High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator Review. Does it Work?

The answer is yes. If you put to use Joshua Elder’s training within High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator (HTAA), you can get results. But I don’t say this as someone who is recommending this program to you.

I’m actually saying this as a successful affiliate marketer who didn’t get HTAA but knows what works in this business and has seen what’s inside High Ticket Accelerator to understand:

  • Why it works.
  • Why it may actually be a “bit” overpriced (which is why I don’t recommend it).
  • And why another alternative (the one that made me a successful affiliate) might be a better option for you (certainly on your wallet).

This review of High Ticket Accelerator is going to cover everything you need to know about the program before you get it, and it will also give you good alternative options for also getting into and becoming a successful affiliate marketer. So let’s get started:

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator summary:

high ticket affiliate accelerator review

Creator: Joshua Elder.

Price: $1,497 plus other optional upsells within members area such as Clickfunnels and other programs.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars

Recommended? It’s a good program, but I do not recommend it.

The price of HTAA is ultimately the main reason (plus more below as you learn more and more about it from this review).

Shortly put, I know this material Josh teaches from other and arguably better alternatives that have personally helped me and countless others become successful affiliate marketers and here is the best option hands down:


high ticket affiliate accelerator alternative

What is High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator?

It is a comprehensive program on becoming a successful affiliate marketer via selling high ticket products. You also learn how to find niche audiences from 3 different categories:

After picking a niche audience to target, you find a high ticket product to promote to this audience by finding them on these places:

  • YouTube (And YouTube Ads)
  • Facebook Ads.
  • Google.
  • And other places.

You learn to set up videos, online ads and sites that steer the niche audience you chose to it, and then collect an email list from them to later sell that high ticket item/s. The good thing about HTAA is that you do learn how to utilize Joshua’s formula for multiple niches and even get a list of 2,000 niches to work with.

Tutorials are provided on all aspects of these things including:

  • How to find the niche.
  • How to find the high ticket offer for the niche.
  • How to create the sales funnel.
  • How to generate the traffic through to the sales funnel.

Quick interjection (my resume in this field):

1) So you can read about my affiliate bio here.

2) I also have and do some high ticket affiliate marketing to date and have a whole tutorial on how to do high ticket affiliate marketing here (it’s free). I have made numerous sales in this field of affiliate marketing and know how to do it too.

3) Additionally, my income numbers generated, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate can be found here.

A background on Joshua Elder (HTAA’s creator):

Joshua is a very successful affiliate. Chances are you probably have seen his ads or regular YouTube videos on affiliate marketing (that’s how I found out about him). I had a period where I checked out some of his videos and to be honest, had very mixed views on the material he taught.

  • Sometimes his videos revealed great info for new affiliates.
  • Sometimes his videos were very vague and didn’t really answer questions.
  • And sometimes his videos taught affiliate marketing in a way I thought was horrendous (such as one of his videos talking about posting affiliate links on spam kind of forums). It really reminded me of John Crestani and the kinds of videos he makes.

Having mixed perspectives of Joshua as a result of these experiences, I was certainly skeptical when I heard about High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator and my prediction about what it would teach, what it would promote was pretty much spot on. Even before I had seen what the inside of the program looked like, I predicted the following:

  • Joshua would teach people to sell high ticket items (anyone could have guessed this).
  • Joshua would probably promote Click Funnels and other programs within HTAA (I was right).
  • The cost of Joshua’s program would be very high, with prices that I honestly can’t get behind recommending ($1,497).

How quickly can you get results with High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator?

My personal opinion is that the newer you are to affiliate marketing, the longer it will take and the more money you will spend in the process.

This is one of the reasons I do not recommend HTAA to beginners, even though the information is beginner friendly. Let me explain it like this:

  1. Practicing that material will involved you buying Click Funnels (and paying for that monthly).
  2. Practicing paid ads (optional but if you do it, it will cost you money). See my affiliate marketing pay per click advise.
  3. Practicing email marketing, which is actually advanced and takes time to understand.
  4. Going through the process every new affiliate goes through, where very few get quick success.
  5. The formula for making this process work is there, but filtering it through the beginner affiliate marketer’s experience is what adds lag to it (and major expenses too).

Giving this time to work is normal for everyone and expected, but spending so much money while this is happening is where I have a problem.

Final Rating: High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator

Yellow Flag

4 out of 10 stars. It’s literally on the border of being recommended, but that price and the upsells pushed it back down to a 4 (yellow). And this is my personal score.

If you are wondering where I got my research from on Joshua’s program, besides my own experiences, I found videos like this one on YouTube from members of High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator where they share what you find inside the program. If you choose to buy HTAA, I ask you do it through that video so the person who made it (and spent the money) get the credit.

My final thoughts: Why I am not promoting High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator:

Overall, the price and extra upsells post membership to HTAA are too much. And I have said before in this review that I know this info full well without ever having to pay so much for that information.

I have never and will never promote high ticket info products, no matter how good they are with their info, because:

  • If you are a beginner, you need time effort to learn this.
  • Starting this program off $1,497 + other expenses in the hole is not something I’d recommend beginning with.
  • It puts extra pressure on people to “rush” the process in my experience.

It’s way better to learn awesome affiliate marketing material without spending so much, because it alleviates that monetary weight and helps you start this business fresh. This is why the best program for doing that is Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’re stuck on whether to try HTAA or Wealthy Affiliate, read this:

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you (for so much less) awesome affiliate marketing material, a lot of which is also covered in Joshua’s program.

Wealthy Affiliate will be free for you to try and very inexpensive after if you upgrade to their $49 a month membership.

You will get more free tools with your membership out of Wealthy Affiliate, vs buying the extra ones from High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator. And there is also another special bonus with Wealthy Affiliate here (coaching).

The bottom line above all else is that you can try the Wealthy Affiliate program for free and not spend over $1,400 off the bat to try HTAA, so if you don’t like Wealthy Affiliate and want to switch to HTAA, you can do that without any risk and this is ultimately why I suggest it.

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