Experts Academy Review. It’s Not a Scam But Read This.

Experts academy review

I’ve heard a lot about Brendon Buchards’s Experts Academy and decided to do a review on it.

Though the program is not a scam and there are a lot of golden nuggets of information that can help people truly become financially independent online (mostly), the issue I find is that paying about $2,000 to learn this from this program is unnecessary, at least for me who has experience with this approach to building a business.

I will review Experts Academy and show the awesome value this program and Brendan offer, but I will also say that learning this kind of material can cost you way less if you know which programs provide it, which is what I’ll also show you.

But you be the judge after reading this.

Experts Academy explained in a nutshell:

Brendon Buchard teaches you the step-by-step process to becoming a millionaire online via creating products that are based on YOUR interests, knowledge & hobbies.

Basically if you possess knowledge, you can sell it, period.

Now I want to mention that this is what I personally learned to do through my alternative program recommendation and in it’s case, it teaches you how to do this too in a pretty similar fashion, but it also teaches you affiliate marketing within this same kind of business model, meaning you still build your business based on your knowledge, but you don’t have to create a product and are able to sell other’s products instead, which can be quite profitable:

experts academy alternative

Back to the Experts Academy review:

Now that we have the basic idea of how this program works to help you make money, the question is how will it actually do it specifically?

Well this is where Brendon introduces the Experts Academy formula in which you take your knowledge, create a product of it, market it and become rich. The good news is that much of this formula is briefly explained in his introductory video which you can watch on his website.

The video is nearly 1 hour long and on a side note, after watching it, I’ve gotta say I was VERY impressed.

The guy didn’t read off a teleprompter and did the whole presentation on his own. This is a sign the guy knows what he’s talking about. And I can further vouch because I know this stuff personally.

A lot of what he said resonated with me because I too run an online business (my history) and understand how the process of making money online works, so a lot of what he said, though not new, showed me there is a lot of honesty behind his product.

Too often I see make money products hype themselves up to make you believe it’s a simple system. With Brendon, he basically is up front.

However, back to the main point. The video is called 10 essentials which goes into the formula I mentioned above. Rather than having you watch the video, I’m going to summarize it for you. 

Often times presentations like these are really good at hypnotizing you, especially if you know next to nothing about the subject. This can lead you to making rash and expensive decisions. So I’ll not only be explaining the 10 essentials, but also giving you the honest truth about it in layman’s terms. 

On a side note, a lot of the training you go through in Experts Academy is video training along the lines of the video you see on his websites. This is good because it’s explained very thoroughly. 

The 10 essentials of Experts Academy explained:

Remember this is the basic formula Brendon uses to build an online business and the steps you’ll be “mimicking” in your own business ideas.

1) Choose a subject:

Knowledge can make you money. Do you possess knowledge in an area which others do not? If so, make that your subject. Let me experts academy 2give you an example: 

When I began online marketing, I possessed a lot of information on health & dieting. Thus when I began, this was my subject of choice because my knowledge on it could help people and I could make money in the process. 

I can almost guarantee you that there is something you currently know that can be used to make you money, even if you don’t believe it. If you’re still skeptical, leave a comment below and I’ll help you out.

I also recommend my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate that teaches you how to take ideas and create an online business from it which I mentioned earlier.

Also a great strategy is picking subjects where masses of people have issues in, such as specific health problems. Here’s a good explanation and how this can be monetized.

2) Stories:

In this step, you are going to basically market your knowledge by sharing stories and experiences. This will help you gain trust and credibility from potential customers.

One thing that is almost always guaranteed to succeed is connecting with people. Let me give you an example:

A person makes a website on how to spot online scams and share his/her own personal story on how they fell for scams. Since so many fall for internet scams, the website owner can easily connect with these people and then move further into selling products that may help them. 

3) Strategy:

This step means you show a strategy to succeed in whatever it is you’re sharing you knowledge on.

If I were sharing with the world my knowledge on dieting, I’d show them a strategy on how to lose weight.

If I were sharing with the world how to make money online, I’d show them a strategy on how to do it honestly. Oh and that’s actually the case with the site you’re on by the way. 

4) Create sellable products:

This is where you take your knowledge and create something that embodies it. We’re talking ebooks, DVDs, hosting webinars, seminars, courses, speeches, ect…

One of the most important things when creating products is having a website. This is where people will go to actually buy what it is you’re selling. If you’ve never created a website before, I can promise you it’s much easier than you think. In fact it will only take you  a minute and cost you nothing through this method of building your own website.

So as an example, if I were sharing with people how to lose weight, I would create a website on dieting and perhaps create an ebook will specific strategies to do just that. I could sell that ebook for a price. Make sense? 

Now I do want to mention again that in my experience, you do NOT need to make your own product to make this entire business model work. Again, you can do affiliate marketing and sell existing great products to people in topics you know about. 

This method is a great substitute to creating your own product and is by no means a bad thing.

5) Sales process: Create leads, gain trust.

This actually goes back to #2 (stories), but on a materialistic scale. Here on your website, you share your knowledge to create trust with people. Then you can do things such as collect email lists which is also known as “creating leads” and then sell products to those leads down the line.

6) Gain social presence:

We live in a world that is intertwined with the internet. If you’re going to create a successful and highly selling product, odds are, you’re going to have to make yourself known to the world and the best ways to do that (for very little) is through social networks. 

A lot of high end internet marketers do this kind of stuff. They get fans and create hype for their products which gets attention and people sharing this information with others. 

7) System & structure:

This is really a repeat of: Build a website, collect emails and sell to them.

8) Self confidence.

If you’re going to sell something to someone, you’re going to have to believe in yourself. 

9) Self discipline.

You’re going to have to be very busy if you’re going to make this work. Creating an online business isn’t easy and it certainly will take time and effort.

10) Service mindset.

You are sharing your knowledge not just to make money, but primarily to help people. This is very important to understand. People will not buy from you unless there’s something in it for them. You are giving away your knowledge to help people with a problem. 

Ex: Dieting. I will be helping people lose weight. This service will help me gain trust from them.

And that is basically the 10 essentials summarized and what the Experts Academy will teach you to do (for a VERY expensive price however).

Pros of Experts Academy:

  • Very solid way to create an online business.
  • Very informative training.
  • Brendon doesn’t hype his product up. He just explains things in a very thorough way.


  • VERY expensive. Nearly $2,000 for training + possible future upsells (extra offers).
  • I recently looked at the Experts Academy main site and it appears outdated, showing dates for events taking place in 2016, and it’s now 2019…

Final Rating: Experts Academy 

4 stars

Yellow flag

4 out of 10 stars. Very good program, but VERY expensive. There are much simpler/cheaper ways to create your own business and get training to do all of that. See Wealthy Affiliate, which is my #1 recommendation for details on doing this.

My final thoughts on Experts Academy:

The foundation of this program is pretty solid.

In addition to it, Brendon also hosts seminars and has written a book (The Millionaire Messenger) where he basically explains the same things. In many ways these seminars and books are actually a funnel to his Experts Academy which is good because he basically practices the same model he teaches (step 4). You don’t see a lot of that with internet marketers.

However, the reason I gave this program 4 stars out of 10 (anything 5 stars and higher is a green light) is really for 2 reasons:

1) It’s very expensive.

In the past such a price would be acceptable, but the internet has changed as have ways to make money on it. I believe it’s wrong to throw down SO much money on something you don’t really get to see or test until you buy it. It’s a major gamble that I wouldn’t advise taking.

This is another reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate above Experts Academy. It lets you try out it’s training for $0 (no strings attached) and shows you how to build a successful online business in a much shorter/direct way. 

2) This program is not for everyone.

  • Not everybody is ready to create their own product (use affiliate marketing instead then and again, Wealthy Affiliate will help you).
  • Not everybody is ready to throw down so much money for a service.
  • Brendon’s formula is not a 1 size fits all approach. There are other ways to create successful online businesses. 

So overall, while I like Experts Academy, starting up wise, you can do that with the other program too. I left a link to both programs to help you decide and can tell you that if you follow either one, they will get you results. I just think my choice is cheaper and still just as practical.

Experts Academy


Experts Academy Score



  • Great solid training material on building your own online business.


  • I think the $2,000 price is high for this when the other alternative exists for learning this same stuff.

11 thoughts on “Experts Academy Review. It’s Not a Scam But Read This.”

  1. Awesome review. It is a great thing when people are not hyping the product and it seems to have important information. The price of course would a bit steep for someone just starting out who wants to start learning how to make some money. It might be better for someone who has already made some money and would like to learn to make even more.

    • Possibly, but the same principals Experts Academy teaches (and charges $1,000’s for) are taught within Wealthy Affiliate for 90% LESS. So when you have those 2 choices, with essentially the same training, why wouldn’t the consumer choose the cheaper (but still same high quality) option?

  2. Very informative. I must admit there is a lot of useful information here. However this is quite expensive. Personally, I think it’s very risky as a beginner to invest that much money in a system. Is there a money back guarantee on this system?

    I would totally recommend your number one system to anyone looking to either start an online business or looking to make some extra money on the side. I totally agree with your rating, people need to make a decision based on reliable information.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Brenda, I wrote this review a very long time ago, so I’m not sure if this program has a money back guarantee. I would HOPE it does, otherwise, I’d have to give it a lower rating, it’s just too much risk. 

  3. Often, Brendon offers his product half off to those who subscribe to his email list, and these usually include a lot of extras too. Would you still consider such a low rating on such a stellar well put together product? I have spent a lot of time researching products like these and $1000 seems to be a going price for most of these things. I see your point about the product with the free start-up, my only point would be in that case, it may be missing the value of a more guided curriculum.

    • I still would keep this rating Nicole because what you said about a guided curriculum is even more true when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate today. People always tend to look at the more expensive program as though the information matches the price, but to this day, not a single crazy expensive program has come close to Wealthy Affiliate’s organization and teachings in my opinion. I would seriously recommend you try them out to see what I’m talking about.

  4. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thank you very much for your review of Experts Academy. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Have you attended yourself?
    2. Personally, I don’t mind investing the $2,000. I have quintupled my sales for my local painting service in 3 years with little money and tons of creativity. Many friends and local business aquantences come to me for advise on how to creatively market their business. So I’m working now to creat and E-book, audio program, and presentations( I’ve already presented a few times).

    I’m looking not only for the step and how too, but also the networking opportunity of the EA. All that to ask, given my perspective, would you recommend I go or just build/work through the Wealth Affiliat site?

    Thank you,
    Steve 🙂

    • Thanks for your questions Steve. Let me answer them one by one and then give you my overall opinion.

      1. I have not attended EA seminars, but I have been around the block MANY times to know what to expect. In my experience no place, program or training is ever as special as they say they are. The “super secret” “Can’t get it anywhere else” can really be found in other places and for less. The only difference is that some places offer good & updated training while others the opposite. WA is completely up to date.

      I know you said you’re ready to spend the money to learn this, but I honestly think that it could be better invested elsewhere and there’s really no need to spend so much on training you can it for MUCH less. This is my personal opinion.

      2. I saw your website and it looks great! You can certainly push it forward with your ideas involving ebooks, audio programs and presentations like you mentioned. At this point in time, it seems you already chose your niche/s.

      You have a local painting company.
      You are looking to help business owners expand their businesses.

      These are 2 very profitable niches which you can take to the online world and connect with people worldwide through. The key is to market it properly online. For this WA is perfect as they will show you the best way to do this.

      3. Networking in Wealthy Affiliate is vastly available. There are tons of people (1,000’s) within the community who you can connect with and do business through. Perhaps joint ventures.

      Overall the training within the programs is step by step and very clearly explained. As you go through it and apply what is taught to your own niche and business ideas, you will be able to connect with tons of people and possibly even go beyond what you initially planned on doing. This will of course take effort and work, but you already have much experience and success and have a huge head start 🙂

      Hope this helps!


  5. Hey again,
    I seem to find my self on your blog a lot 😛 Great review and wow $2000 is a bit much. like you said their are definitely other places that give the same if not better training for much less like the one you recommended. will be back to see more of your reviews 🙂

    • I truly appreciate your visits Tejas and am glad you are enjoying the blog! It is my job to help people out. If you ever have a question, feel free to ask 🙂


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