Internet Business Mastery. A Real Review And Inside Look.

I bought membership access to Internet Business Mastery and wrote this review to help you decide if this is the right place for you to learn online business from.

Overall, I have to say the program is quite legit, but having explored a number of similar programs like this, I have to say, Internet Business Mastery, while good, is not the best and I will be sharing other options that I believe are superior alternatives for learning this same subject.

Quick Report on Internet Business Mastery:

internet business mastery reviewPrice: $30 a month.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 stars.

Having gotten it and explored the program and it’s training pretty thoroughly, once again, I can tell you all right now that place is legit.

You will learn a lot if you are a beginner.

Even though I am happy to give this program a high rating, it is still NOT my #1 recommendation though (I did say I know of many similar programs like this), and in this review I will cover what you’ll get inside Internet Business Mastery as well as why I recommend the other program more. 

Recommended? Yes, but there’s also the other, better recommendation I just eluded to.

internet business mastery alternative

What is Internet Business Mastery?

This is a very comprehensive program on creating online businesses through PROPER niche selection (though this approach I recommend is also excellent).

Most of the money making part of this program revolves around email marketing from the niche you choose to make a business on and later explains how to scale and build the business further through things like copy writing help (hiring freelancers for example).

The program is divided into 3 phases of learning, each of which focuses on the different stages of having an online business, from the planning, to the actions to take to make it, all the way to scaling it like I explained.


1) Very detailed and organized training in most areas of the program.

2) Good education on online marketing and list building for beginners.

3) Lots of motivational guides and sources to really push you forward to making this work.

4) Support is good, I had log in issues but they helped me out very quickly to resolve this.

5) Cheap membership costs for high value training, so you get a lot for paying very little basically. This is NOT a high ticket program and this is another reason I rated it higher!

6) Lots of hours of training, coaching calls (you listen to them, you don’t need to buy extra stuff) and basically lots of content to read/watch.

7) Pat Flynn was one of their members. He is currently one of the most successful online marketers in the world today. He actually has his own training inside this program.


1) I personally think too much of the program was focused on feel good, motivational content. I’ll explain shortly, when I get into the members area and this in my opinion isn’t as important as say, having actionable steps, which truly help with success. If there was more of the latter, I would have rated this program better.

2) I don’t think they show enough examples of how to take action with what they teach. Most of the training feels like you’re reading from a PowerPoint presentation, so with less visuals on what to do, it’s harder to actually do it in my opinion. For example, my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate has actionable steps AND plenty of examples + Wealthy Affiliate has many success stories to further show that the training works well. 

3) Training appears to be finite meaning you have the 3 phases, their content and that’s it. It’s a lot to check out, don’t get me wrong, but compared to my #1 recommendation, it doesn’t appear to evolve as much.

4) There is no option to ask questions on each lesson/phase provided. They have a Facebook group to join, but I’d prefer it if they had an option to comment on the specific lesson you may have a question on. 

Here are the 3 phases of Internet Business Mastery (what you learn):

Note: Once you join the program and enter the members area, it is known as the “Freedom Club”.

This is what Phase 1 of Internet Business Mastery looks like (screenshot):

internet business mastery inside look screenshot

So the actual training is in the first 4 sections, while the bonus ones are said to be optional to check out. Phase 1 focuses a lot on motivation and having it happen to take action later in the training, then some of the lessons go into niche selection, which I found to be pretty good.

Frankly though in this part of the training, I found more value in the bonuses than in the main 4 lessons as I felt they were focused a bit too much on motivational stuff and not really enough on taking action, just planning to do it. 

Here is what Phase 2 looks like (also a screenshot):

Just like in Phase 1, you are given 4 main lessons and 4 optional courses beneath it. In this part of the training, you get an intro into email marketing and there’s more motivational lessons. The bonuses again, at least for me were more valuable here, as they talked about specific things to help you with your email marketing once you get started. There’s also lessons on outsourcing.

Here is a link to the Internet Business Mastery site.

Here’s what Phase 3 looks like (another screenshot):

This phase gets into the most detailed part of the whole course where they show traffic generation via FB ads and FB groups. Although much of the training here isn’t on that, it’s more on how to make a sales funnel convert and get more people to sign up to your sales funnel.

I have a good, free method on building email lists here where I managed to find an awesome way to get sign ups at large rates. 

Final Rating: Internet Business Mastery.

Green Flag

5 out of 10 stars. While I would have liked to see some better illustrations of the strategies and less focus on motivational stuff (more actual plan of action, less stuff on how to take action in theory), I overall enjoyed this program and it is legit if you decide to try it. Here’s a link to the program.

My final thoughts:

Internet Business Mastery certainly stands as a legit and well above average program, compared to the many I’ve reviewed, but it still has parts which could have been better and I certainly hope moving forward that this program will update that.

5 things I hope Internet Business Mastery will add/change to improve it:

1) I hope they’ll add more training on other areas of making money online, because right now it’s limited to mainly FB ads and email marketing and the rest is motivational things.

2) I hope they’ll add an option to ask questions WITHIN the lessons themselves.

3) I hope they’ll provide more illustration and case studies within the lessons so people can more easily follow along.

4) I hope they’ll provide more of an actual action plan, and less of this motivational stuff. Right now it feels like these things occupy more than 30% of the training and that’s too much…

5) I hope they’ll add a how to on making websites and setting things up, because I didn’t see enough of that and I think this is a very important part of making all of this stuff work.

Overall, I found Internet Business Mastery pretty good, but not something I wanted to continue my membership in. 1 month was more than enough, I really didn’t see more reasons to stay.

4 thoughts on “Internet Business Mastery. A Real Review And Inside Look.”

  1. Internet Business Mastery certainly seems like a good choice for newbies. But I got one question:

    Are there any upsells for this program? And also: Does it offer something additional compared to Wealthy Affiliate? I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate and I know that you are a member too, from some other posts I’ve read on your site.

    • As far as I saw, there were no up-sells, perhaps if I was a member longer, they would pitch something and it seems like there should be some sort of up-sell, but like I said I didn’t see it. Either way, I can 100% guarantee that Wealthy Affiliate has way more training value and support now that I’ve taken a look at both programs. 

  2. For $30/monthly – Internet Business Mastery certainly seems like a great starting point for a novice. However, I don’t like the fact that it’s in the form of a PowerPoint presentation because I always like to watch step-by-step videos.

    But I do love to see the course covers sales funnel and email marketing, and especially the training from Patt Flynn too. One question though: 

    Do you get any tools that go hand-in-hand with the training or will you need to splash out extra on tools for building sales funnels and email lists, etc? All in all, Internet Business Mastery still seems worth the investment because you can’t go wrong with $30/month (without upsells).

    Cheers, Vitaliy!

    • Hi Neil, I’ve cancelled my membership there so my answer is based on whatever memory I have of Internet Business Mastery when I was still there. To my recollection, there were no tools provided and I do believe you would have had to purchase them outside the realm of the program to use the training in the program.

      If this is the way it really is, then it just makes recommending Wealthy Affiliate all the better since it does provide all it’s members with plenty of tools, free of extra charge.


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