Home Wealth Remedy Review. Is it a Scam or Actually Legit?

It’s unlikely that Home Wealth Remedy is legitimate and in this review, I’m going to explain why that is.

Quick Report on Home Wealth Remedy:

home wealthy remedy review

Creator: Home Wealth Remedy by A.B Anderson.

Price: $97 with the likelihood of more up-sells.

Overall Rating: If it’s what I think it is, then it’s:

1 out of 10 star.

I’ll explain why I am saying this, but in any case, no matter what, it absolutely CANNOT compare to my #1 recommendation:

home wr

Home Wealth Remedy (HWR) in a nutshell:

So here’s the thing:

The actual, official site for this program does not really work anymore. Try visiting it, and here’s what you’ll get:

Now this was my original experience when I first started looking at this program, but my research led me to discover a few things:

1) This is a program that is often pitched on common, get rich quick sources like these work at home scam sites.

2) This is supposedly a redirect into a program I’ve actually purchased before called Learn How to Link Academy.

3) It was Learn How to Link Academy which I gave 1 out of 10 stars, and coincidentally, it was made by someone with the same last name as the person who made HWR (Anderson), but a different first name: Tony, not A.B.

In that program, you basically “learned” how to do drop shipping, but the info was very vague and hard to put into practice.

In any case, we have 4 possibilities here:

And either one still leads me to recommend something better:

Possibility 1:

Either A.B Anderson and Tony Anderson are the same person and HWR and Learn How to Link Academy are the same in which case, I’ve tried it, didn’t like it and rated it low.

It is actually quite common to see this happen on the internet. Very often I encounter scams/low level programs that change names in an effort to keep making money. So this is a big possibility.

Possibility 2:

These 2 programs are not connected and it just so happens that they look alike. Either way, I’m getting this info from a third party source, so they may be wrong, and I may be as well, in which case, Home Wealth Remedy deserves a better mark or at least another review.

Possibility 3: 

HWR as I said before is associated with a type of website outline I commonly see on the internet and it’s very often connected with scams and/or very low level programs which aren’t good at teaching you how to make money online (let me show you how to start).

In the plethora of websites that look like it, I’ve only come across 1, yes just 1 exception where this cheesy, get rich quick sales page led to a legitimate program, but even, the program was NOT a get rich quick scheme. 

What I’m getting at here is that the stats are not in favor of this program being legitimate. 

Possibility 4:

I wish I could be 100% sure, but since it doesn’t accept new memberships, I simply can’t do that so I have to go by the evidence I have.

I’m going to go ahead and give this program the absolute benefit of the doubt and say it’s not a scam. But even in that case…

Final Rating: Home Wealth Remedy.

Red Flag (likely)

1 out of 10 stars (or pending). If it’s the same as Learn How to Link Academy, then the rating is fair, if it’s not, we’ll keep it pending until I know for sure.

My final thoughts:

It really doesn’t matter if it’s good, because it doesn’t compare to my alternative…

No matter how many programs I review:

  • 80% of them are scams.
  • 15% of them are low level.
  • 4% are good. 

That adds up to 99%. And the program I recommend is the 1% of GREAT programs you can rely on. So even considering that Home Wealth Academy is good, it still fits in with a stat where it won’t compare to my #1 recommendation.

Here’s info on the 1% program and why it’s awesome:

There’s very few programs out there that offer a risk free way to test them out and it just so happens my recommendation is that.


Home Wealth Remedy unfortunately is $97 just to try out and I tell you right now, based on my experiences, it’s not the end of the costs, they WILL pitch up-sells, it’s just what these programs are known to do and after seeing it again and again over so many years, it’s just a rule I have come to expect.

But anyway, the point is that with a free test run, there’s just no risk.


Secondly, I have come to understand that most (95%) of the programs I’ve seen online just have horrendous training. If I am right about Home Wealth Remedy being Learn How Link Academy, then I can tell you guys right now, the training is vague, bad and the type which will leave you asking questions. 

Fortunately, the program I recommend instead of the complete opposite in that regard. It’s training is comprehensive beyond belief and beginner friendly, so you WILL understand and know what’s going on.


Thirdly, there is a HUGE lack of support in many make money online systems out there. Usually it’s leaving some kind of ticket with your question, only to await your answer for days and even then, more questions pile up in the meantime, and that’s in the usual cases. Many times, you may not even hear back anything.

And once again, in that regard, the #1 recommendation I have doesn’t follow that horrible standard, it elevates things, by giving you an online chat and a constant answer to your questions, with very quick response times. 


And fourth, a lack of tools also ruins people’s chances out there. Such I believe was the case with Learn How to Link Academy when I reviewed it (again, assuming it and Home Wealth Remedy are the same). But normally, bad programs on the internet give you a basic blueprint to making money, which technically works, lacks details and steps.

In addition, throughout the process, you have to find your own answers and ways to fill in the gap. For example, many programs tell you to make a website, but don’t really give you instruction or they give you basic rules, but you have to figure them out on your own. Or you have to visit another site and get instructions there.

It becomes a maze of figuring things out and it further derails your progress.

Again, in this regard, not only do you get ALL the tools you need with my #1 recommendation, but it’s all in one place so you don’t have to leave the program to find the answers elsewhere. This keeps you going in one direction with everything laid out for you.

These 4 things together are hard enough to find in ONE good program, but the recommendation I have has it and more. No matter what Home Wealth Remedy is or could be, I guarantee, it won’t compare.

Home Wealth Remedy


The Home Wealth Remedy Score



  • Can't think of any.


  • I strongly suspect this is a scam site due to previous experiences.

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