Authority Niche Machine Review. It’s so Confusing!

authority niche machine review

Authority Niche Machine proved to be a pretty difficult program to understand but I took the time to do that and in this review will explain what’s up.

Quick Report on Authority Niche Machine:

Creator: Shane Paxton.

Price: $27 then 1 $27 up-sell which I didn’t buy.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars

I found it very difficult to understand and there’s other issues I see with using their strategies. Authority Niche Machine to me personally was not just difficult to understand, but also difficult to navigate through. So in this review I’m going to do my best to explain what I did find.

Authority Niche Machine (ANM) in a nutshell:

This is really a software program (and/or possibly a plug in) from my understanding whose purpose is to provide a niche site you create with pre-written content that is spun through a content spinner program (see why content spinners are bad).

The software also helps you find products to promote and has the option to insert affiliate links for you. The whole product comes equipped with other tools and extras I’ll be going over. As for the ANM software itself, I never found access to it.

The only thing I know about it is based on the videos I saw of Shane giving you a walk through of the software. Here is a picture of how it looks:

authority niche machine software

I never managed to actually try it. I don’t know if I was looking in the wrong place, but based on the members area and the links provided there, all I saw was videos on how to use the software, but no access to it. 

Where the confusion with ANM began:

So after I got access into the members area, this is what I saw:


As you can see there are a lot of menus on the left hand side and top (they are the same). I looked through all of them and none gave me access to the actual program. Some of the menus led to up-sells, while others were inaccessible. 

The most important menus:authoritynichemachinelist

After navigating through this site, I came to the conclusion that the only clues I could get for understanding the program were the following:

1. The members area welcome page. This is where you land after you purchase the product. Once you follow through with the instructions and reset your license which I still don’t understand the purpose of, you get access to 3 videos:

A welcome video giving you brief instructions on how to get started, a how to install WordPress to your site video and another one showing you how to use an anti spyware program. I don’t even know why that last video is even there.

After that you will have access to several downloads. There are actually 14 in total, 2 of them are training downloads while the other 12 deal with popular niches (right). Each of the niches you see are folders you download.

Within each folder is content you can paste to your site and/or use however you wish among other things. I believe the purpose of this tool is to plug in the given content with the software to spin it and make new versions. Again I could be wrong on this since I was confused, but it makes sense to do this (even though I don’t like this strategy in general).

2. The training videos. There are 9 in total. Very detailed videos but there is a lot of confusion on making all of this happen. Like I said before, I couldn’t gain access to the software so I couldn’t even test this out and the videos aside from giving instructions (which there are a lot of), there were some questionable things I saw such as:

There was focus in one of the videos (number 2) on making fake profiles. I do not know the purpose of doing this. I don’t recall Shane ever explaining why because the videos themselves were very disorganized in my opinion and if they were edited, I believe some parts were missing making things much more difficult to understand than they already were.

Are we trying to give our websites fake generated comments? Is this done to create fake profiles if you have multiple sites? This was just a short example of the many questions I had while watching the tutorials. 

And this trend continued through the other videos because if I had difficulty in say the first 3 videos understanding why we were doing what we’re doing, it only became more confusing as I went further. 

3. Member Plus Account: This menu gives you access to several downloads and programs you can use for market research and picking out products, particularly on places like Amazon. 

I happen to have a good Amazon best seller strategy that I share for free that I use to make money online and you’re welcome to read that.

This menu includes access to:

  • A backlink program.
  • A site where I could put the link of my site and have the URL submitted to tons of other sites. This is an old school way of “pinging” your page basically.
  • Another tool there helps you research products on Amazon.

I tried contacting support. Here’s what happened:authoritynichemachinechat

There is a live chat option within the menus area which I was excited about using. I filled out the form and waited to be connected.

After about 5 minutes, someone responded. I immediately began asking questions: 

1. Can you please explain what the program is all about? I know it’s about making money online, but is it a plugin? 

2. I don’t know where the access to the software is. Can you help me find it? 

After waiting for over 30 minutes and not receiving a response, I closed the chat. In the area with the training videos, there is a section at the bottom of the page where you can post your comments. So I tried to ask my questions there. Here’s what happened:


I can’t even post my question, so there’s another dead end. I’m also pretty sure I had JavaScript enabled. I was browsing this site through Firefox.

Want to see program which actually offers real support 24-7. Then see Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Some useful research tools are offered in the members area.


  • Bad support.
  • I couldn’t access the software. 
  • Videos and tutorials were disorganized and difficult to understand in my opinion.
  • I don’t believe this programs approach to online business will work well.

Final Rating: Authority Niche Machine

1 star

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. I feel like I got scammed. 

My final thoughts:

Let’s say maybe I went wrong somewhere. Perhaps I missed something in the members area where I would have had access to the software. Even if that is the case, what I can tell you is that what this software does will not work very well when it comes to SEO.

Content spinners and a lot of the other things I saw are just small examples and if you want to really summarize the program (considering everything works as advertised) we have ourselves another black hat program trying to trick Google and other search engines. It’s using the same proven to fail tactics. 

Also thanks to the tutorials provided by Shane, I did see what sort of content you’d get on the sites and I’ve gotta tell you, I was not impressed. The content is obviously spun and difficult to read, let alone understand and the website itself isn’t very organized.

This makes it both difficult to rank high, let alone convince customers to buy in my opinion. I personally would never advise this. 

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