I am 99.9% sure because it’s worked for me and countless others and I’ve personally seen what sites like Income From Home Academy generally lead to with the way they market, and it’s usually either average or not good. 


The 5 red flags of Income From Home Academy and…

How the alternative I propose is better (in every way):

Quick Prelude: Trust me when I say the red flags this program/site shows me are not uncommon. In almost every single instance I find programs that have the following red flags that I’ll show you, they almost never turn out good.

The fact is, programs like this one who advertise this way are programs that I would personally not trust. The only reason I ever buy these things (or in this case, tried to buy many times) is to fully prove my suspicions and warn people. 

1) No mention of who is behind this program. 

These programs which generally are shady either use fake, pen names and/or no names at all. The idea of trusting a “Mr.X” with your money to show you how to make money online is not advised when trying to find something legitimate.

Why my alternative is better:

The program I recommend actually has real people behind them, 2 main guys in this case, Kyle & Carson, both of whom actually communicate with their students and teach them to work from home. They are internet marketing gurus I trust.

2) All these crazy costs before you even see anything…

With Income From Home Academy, you’re at least paying for 1 thing right away ($19) and that’s really just access if you think about it. $19 may not be a lot, but risking any sort of money for what is essentially just claims and no proof until you enter is just risky. 

Again, here’s where my recommendation works:

Never ever try a program unless it’s got a free trial attached to it and (here’s a big component) you DON’T have to submit some kind of credit card information. And guess what?

My recommendation is free and without any kind of request for credit cards. So that is a perfect example of what risk free ACTUALLY means.

3) $69 a month if you decide to stay…

Should you decide to stay past 30 days with this program, you’ll get charged $69 and change a month. For that price, you better get a good deal. But how’s this sound…

The program I recommend…

Gets you a bunch of stuff for the free price (website, training, support, ect…) and if you upgrade, you get a whole lot more. Ironically, the main page image of Income From Home Academy’s claims is exactly what you get from my recommended program:

income from home academy sales page

Except, it’s free to try what I recommend vs paying up front for the other program.

Furthermore, for the sake of disclosure, what I advise instead, does have a paid membership, but it is NEVER up sold to you, NOR do you ever automatically sign up to it. In fact, you can be a free member and only if you want to, upgrade, in which case it’s $49 a month.

$49 vs $69 a month…and for my option, you get far more, that I can totally vouch for.

4) Clever marketing. Really, I mean it.

Wording is something I take very seriously with programs and in this one, you see at the very top the words “Ads seen on” and then it shows big news networks.

Normally, work at home programs like these use the wording “AS seen on” but here they say “ads”. Why?

Because they don’t want to get into trouble. Those other work at home programs like to make people think they are legit with the other wording because it’ll make them think they were seen on news networks.

Make no mistake, Income From Home Academy has not been featured or seen on these popular news stations and they do mention it, but that phrase “Ads seen on” is so clever because it sounds like “AS seen on”, at least to me. 

But let’s face it, putting up ads on news sites doesn’t make a program any more legitimate. I can easily put up ads on Google, Bing and other places without worrying, there is literally no added benefit of saying it.

Oh and the checks they show! Wow, 2012!? Really? How about something more, 2017 or up? 

5) Income claims that are based on nonsense in my opinion.

Lots of work at home programs love to use an earnings “predictor” to hook you into them. With this program, they claim you’ll make $397, every single day. But you know what? So do other programs I’ve checked out.

This number ($397) is an absolute fiction based number in my opinion and since I am a marketer by profession (read my $1 million affiliate marketing earnings report), let me tell you WHY they do this:

Any kind of figure that ends with the number 7 sounds appealing to people because it makes them think of LUCK. Therefore prices that end with that number usually get more attention.

But work from home programs, unless they are salary based (and here’s 10 legitimate work at home companies), will NEVER be able to predict that you can make so and so. It is literally impossible because it is based on a wide variety of factors including the legitimacy of the program, how much you work and how much that work pays you.

Where the other program rocks this:

The one I advise does NOT predict how much you can make, BUT it does give you the training to make a full time income if you work hard enough and that’s exactly what happened to me.

As I said, programs CANNOT predict how much you can make, so the ones which are shady generally make up numbers to lure you in. A good, honest program will be upfront with you and say, it depends on the work you put in.

My final thoughts:

I would normally RATE the program I am reviewing before offering my final thoughts, but as I said, I will not do that since they did not let me buy it. 

With so many question marks regarding Income From Home Academy, I cannot advise getting it. I know how many scams there are out there and how ridiculously hard it is to find a GOOD, trustworthy program, and that’s why I always recommend the same, good one in these reviews, even if the other program is good, it’s never as good as this one.

And here’s a quick summary of the red flags in one vs the green flags in the other:

If you want to say I’m pushing this program, you’re absolutely right, I am, but that’s because it is as good as I say it is, and frankly much better if you read the entire review of it:

So overall, I am open to the idea that Income From Home Academy is legitimate, maybe even good, but there’s absolutely NO doubt in my mind of the following:

Absolutely NO work from home program I’ve ever tried was better than Wealthy Affiliate, none. 

If you PERSONALLY have access to the other program and can tell me about it, I’d love to know so I can update this review, give it a rating because I very much DISLIKE having to leave reviews open for ratings. 

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