Secure Online Work Review: An Old Scam With a New Name?

secure online work reviewQuick Report:

Name: Secure Online Work by a familiar and proven to be (you’ll see), fake persona: Kelly Simmons.

Price: $67 original price, but ultimately, you can get the price down to $37 by simply hitting the back button on the checkout page over and over. This is how they try to keep you on. 

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

The scam is that this program isn’t really a program and the person isn’t a real person either. It is because of these fake things that it received a 0 out of 10. 

Worry not though, not only will I prove these claims, but I will also show you something good, a program you can trust that isn’t shady and doesn’t use fake personas to advertise itself:

Secure Online Work exposed (what it really is):

Let me start by saying that even if something is obviously a scam, my principals dictate I have to prove it and in the case of this program, I already have, thankfully without wasting any more money.

Now it’s complicated to explain how this scam operates (it’s almost like a rabbit hole), but I’m going to try:

The reason I say this program is a scam is because when I tried to purchase it, I was told I already had purchased it and couldn’t do it twice…

This led me to investigate just how that was possible because I knew for sure I had not seen this program before.

But by simply looking at a few links in the image below, I discovered that Secure Online Work was actually 37 Clicks (and that’s bad news as I’ll show you). And that my friends, is a program I know a lot of bad stuff about, and had purchased.

Here’s just some proof:

secure online work purchase attempt

All I had to do was click on the disclaimer, Terms & Conditions and the other links in that image to show just how this program is 37 Clicks in disguise…

Now as I said, I’ve run across the program called 37 Clicks on NUMEROUS occasions and in one instance actually purchased the program.

Now what I purchased was actually called Home Job Placement, but in the same way as Secure Home Profits revealed it was 37 Clicks by simply clicking on the links above, the same exact thing happened with the Home Job Placement program.

Think of a fake ID put on top of another fake ID and all you have to do is peel the sticker…

  • That’s how these scams operate and why I say there’s an old scam going on, but with a new name.
  • It applies exactly to this program.
  • Once I “peeled” the fake ID which was Secure Online Work, I discovered that was 37 Clicks…
  • And once I peeled THAT “sticker”, I discovered it was Online Software Solutions and that’s the final, real program you’ll probably get.

Yes, lots of peeling and lots of hidden stuff, but yeah I did warn you this was complicated and deceptive! Don’t worry, I’m the one who did this so you wouldn’t have to!

And oh yeah, here’s written proof Kelly isn’t real either:

There’s a little red rectangle I put in an above image which basically said that Kelly’s picture is a stock photo and that “she” is doing this to “protect” her family’s privacy. Here it is again:

I just love how they claim the reasons for her hiding her real identity is “obvious” as though we’re all cool with trusting fake people and won’t bother to question this…

Let me ask you readers something quickly:

How can you be considered a legitimate program if you can’t even show your face or even use your REAL name?

And furthermore, in the actual program that I purchased that behind all this deception is what you will actually get if you get to buy Secure Online Work, there is a Q & A, where they tell you can’t speak to “her” and hey, I’ve got more proof of that:

So the person won’t reveal themselves. They won’t you speak to them directly and they won’t show their face in anyway for fear of “safety”. 

Well unless you’re planning on scamming people, you shouldn’t be worried about showing your face, am I right? For example, I show people how to start a business in their homes and I show my face proudly (here’s my handsome self) because I believe in legitimacy and transparency. 

Alright, so let me quickly re-explain everything about Secure Online Work again:

1) I think I’ve made a good case as to why Secure Online Work isn’t a real program. All evidence points to 37 Clicks and the other program I mentioned. 

2) I proved it is actually 37 Clicks and what happens if you buy it (it leads into another program, the final fake sticker peeled!).

3) I’ve also proved the truth about Kelly Simmons.

4) Now it’s time to explain what happens when you actually BUY the program. 

Enter the summary of the actual program you get: Online Software Solutions.

So like I said, once you peel away the fake stuff, you get to the actual program. Now I did a FULL explanation of the program here (Note: It’s another case of a program leading me to the one in question aka the fake ID analogy) and the basic summary of the program is:

It has a lot of mixed, disorganized information. Some of it is helpful, a lot of it is not, honestly most in my opinion. If you are looking to work from home, I do not believe this program will be the “solution” for you to do it. 

One more updated piece of info:

It is possible that Secure Online Work can also lead you to a program called Simple Income Strategies. I say this because the fake name Kelly Simmons is ALSO associated with that program and I also purchased that one too. And to be honest, that name is used a lot.

Now in that case, I was shown a different program on how to work from home, but that one was also unsatisfactory to me personally. In short, it was a little bit of good information mixed in with sales pitches to buy coaching lessons at likely expensive prices (yeah sign me up…).

So for the sake of being honest, if you do, for some strange reason decide to purchase Secure Online Work, you may get access to:

  • The first program: Online Software Solutions.
  • Or Simple Income Strategies.

Both options as I have said are unsatisfactory to me personally as someone who knows how to run a work at home business. 

Final Rating: Let’s grade Secure Online Work.

0 Stars

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out of 10 stars. I don’t care whether or not this program leads you to Online Software Solutions, Simple Income Strategies or possibly even another program, the FACT that it isn’t the actual program you buy, and the fact that Kelly Simmons is fake are the BIGGEST factors in why this gets the scam rating! 

My final thoughts:

I believe I have wasted enough money and time in proving this program is at the very least not legitimate enough for you to buy. If you still choose to go ahead and get it, you get it at your own risk.

What I can be assured of 100% is that there is a fake program name and fake pen name used behind it and that itself should raise red flags for ANYONE who is seeking to find legitimate programs to make money with. 

If there is anything I am grateful for, it’s that I was not allowed to purchase this program twice and the fact that I was told I already had it, followed by logically looking through which program it could possibly be, the only logical conclusion was that whichever program it actually was…was not good. 

Be careful with this type of thing and know that if you are lost on whether to buy it or not, I can also 100% guarantee you the SAFER choice is my #1 recommendation:

Please let me know if you did purchase the other, questionable program and if you were also brought to the same conclusions I was (or not). In any case, I absolutely know for sure you’re going to love the #1 recommendation I provided.

Secure Online Work


Secure Online Work Score



  • None.


  • Renamed from previous scam program I exposed.
  • "Creator" admits to not even being real.

6 thoughts on “Secure Online Work Review: An Old Scam With a New Name?”

  1. Thank you for revealing this scam for what it is! I’m hoping lots of people read this post so no more people will fall into “kelly’s” trap!

    When I first started my journey to earning money online, I didn’t know better and signed up for lots of stuff and gosh there were a lot of requests for credit card details with crazy promises! Thankfully I never fell for any of those scams and the need to fill in my credit card details often sent a red flag but I’m certain many people unfortunately would! Its so infuriating how people do this to unsuspecting people!

    • And unfortunately they will keep doing that. But with the evolution of the internet and people becoming more aware of how to navigate around it, these scams have to evolve as well. But when they do, we need people to warn the general public about them.

  2. Thanks for the absolute final verdict on this particular online program. A waste it is. Especially when it leads to another promotion of another program that probably has nothing to do with the original promise of legit money made online. And an excellent recommendation for a legit product and service as a key factor.

  3. That is crazy! It looks like some kind of marketing wheel for lack of a better description. Same thing marketed in different ways to lead back to the same product. I bet we see a lot of these and never know what is happening. And, I am sure a fake persona is used more often than we realize. Thanks for the education. Is there any low level scammers will not stoop to for sales? Apparently not. ~Gina

    • There’s very little ethics in this Gina. A lot of affiliate marketers do not care about the promotion they are promoting, but more so the easy way of doing it.

      Although I have to be honest, I have no idea why these low quality programs get such attention and get promoted so much…if they only knew that there are good legitimate programs like Wealthy Affiliate around that make the quality of these bad programs like they’re from the prehistoric age, I’m sure they’d jump on board and promote it instead!


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