How to Get People to Read Your Blog, Bookmark And Love it.

Writing a blog (site) these days is easy, but getting people to read it is a whole other story. Most of the time, people set up free sites, write up random things about their life and expect people to come around and love it. But most of the time, this approach is just not going to work and if you’re checking this out right now, chances are you probably already came to that conclusion and it’s why you’re here now.

how to get people to read your blog and love it

But as a blogger myself and one who has has MILLIONS of folks read his content, I can show you an approach that has a near 100% success rate. It’s an approach I have used for years and it consistently attracts viewers to my site. In fact, here’s some stats about this approach:

1) I’ve had single articles surpass 100,000 views on various topics.

2) This site has gathered over a million visitors since it was made a few years ago.

3) The average viewing time of my visitors is 1-2 minutes. Consider how long it takes you to read a book for example. In 1-2 minutes, you can probably get through a few pages (if you’re going at a fast pace). Now consider 1-2 minutes viewing content on a site, that’s actually a lot time.

So these 3 references alone show that the strategy I’m going to show you guys works. So let me establish a frame for this approach and why it works before we get into the steps:

You need to understand why most people read blogs in the first place:

Once you understand this “trigger”, you will be able to frame your site the right way so it gets viewers. Now there’s mainly 3 reasons that I have found:

1) People are looking for information to a problem or a question on a topic they are interested in.

My experience has shown me that if it’s a problem, then there’s more chances that if a person finds your site, that they will read your stuff. The reason is that they are open to the subject. They are focused on finding a solution, so their mind is actively looking for answers through the resources they find. 

These can be referred to as evergreen niches and also hungry niches (sometimes they can have both classifications).

Even if it’s just a subject they are interested in, such as info on a new product, a new diet, a news report, whatever it is. When they know what they are looking for and they find a resource that talks about it, that’s a made deal right there.

My strategy actually focuses on THIS particular approach to get views and readers and I am 99% certain, it will also be the case for you when you start applying it, so keep this point in mind.

2) The second reason is that people are following someone they know.

It could be a friend, it could be a celebrity, or it can even be someone whose blog they read before, and afterwards, they became a fan of it and have since been following it. 

Now having this type of scenario is RARE because you either have to have a lot of fans for this to happen, then it’s basically your name and story that becomes interesting to viewers. Typically these things can happen if you’re a celebrity and/or you have a site that talks about an important subject where you offer some great content on that people love to read.

On this site for example, I actively write about topics of making money online and I have a lot of viewers coming to the page and returning to see what new content I’ve put up, but it’s a goal that I’ve achieved over a long period of time.

Now the easiest way to achieve this second point is to start with the first one I talked about, where your site targets a specific problem and helps out folks with it. As long as you actively continue to write about this same topic, the more likely it is that you’ll keep getting new and returning readers, until your name is remembered by them. 

3) You get an email, private message or reference from a friend. 

How often do you receive communication from friends to check out a site or some resource? Probably pretty often. But it is the last of the 3 reasons people read something and I have to say it’s the least likely to work.

In my experience, people who blog incorrectly are the ones who rely on this approach most often. In many cases, I see friends on my social networks provide a link to their blog. I sometimes click on it out of respect and generally I don’t stick around long because they just talk about miscellaneous stuff in their life or their thoughts on something. 

Now this is incorrect and won’t get those people any viewers because:

A) No body cares about what they write. It’s a harsh thing to say, but it’s true. You can’t just go around telling friends to read your stuff. They may do it, but they won’t be as engaged and they certainly won’t really care much about this stuff.

B) They haven’t attracted the RIGHT audience to their blog, the audience that is interested in their content. They basically didn’t follow the first reason I talked about above.

C) They don’t know anything about marketing their site. Now this is an important one. Believe it or not, when you blog, that actually gets picked up by search engines and pop up somewhere on Google. But if you know how to market, you can play around with your blog titles and it’s content and appear for popular searches, which can attract audiences from all over. Here’s more info.

So chances are if you’re not successful at getting viewers to your blog, it is likely because of reason #3. 

So here’s what you need to start doing right now to get readers:

1) Isolate a single topic you know a lot about and start writing about that as much as you can. 

Stuck on topics to pick? Here’s a resource that’ll help you figure this out easily 🙂

2) If you can isolate a topic that is actually a big problem for many people, that’s even better. 

Dating advice, fat burning advice, hair loss advice, ect… if you know about these subjects (hungry subjects), write about that as much as you can on as many blog posts as you can. And make sure to put up as many posts as you can, don’t just squeeze all the branches of a topic into 1 post, divide it up. I’ve got close to 800 posts on my site here, and while the MAIN underlying subject is making money online, there are various branches of it that I talk about.

3) Write as though you are targeting people with a problem and offering them help.

One of the most powerful things a blogger can do is help folks out with problems. I said before that one of the main triggers in people visiting sites in the first place is because they have problems and they see yours as a source of help for them.

This is one of the reasons why targeting a problem to solve on your site is one of the best ways to attract people WITH that problem to it and actively check it for solutions. Take 2 examples:

-Write about solving hair loss issues and you’re bound to get viewers who have hair problems who will stay on your site for 5 minutes or more. That’s an incredible amount of time.

-Write about your day’s events and mood and good luck having them stay on it for a few seconds. 

Stick to the former.

Now once you have these 3 things going for you…

I promise you that you’re going to get a lot more viewers. But you’re also going to want to make sure they do more than just check out your site, you also want them to check out more of it, possibly buy something, sign up to your email list, or something else. For that, here’s a good resource for you.

So let me ask you something before we finish up…

Did you make it all the way to end of this article? If so, then you basically stuck around my site for at least a minute and it shows that the tips I gave you work. Like I said, I use them on my sites ALL the time and my results have shown that they work.

Also notice how I use big headings and 3 periods from time to time to make you scroll down further to read more. This is basically marketing “tricks” I use to keep viewers around more. And for the millionth time…it works!

Now are you just a blogger or looking to go further with this ($$$)?

Believe it or not, blogging is actually a lucrative business. Being able to help people out by writing about solutions is great, but sometimes that solution will require that they buy something to make it all work for them. This is where YOU, the writer can pitch products as a middle man and make a commission in the process. 

This is a GREAT approach to making ethical money online and it’s something I do for a living

All this being said, I hope that these strategies work for you! In fact, I know they will once you start using them and I hope you’ll return to this blog to tell me how it ended up working for you 🙂

4 thoughts on “How to Get People to Read Your Blog, Bookmark And Love it.”

  1. I love the beginning of your post. It is a painful truth for all beginners in blogging and affiliate marketing. I am amazed by your statistics! Sincere congratulations!

    Excellent recommendations but it is not easy to follow them. Also, there is a lot of competition and it’s quite difficult to gain the audience. In any case, thank you for the tips and my comment confirms the point of your post.

    Great post. Thanks and good luck

    • Hi Alex, thank you very much. I do admit, this whole thing is far from easy, but people make the process a lot harder when they don’t follow these basic rules I explained. It will take time in any case, but this is one of the right ways to get success with your site.

  2. Just writing and expecting people to love your blog is like shooting in the dark; you won’t ever reach your target audience. That’s why it is also important to invest in a good keyword research tool, to make sure that the audience is being reached and so that you can cash in.

    Just like a business needs to research its products from time to time, it is important for the blogger to also conduct research in order to be successful. And like you mentioned, this can be in the form of the demand (niche) and then doing some keyword research to make sure that you REACH those people.

    • You are absolutely right Reyhana! This is one of the reasons why niche research is always the first most important step!


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