Is 30 Minute Money Methods a Scam? 3 Problems I Found.

If you’re looking for a good review of 30 Minute Money Methods and to see if it’s a scam, you’re about to get that info from me, someone who bought it.

Quick Report on 30 Minute Money Methods:

30 minute money methods review

Creator: 30 Minute Money Methods by Shelly West.

Price: $37 for a basic membership (the one I currently am with), then 2 up-sells which I didn’t buy, whose prices are $47 and $97 (then downsold to $67). These up-sells are supposedly going to give you more bonus options.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars.

I considered giving it more stars, but there’s 3 major problems with this program:

1) Info doesn’t suite everyone. In fact, only 1 would possibly suite me personally (I’ll reveal them in a moment).

2) I really believe you can Google the methods themselves for free so why waste the money?

3) There’s 1 option which tries to get you to make a website which leads you buying a domain and then hosting, which you will pay more money than you need to pay. In short: A hosting scam? Perhaps.

I’ll explain each problem and also explain what’s inside the program (since I did actually buy it, unfortunately).

Recommended program? No!

30 minute money methods alternative

What is 30 Minute Money Methods?

Well for at least what I purchased (the basic membership), it’s a site which shows you 4 ways to make money from home (here’s 7 free ones). I’ll briefly explain each method.

Here is how 30 Minute Money Methods looks from the inside:

30 minute money methods inside look

Each method of 30 Minute Money Methods explained (an inside look!):

Before I get to the problems with the program, let me briefly explain each option of making money with this program. Now I do want to add that for a full experience, you’d have to buy the program, but honestly, I wouldn’t do it…

Money Method 1:

It’s an eBook which shows you how to make money via doing “voice overs”. Basically you get links and explanations on how to record your voice for companies and other miscellaneous places to make money. The info is OK, but there isn’t that much detailed instructions on the process. It’s a bit vague and more like you’re reading a definition and index of the opportunity.

I didn’t see any personal stories, no case studies, nothing and this just lends less credibility to this option. Now I do want to say that it sounds great and I was surprised to learn about it (this was a first), but I felt like I could have seen more, more images, more tutorials, more info to get started with this option…

I haven’t done voice overs personally to make money online, but I have made YouTube videos and recorded my voice reviewing programs and made money that way. If you’d like to learn how that works, read this YouTube tutorial.

Money Method 2: 

It’s another eBook and it’s 17 pages long. The short idea behind it is that you are shown how to sell photos online through various popular sites like

Honestly, this method isn’t a scam and there are indeed people who make a living and/or some money, but for a program like this one to tell me I can make money on it but not provide a single picture or illustration to show me evidence is another issue I have with it.

I don’t deny that it’s telling me the truth, but frankly, there’s nothing special about this eBook in my opinion…

On my site, I admit to sometimes theorizing a bit about making money online, but I have a bunch of REAL case studies proving my other methods work too. Here’s one of my case studies showing $300,000 earnings.

But my point in this is that proof has to come with these methods. I paid to see them. If I see there’s proof of them working, it’s easier for me to move forward and try them.

Money Method 3: 

A 16 page eBook on freelance work, particularly writing up content for people. There’s some decent info here and I would say this method is the one I resonated with most since I do blog writing, but for myself, not others. 

I will say the info itself is good enough to help people get started, but there could have been more and I say that from personal experience on the subject, plus the fact that I recently purchased a decent program on this very same subject and I’d say it’s more comprehensive and the one you should think about checking out instead of this program. Here it is. My Freelance Paycheck.

Money Method 4: 

This is another eBook but the topic is making money via online gaming. You learn about stuff on which games you can earn credits with that turn into cash, sites that pay you to play their games and things about accounts, selling them and making money that way (in addition to other stuff).

Again, this, like the other options isn’t a scam, you can make it work, but the info is just “meh” in terms of quality. I wasn’t surprised or astounded by anything I read in this option to be honest.

One more important thing about the members area:

There is a 5th PDF which summarizes the 4 options above, BUT it also briefly summarizes 2 more options, but in very vague tutorials. I assume those 2 options are part of the up-sells I didn’t buy, but in any case, one is on being a middle man in various opportunities out there and one is about doing different things on social media to make money. But like I said, the detailed info is likely in the up-sells.

So now I’ll explain the 3 major problems with the program:

From my point view these 3 things made the program difficult to recommend.

1) What if none of the 4 options suite me? 

This is something I personally found to be an immediate issue as I was going through the options. I only resonated with one as I said before (the freelance topic), but the others didn’t really interest me much.

People who seek to make money online are often taught to get involved with projects that don’t interest them. Now it could be the case that you can stumble onto a new type of opportunity which is perfectly suited for you, but that is a rare thing.

And what’s more is that this program doesn’t really explain the methods you’re buying until you buy them, so you’d need to get lucky and connect with a method once you buy it, or else you’re stuck trying to figure out a new thing.

2) Google will find you the same kind of info as this program.

I have no doubt. Literally look up any method I described above and you’ll find more than enough content/sites/videos on the subject and I’d dare say you’d find more quality info at that. 

It’s a bit ironic too. Had I stumbled onto 30 Minute Money Methods and it was a free resource, I’d give it 5-6 stars for being comprehensive and free, but to charge me $37 for this info isn’t right. 

I often criticize programs that charge for info and this time, it’s no different. There’s a right time to charge people to information and training, but you should give them free stuff and let them decide if they are ready for a purchase after. That’s my position.

3) Is there a hosting scam in this program?


On the main members area, there is a click button that takes you to another page which says it’ll give you a free site that is usually $2,000 worth. This is a phrase I commonly encounter and it is usually connected to a way of making money by having you get the free site, but you pay for it’s hosting, which is how the money is made. 

I won’t comment on if it’s a scam in this program, but I’ve seen enough of these examples in the past to know that I wouldn’t do this myself.

Final Rating: 30 Minute Money Methods.

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. I fail to see the 30 minute money making part of this program. Some of their methods will require a lot more time to work (if they actually work). In the end, I can’t say this program is a scam, but I can also say it’s not a good program either.

My final thoughts: I’ll show you my personal method for making money online.

Call it method 5 if you want, but this is my personal thing I want to show you (and for free, woo!) where and how I make money online. My method is creating affiliate websites, where as a middleman I sell products through the internet. My website/s attract visitors who then buy from the site, which provides me with money.

Now I don’t want to end the explanation there, but I will tell you that a program called Wealthy Affiliate taught it to me and it’s the same program I recommend people also use to also do what I do to make money online.

In that explanation, I will recommend a VERY good training program that made me a full time income. It will show you how to do the same thing I do with affiliate websites in that you will learn to create your own.

The program is fortunately free to try, there’s immense quality info you will not find for free and you can choose which direction you wish to go in.

Shortly put: It’s better to use my recommended program to make money online than 30 Minute Money Methods in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Is 30 Minute Money Methods a Scam? 3 Problems I Found.”

  1. It does sound pretty scammy to me. I’ve never even heard of the idea of doing voice overs for money either. Not sure I’d want the sound of my voice out there, potentially for some other scammer to use for even worse purposes. There are phone scams out there where they ask a question just to get you to say “yes,” so they can record it and use it to claim you agreed to something. So that already puts a red flag in my mind. As for the other methods, you’re right about being able to get the info free. People do sell stock photos for money, although it’s harder than it sounds to make good money doing it. As for freelance writing, that’s what I do for a living, but I didn’t have to pay to figure out how to do it. Can’t say I know much about gaming, but that could probably work, at least for extra cash. Great review, by the way! Very informative.


    • Interesting points about the phone scams Mark (where they record your voice). I’ve had a lot of solicitation calls and I’ve never heard of this before, but it may very well a real issue. Also I’m curious to know if freelance writing is working well for you. I do recommend people try it out and if you have personal tips on that, I’m sure myself and readers would love to hear your experiences.


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