Home Profit System Review: Is it a Scam?

home profit system review

Before you consider buying Home Profit System, read this review. I will explain why it can possibly be a scam (and a duplicate one I’ve seen many times at that).

Quick report on Home Profit System:

Creator: Unknown.

Price: $97 & $77 (discounted).

Possibly up-sells after purchase.

Final Rating: 0 out of 10 stars (not recommended in my opinion).

If this is your first time checking out a program like this, boy are you in for a treat. It’s been awhile since I’ve stumbled onto one of these link posting scam sites.

In fact the way I found out about Home Profit System was by sheer accident. I was reading the comments section on an MMA blog and saw someone advertising a place called Jobshunt.com (Saying they found some great opportunity. I knew it was already a pitch for a scam, but I went through to see what the newest one was).

After going to the actual domain name, all I saw was outgoing links to a program called Home Profit System. Here’s the actual screenshot:

jobsgun homepage screenshot

This folks, is an example of a fake work at home jobs website and there are plenty of them out there.

Real quick, if you want to know about alternatives, here you go:

home profit system alternative

Update on Home Profit System (it’s promoting site that is):

It looks like Jobshunt.com (where I found Home Profit System) is no longer in service (surprise, surprise!). But don’t be surprised if you see the page above appear under a different name. This stuff happens pretty often with these scams.

With prior copycat scam sites like these, they advertise nearly identical pages. Not all of them promote the same company, but I feel this type of business is associated with either 1 group of people or companies inter-connected in someway who go out, make these websites look legitimate, promote them and advertise the same program, just under different names.

In this site’s case:

It’s Home Profit System. But remember how I said nearly identical pages? Well I said this because in nearly 80% of the other link posting scam sites I found, I found them through pages which look like this:

home internet careers

Now you be the judge and tell me how different this page and the one above it are. There’s very few differences between them both in terms of looks, but they always try to give you that “official” impression when you visit them to make themselves seem legitimate.

Also notice in the second picture, I’ve removed the area where they show big name networks. This is another deceptive marketing tactic they use to give themselves the impression of legitimacy. The big name networks are NOT associated with these place. 

Where the Home Profit System scam gets worse:

Just a quick note:

Now getting back to Home Profit System:

I know you’re probably wondering just how bad this scam can get and I’m not going to tease you about. It really does get worse. When I clicked on any link that was supposed to take me to Home Profit System, I was transferred over to the following page:

ohc university

This was the final nail in the coffin for me. I’ve reviewed Online Home Careers University (OHC) before and it was just the same type of link posting site that promised you riches. In short: It’s a scam. 

Because Home Profit System is now linking me here leads me to believe that it may have gotten too many complaints from other people and moved away from that name to this one. This type of action is very common with these companies:

Get too many complaints, remake the site or call it something else to fool people. And sadly this trick works. And in 2019, this is still continuing folks.

So my warning to you right now is this:

1) Stay away from sites that look like the ones I posted above. The ones which look “official” of claim they are endorsed by big name companies. This is NOT true.

2) Always do your research on these places (and if you did join these types of places, do this to get your money back.), especially if they claim you can make easy money. Out of all the programs like Home Profit System I’ve reviewed, not one of them has yet to be considered legitimate.

Tired of these scams? See my #1 recommendation for working from home.

But wait! Home Profit System gets even “better”!

If you noticed in the top of this post, when I was doing the quick report, next to price, I said up-sells possible. Well what are up-sells?

These are extra offers you’re given after you make your initial purchase to try and wiesel more money out of you. Such a tactic is disingenuous and I am NOT a fan of it.

But with programs like these, I’ve heard horror stories where the information you put in can have you being called up by sales reps trying to get you to buy VERY expensive internet coaching packages which can cost you $1,000’s. Now I don’t know if this happens with Home Profit System, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it did.

The people who call you up are aggressive in their sales pitch and put you on the spot in trying to make that sale. If you ever find yourself in such a position, NEVER make a decision when you’re in a hurry or being pushed to make one. This will only lead to financial disaster. 


  • There’s never any pros with these scams.


  • Home Profit System links to Online Home Careers University, a program I’ve rated as a scam before.
  • The site is VERY disingenuous and makes you believe you can make a lot of money doing easy work.
  • The photos on the site aren’t real. 
  • The big name companies you see on some of these programs do NOT endorse these places, nor are they in ANY way associated with them. It’s just a false connection these scams try to make you believe.

Final Rating: Home Profit System

0 stars 

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out of 10 stars. Scam. Seen too many others like it to know better. I will never recommend this place. If you want my #1 pick for a legitimate program that works, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation.

My final thoughts:

There was a point in time when I though I caught up to all these copycat scams. That’s because I wasn’t finding any others, but the truth is this type of stuff is nearly impossible to stop.

It’s too profitable for them to quit and it’s extremely cheap to keep repeating the same formula and suckering more people into it. In fact, there is a popular site called Top Jobs Reviewed which often posts these scams and promotes (daily). And yes, I tell people to avoid that site too.

This is why the best thing you can possibly do to prevent yourself from ever getting scammed is to educate yourself and one simple rule of making money from home/online is this: There is NO such thing as a get rich quick scheme. 

Work at home scams like this pitch themselves as being a very simple solution and most scams do. But once you buy them, you realize it’s not what you paid for. In the many other programs like this one that I’ve reviewed in the past, I’ve heard some CRAZY horror stories. Not once did I ever receive positive feedback. Think about that.

If you have any personal experience with Home Profit System or know of any other company you feel may be like it, let me know below 🙂

One more update:

While doing research for more scams, I ran into a program being advertised in India (online) called the Online Cash Course. However right under it, it also said Home Profit System. Be careful everyone, this may be another change in the system.

26 thoughts on “Home Profit System Review: Is it a Scam?”

  1. I haven’t seen an update on this post so I’m not sure if it’s even active anymore but just in case…I thought it would useful to know that as of today I’ve seen this scam run under the website 4dayjobs.com…the page is almost identical to what you have posted here.

    • Oh yeah, that’s definitely one of those sites Christine, thank you for mentioning it. Also I went there and it took me to a scam program I already reviewed, Countdown to Profits. Luckily, I already have that scam reported on this site!

    • Home Profit System should have sent you an email David. Inside that email, you will most likely have an email support to contact if you have questions. Find that email and you then ask for your refund that way.

  2. This scam is being promoted by “Jean Bennett” through a fake Facebook page. The profile picture is actually a photo of actress/singer Hilary Duff. I have reported the page.

  3. This is for the ones commenting that Vitaliy is scamming. No he isn’t. He is legitimately exposing a fraudulent website(s). Yes, he is recommending Wealthy Affiliate. It’s simple as to why. It’s 100% legit. You will make money working online thru Wealthy Affiliate. No, you won’t make thousands in a couple of hours. You will see profit, but you will have to put forth the time to train. WA is for the committed who are serious about having financial freedom.

    • If you’re talking about WA Duncan, there is no link to premium as I advise everyone start with the free membership. There is no misleading going on.

  4. When it comes to scams this Home Profit System may be a rather large one.
    It is run out of the US, two location I have found so far and apparently the owner is from Panama in both cases.
    They use numerous different web sites names to lure people in.
    They all lead to to the same web pages.
    I found a number of them posting, in forums, at news sites.
    I got bored one day and thought I might do a bit of research.
    If anyone asks you for money it is a scam.
    If they ask for your credit card number, stay away from them.
    If you have been scammed by them report them.
    Report Online Scams
    If you believe you’ve responded to an online scam, file a complaint with:
    • The Federal Trade Commission
    • The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center
    • Your state Attorney General
    Most people just lick their wounds and walk away.
    Of course doing nothing just lets them continue to rip people off.
    This rates right up their with the Lock Smith scam.
    That’s my advise.

  5. I just got a good chuckle reading a scam review by another scammer. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same outfit behind both scams.

    Oh this is a scam, to make money you really want to visit this place to learn the elusive method of making money on the internetz! Not a scam for sure!!!

    • I hear your point Bill, but did you bother reading about my alternative before you made that judgement? I think you’d see it differently…

  6. Hi, hoping you can clarify something for me. I foolishly tried to sign up before checking site out. It wouldnt let me complete registration as i was using a debit card. Does this mean i am not registered? Had a call more or less straight away from unknown number, didnt answer, but googled it and eventually got to a page informing me of thr scam! Please advise, should i cancel my debit card? Thankyou

    • If you received an error due to your debit card, odds are it may have not gotten through. But just to be safe, I would cancel and ask for a new card to be issued. If possible block out the unknown numbers that will be calling you.

    • Hi there, I don’t have a customer service telephone number. This is a private website. If you’re looking for the customer service number of home profit system, you’d have to look for it through their main site.

  7. I would like to know who this is that is giving out this information.I don’t see a name or anything about this person who is also GIVING a recommendation to ANOTHER get rich quick scheme.So who are you?

  8. Hi again,

    Suddenly the homeacademy.biz site is now gone. Obviously they have moved on to a new domain after a lot of bad reviews online…

    • This is how they keep doing it Lotta! Thanks for letting me know about the recent move. We have to keep our eyes open for this nonsense.

  9. Hi,

    Tried posting, but it did not appear, so maybe there was a problem… Trying again, sorry if I post twice!

    I just saw a link to this. It is now on a different site, at:
    (Link removed)

    Home Academy?

    It looks IDENTICAL to your screenshot.
    When I checked the domain site, homeacademy.biz, there is another site, but seems to be about the same “system”. BUT, it is WORSE, because their headline now is:
    “Work-At-Home Jobs: Fraud or Money Making Gold Rush?”
    And they proceed to tell people that they have tested it and says “it works!”! So they obviously pretend to be “the good guys”, just helping people with weeding through all the scams and finding the one that is not a scam. They say bloggers all over the net is raving about this fantastic opportunity…
    After looking at that, I noticed that the URL no longer only said homeacademy.biz, but
    (there all the above mentioned text is).
    But, when I again tried to go to homeacademy.biz, I suddenly get a completely different site. First I get a window about leaving the site and that I will get a “free program” or something like that and that to receive it, I have to click “cancel”. I did not though, I clicked “leave” and then the window changed to a window completely identical to the very first one. Quite confusing, but it seems like they (through cookies) keep track of how many times you have visited their site, reloaded etc. and you get routed to different windows. I looked through my cookies now and they had added a lot of them… But even if I removed all I could find, I for some reason, now can’t find back to the site that had the heading: “Work-At-Home Jobs: Fraud or Money Making Gold Rush?”. ODD!

    Links in the first ad, lead to this site: (Link removed)
    Yet another different “work from home” site, with text as “success is within reach”… Same stuff, looks different though. Here they DO mention “As advertised on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, People, Time Magazine” and “Profit from Google, Bing, Amazon, Apple”. At the bottom of the site though, there are disclaimers where they mention not being affiliated, sponsored etc. by those companies.

    Anyway, thought you should know about this. Thanks for offering this site, it was at the top on Google when I searched for “home profit system scam”, so it was very easy to find your information!

    Another bad thing on the first site is that there is a comment system and lots of comments from people who said they had ordered it, it works great, it’s not a scam etc. All positive, of course! I tried to post about YOUR site, but when I hit submit, I got a message that it was awaiting moderation… I have no doubts, that post will never appear! Most likely, they post the comments themselves, as a way to convince people – yet other “truth witnesses” of course, anonymous ones… Not very trustworthy!

    • Yeah this is all the same scam going on Lotta. I had to remove the links to those sites because I don’t allow them and they are known scam sites. Don’t trust these places!


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