Is Digital Experts Academy a Scam? This Review Will Explain

Digital Experts Academy does offer a lot, and I do not think it is a scam, BUT the great value that this program may have comes at a HUGE price and this review will reveal why I do not recommend it, if it’s a scam, and what is way better.

Quick report on Digital Experts Academy:

digital experts academy reviewPrice: So here’s the thing, this program is tied with another program called Six Figure Mentors and to join it, you need to be a member there first (and that will entail MORE costs as I’ll explain).

But once you are in (I don’t recommend it by the way), here are the prices of DEA:

  • Silver: $2,500.
  • Gold: $8,000.
  • Platinum: $11,000.
  •  Black: $20,000.

Now combine those prices with the costs you need to pay to be a member of Six Figure Mentors, and you have a very, VERY big price tag in the end. At the very least $1,000’s will be spent. And in my opinion it will NOT be worth it.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

While DEA in my opinion probably has good and even great training to start an online business, the insane prices that come with being a member, plus being a member of Six Figure Mentors, a program I very much disliked being in, makes this program VERY difficult to recommend…

Recommended? Absolutely not. Here is what’s better:

digital experts academy alternative


What is Digital Experts Academy?

It’s a comprehensive training platform on creating online businesses. There are more than 40 training modules designed to help you create a successful website.

Here’s just some of the training inside DEA:

digital experts academy training

While the screenshot above didn’t cover everything, you will learn various ways to monetize and create a business through many different platforms:

Facebook ads, SEO, Instagram, LinkedIn, Retargeting, Local SEO, YouTube Marketing and much more and while this may seem very comprehensive, the problem is that to access this training requires A LOT of money up front.

And I can tell you this much:

In fact, allow me to offer some extra proof with my own case studies to explain this:

For YouTube marketing, I have made decent money doing this (my YouTube case studies). And to save you even more money, see this tutorial on YouTube if you want to get started there.

For SEO, I have a personal $1 million affiliate marketing report where most of the profits came from this and I clearly explain the step-by-step guide to making this possible and once again, that guide is free.

For local SEO, I’ve done this too, as well as YouTube marketing.

The other topics that are taught in DEA, I’m currently studying, but the main point here is this:

All of my success and the training I received to get it, came from the alternative program called Wealthy Affiliate that I’m recommending, that’s FREE to try. I truly stay away from and do NOT recommend any high ticket program that costs this much to access info I already got from the way better program. 

What about Six Figure Mentors? How does DEA tie in with them?

You may have heard about DEA’s connection to SFM from other sources. Well apparently they are partner websites.

You can’t join DEA without first being a member of Six Figure Mentors and I am very disappointed by that for a number of reasons:

1) I already reviewed Six Figure Mentors (SFM), and I wasn’t happy that their membership was in my opinion just trying to get me to join their affiliate program and didn’t really teach me much (I was in their free membership).

I’m still trying to cancel my trial with them, but their support is quite horrendous and keeps bouncing me back n forth with pages that aren’t leading me to cancel anywhere, but instead, upgrade. This is VERY bad and it makes me feel like I’m being scammed.

Update: I did cancel, but it was hard to find where to do that, which is a red flag!

2) The prices of SFM are pretty high too, but then add into it the extra prices of being a DEA member and well, which is on top of that! And it’s a lot (I’ll go over the prices very shortly).

3) While reviewing SFM, I did take note in one of their final lessons in their first module, they were talking about $2,000 commissions, stretching all the way to $8,000 or more and I was confused by these numbers because the prices of SFM didn’t cost that much. But now that I see the DEA connection with it, I understand where they are coming from.

You can promote both SFM and DEA as a member who buys those high ticket packages, but those types of expenses are beyond what I would consider fair. I’d never charge this much personally, nor would I ever recommend that because it’s just wrong to have people pay that kind of money, regardless if they have it or not.

I can’t get over how wrong that feels to me. 

So how much will you have to spend on this stuff?

There are 8 membership packages in total, 3 in SFM and 4 in DEA.

While you are not forced to buy any of them, the structure, at least in SFM to me seemed like they were trying very hard for you to buy it and I wouldn’t be surprised if DEA did the same, but anyway:

For SFM, the 3 membership levels. Because I have already been part of the SFM (briefly enough to know I had to get out), I saw how they structured their memberships and the restrictions they set in each membership level. 

Now for DEA’s membership levels:

I am going to assume that if you are to join DEA, that you will need to be a member of either SFM’s Essential or Elite package, meaning the minimum price BEFORE you even step into Digital Experts Academy will either be:

$297 one time + $97 and/or an additional $2,500.

And THEN we have the 4 packages of Digital Experts Academy.

Now their lowest package (silver) happens to also be $2,500 so I don’t know if it’s the same as SFM’s Elite membership or its two separate programs, but with the same price, but either way, the next packages expand into $8,000, $11,000 and finally $20,000.

This kind of pricing these programs have in total rivals that of some of the biggest and controversial high ticket programs I have ever seen and reviewed, programs like MOBE and Digital Altitude and their total prices are close to the same in this regard.

Now I’m not saying DEA is like MOBE or Digital Altitude but high ticket programs in this type of subject are common and I’m just explaining the most well known ones. Some high ticket programs are decent and others are just huge scams.

Final Rating: Digital Experts Academy. 

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. Ironically while I wasn’t a fan of SFM, the training offered in DEA, at least on paper looks good, but there is no way I’d spend the kind of prices they charge to get into that.

I have learned better from my years of experience and want to share why there’s better options.

My final thoughts: Should you spend big money on online business training?

My position is absolutely not.

There is a common misconception these days that if you are to make a lot money online and fast that you need to spend a lot of it. Such a misconception is untrue to say the least and it is usually pushed by programs out there because they want you to be member.

But I have gone through lessons like these in my personal life, as someone who once struggled to make an income online, who went through the many pitfalls involved with it and spent a lot of money thinking programs like these where you spend more meant that I would learn higher quality material and the secrets to online success.

That ended up failing for me and the program which broke that horrendous cycle was Wealthy Affiliate, an extremely inexpensive (and actually free to try) program where I learned about pretty much everything DEA mentioned teaching you about, and frankly, a whole lot more.

Why Wealthy Affiliate is the better choice to join vs DEA & SFM:

I made several important distinctions and comparisons between SFM and Wealthy Affiliate and in short summarized that it was better to join Wealthy Affiliate because it was inexpensive to try, provided the same and even higher quality material than SFM and it has worked for me and many others.

I will say the absolute same thing when it comes to comparing Digital Experts Academy and Wealthy Affiliate. I have never seen ANY program have MORE material and training than Wealthy Affiliate and you can see Wealthy Affiliate’s benefits for yourself right here.

Add to it that it’s a very beginner friendly system with great support and you have a clear winner.

And if you need more proof, let me show you why you don’t need to spend $1,000’s to make $1,000’s:

This is something I learned straight from Wealthy Affiliate and you will too if you decide to try them out. Let me use Amazon for this example. You can become an affiliate, for free for this company.

As an affiliate there, I can promote very expensive items for a 4%-10% commission. Let’s say I promote expensive watches, which cost, $10,000.

A commission of 4% would pay me $400 per each sale and a commission of 10% would pay me $1,000 for each sale. So that right there is high ticket stuff, and big commissions can be made without me having to pay for that watch first.

If however you go through the route of programs like SFM and DEA, they will sell you their packages if you want to re-sell them and so you’ll have to invest in them before you promote it and you already saw the price list of those programs.

So by going through the first route I showed you, you are saving yourself a TON of money and the training in Wealthy Affiliate helps explain how to sell these types of things. 

Now I’m not saying you should ONLY go the route of selling high cost items for big commissions, but it is one of the MANY options they will teach you about in that program.

So overall, I was very unhappy with SFM and Digital Experts Academy, but I am still very happy with Wealthy Affiliate and intend on being a lifetime member there. I highly recommend you check them out as well.

6 thoughts on “Is Digital Experts Academy a Scam? This Review Will Explain”

  1. I haven’t tried the digital experts academy platform but have heard of the six figure mentors program. Are any of the courses the DEA teaches up to date? The last thing I would want if I were a paying member of this course is to tell me outdated SEO strategies when SEO has changed.

    • I hear you on that concern Jessie, but I have to be honest, I can’t provide an accurate answer for this. My HOPE is that it is updated. But to spend $1,000’s to find this out is just not worth it.

      I can tell you straight up that Wealthy Affiliate has up to date training in everything SEO related as well as other marketing methods and you’ll be able to see that for free. 

  2. Thanks for this great review of digital experts academy. But man, the prices are out of this world! So is 6 Figure Mentors like a feeder site for DEA?

    I’m sure there’s probably some really awesome training and affiliate program attached to this platform, but I’ll never know because I can no way afford those kinds of prices. Thanks for the heads up on this one. I’ll bypass it.

    • I’m not sure if feeder is the right word. It’s just an add on to the regular Six Figure Mentors program Darren, but they are connected.

  3. I have not heard of Digital Experts Academy, but I have been a victim of Six Figure Mentors, I was harassed for so long just after entering there site. I did not pay that much into it but they wanted more and more. It was very hard to tell them that I wasn’t interested and to quit sending me things, everything of course cost money. I did not know that they were tied into this scam together.

    • Hi Bobbi, there’s some areas where we agree and some where we don’t. For example I agree that neither Six Figure Mentors or Digital Experts Academy is worth buying into, but I don’t agree that they are scams. I do know very well what you mean about them sending you a lot of emails and feeling as though it’s a form of harassment, but that’s just the way many of these places operate.

      However, as an alternative, I will say that people who experience my top rated program instead will never have this problem.


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