Get Cash For Surveys Review. Is this Program a Scam?

get cash for surveys review

Yep, Get Cash For Surveys is a scam and I will explain why, so if you want that proof, read this review.

Quick Report on Get Cash For Surveys:

Creator: Gary Mitchell.

Price: $74, then $37 and all the way down to $12 which is the price I got. To get there, just keep hitting the back button. It will take you to a checkout page for the $12.

Also there is 1 up-sell for $77 down sold to $47, then $27 if you don’t accept, but the irony was that I got the books in my membership even after I declined the up-sell.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars. 

I’m classifying this program as a scam based on 5 categories which you’ll see.

Get Cash For Surveys explained:

The simple summary is that this program is doing what every other scam survey site that asks you to pay for it does: Pay for free info and they aren’t a survey site either. They just link you to a list of them.

I’m going to prove that you can find all the paid online survey sites they advertise for free by just searching for them. Plus there are also claims you see on the homepage which say you’ll learn how to review products and keep them. I’ll explain that too. 

A quick glance inside Get Cash For Surveys:

get cash for surveys inside look

I’ve tried to lessen the page so that you can see it entirely, but this is as far as I could get before you wouldn’t be able to see anything. 

There are a few more things under what the page you currently see to your right, but before I explain that, the first things I want to draw your attention to are this:

1) The Step 1 part is going to take you to a binary options offer called 7 day millionaire. I haven’t reviewed it, but my experience with these programs has been that they are all scams. You will have to pay hundreds to get started. 

2) Where it says Steps to success (4 steps), you’ll go through a quick start section which just helps you sign up to the site’s members area. The second step is AGAIN the same link tot he 7 day millionaire. 

3 is going to provide you with the list of FREE survey site places to join (Which I’ll be proving shortly) and 4 is just a follow up which happens after you sign up for survey sites in step 3. 

3) The limit time offers you see. There are 2 claims:

The first one that talks about the $593 is yet again the same link to the same binary options program (that’s 3 times now).

And the second for the “free money making website” is just a link to what is in my opinion just a hosting scam.

You don’t get your money site until you sign up to get hosting and I’ve reviewed programs which do this and the sites they give you are set up to work, but they also leave a ton of questions and the price you pay for hosting is beyond what regular places charge.

Now onto the next part of the site:


Alright so let me get all of these things out of the way before I start proving you don’t need to pay for this stuff. We’re looking at the membership bonuses:

1) The getting paid to write articles and books claim:

All this does is links you to 2 websites which pay you to write articles. These 2 sites are: & Here’s a list of good places to make money online legitimately.

2) Getting paid to read emails.

Really? So there’s 5 sites listed on this page which they say will pay you to read emails. Does it work? I don’t know, but you’ll have to research further to find out. These are the sites:

Adpaid, Get Paid Mail, Matrix Mails, Bluebay PTR and Tesas Tea Mails. To get to the sites, just add a .com at the end.

3) Getting paid to drive.

In this section, there are 2 websites (Driven Media Online and Free Car Media) which supposedly pay you money to drive around with some sort of accessories on your car. How and what goes into this is again something I’m not experienced in so I can’t provide any more info.

4) Secret Shopper.

I’ve heard of these things before, but there is no link on this page. All you’re told is to sign up with some company (which is not mentioned) that gives you access to this ability. It’s just a summary page and no details or steps are included.

Then under the 4th step, you’ll see a “click here” link. Guess where that takes us? Yep, again to the binary options program. 4 times now and counting! 

Under that section you’ll see a “Make money online tutorials”. This is 5 eBooks and 1 video page where you learn different topics of online marketing. Here’s the interesting thing though:

I believe these are the same things that were advertised to me as an up-sell when I first joined Get Cash For Surveys. And I never purchased the up-sell either so either some sort of mistakes was made on their end or maybe I just got lucky? 

There’s also a $50 bonus they advertise where you have to first fulfill proof by making money with any survey site in their database and then sending them proof. They also say they can use your photo (the proof) to advertise their site if you do.

Alright, it’s time to actually get into the survey section:

Now that we’ve got the rest out of the way, we can focus on the heart of the site which is obviously taking surveys. Remember, this site is NOT a survey site, it just provides you with links to them and my claim is that you can find these sites on your own! So let’s look at the following picture:


I put a red box around the ones I’ve searched (1o in total). There were over a 100 on the list for the US and I didn’t want to go through all of them, but believe me, you’ll find them all online if you just search for them. 

So here’s what I did:

I just searched for each of these companies on Google and that was all it took. They pop up on the first spot or the first page and you can register on them for free.

If you don’t believe me, just do it yourself. So in my opinion, not a single penny should be charged for you to see this information.

However, I have become more lenient as of late with survey sites so what I do is address the skeptics and the only questions I could come up with were:

1) It took a lot of time to set this site up. So is it still a scam?

I’ll give you the fact that it took a lot of time to set up the site, but all of these pages are free to join and you can find them because most of these places cross advertise one another so if you bump into 1 survey site, you’ll be able to find multiple other ones. So yeah, it’s still a scam.

2. So say I take Get Cash For Surveys out of the picture and just sign up with every survey site I can find.

Is that enough to make good money? In my opinion, absolutely not. I’m made the mistake of trying this before with other paid survey programs and I’m telling you: Don’t waste your time.

Each site has their own rules and most if not all of them pay VERY little for you taking their surveys, plus there’s payout regulations so you’re wasting an enormous amount of time joining, answering surveys and getting very little back, no matter how many you sign up with. It’s not just a matter of how many places you sign up to, it’s also how far you go with EACH and each one will take a lot of time to develop, if ever. 

Final Rating: Get Cash For Surveys

1 star

Red Flag (Scam)

1 out of 10 stars. I’m about to give you the 5 categories I used to grade this program, but if you want my advice: Stay away from survey sites and stick to real online business programs like this one called Wealthy Affiliate

My final thoughts: The 5 categories I used to determine if the program is a scam:

1) Can you access the surveys without paying for this program? Yes. 1 scam point.

2) There are multiple promotions there for a potential scam site (binary options). 1 more scam point.

3) The site provides links to legitimate sites? Yes there are actually legit sites being promoted there, but you shouldn’t have to pay to see them! Another scam point.

4) If you’re lazy and don’t want to research survey sites, would it then be OK to pay for this program? Depends on how much you want to pay. If money is no problem for you, then go right ahead. But $74 and even the down sell to $12 was too much for this information. I wouldn’t go beyond $10 for this stuff. Scam point again. 

5) Making good money with these sites. Ok so this point isn’t directly related to Get Cash For Surveys, but I’ve already explained why it’s bad so it’s another scam point, but not towards the actual program. 

Still looking for reasons to get this program? For $12, it’s not a big rip off (if you actually know about this discount!) but you already know exactly what you’re getting if you buy so if you’re not satisfied, remember, you were warned. 

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