Autoresponder Madness Review. Not Recommended For Everyone.

autoresponder madness reviewAutoresponder Madness is a program created by Jeff Walker & Andre Chaperon, both popular internet marketers (IM).

In this review, I’d like to cover what you can expect from this program and if it’s worth taking the time to invest into.

Autoresponder Madness in a nutshell:

This program deals with email marketing. In most instances, to have a successful email marketing campaign (it’s rare because of this), you need to first have a website, drive traffic to it, collect an email list and then build a relationship with your audience from which you can sell to again and again.

There are many people who swear by email marketing and say that it is the only thing needed to have a stable online business. I am not one of these people and will explain why this program isn’t for everyone and can be substituted with well…nothing.

The basic idea:

Autoresponder Madness does not deal with the process of creating a website or getting traffic to it. What it DOES deal with is what happens AFTER people have signed up to your email list. You will be providing them with emails that are meant to build a relationship.

This is what they will call SOS (Soap opera sequence), not to be mistaken with shiny object syndrome, but in any cases, SOS in this context is where you basically tell them a story to build trust/relationship and have them looking to open up your next email. Just like in soap operas where viewers are left with a cliffhanger and anxiously anticipating the next episode, the same analogy applies to this program. 

You are walked through the process of how to write up an attractive email and follow up emails (emails sent every few days/weeks) to make sure the SOS process work for you. 

Eventually what happens is that you’ll be utilizing this to promote a product. It could be an affiliate program from which you can earn money. It could be a joint venture (JV). It could even be used to promote your own products. 

Here is the “basic” outline of the Autoresponder Madness formula. This is a screenshot from their website:

autoresponder madness

Now to most newbies, this will look VERY complicated. This is one of the reasons I don’t recommend this program for everyone. Furthermore, notice the red circles. This is where Autoresponder Madness comes into play. As I said earlier, this program deals with what happens AFTER people sign up to your email list.

  • But what about before?
  • How do you actually go about accumulating an email list in the first place? 

This is where the same website provides you with free training called “Lucrative List Building Bootcamp“. On the picture above, it is circled in green:

When you sign up on Autoresponder Madness’s website, you are supposedly going to get the Lucrative List Building Bootcamp PDF which will run you through the steps to create an email list. I actually did sign up and was sent an email that the product is still not ready and will be launched soon. 

I find that funny because I feel like I’m about to go through the same SOS process I mentioned above as I feel they are probably going to hype up their emails they send to me to have me buying the Autoresponder Madness program by the end of it. It looks like they actually follow what they preach which is good.

What to expect:

I’ve seen this happen before. You’ll likely be told about how to gather email lists. This will entail: 

1. Building a website. If you’ve never built one, I recommend this method as it costs nothing.

2. Signing up with an autoresponder. This is a program which will allow you to collect/send out emails. They will likely ask you to sign up with Aweber. As someone who personally uses it, I can vouch for it being an excellent program. If you’re going to do email marketing, Aweber is ideal. Here’s why.

3. Getting traffic to your website. This will help you collect the email list and start running them through the Autoresponder Madness funnel. 


  • Good quality information on email marketing.
  • Can be very profitable.
  • Does have steps to follow.


  • The product is pretty expensive.
  • Deals with 1 form of internet marketing (emails/leads).
  • I personally don’t recommend email marketing for newbies. 
  • I don’t recommend this program if you’re tight on money.

Final Rating: Autoresponder Madness

4 stars

Yellow Light (Caution)

4 out of 10 stars. Decent product, but there’s much more to succeeding online than just through this method. See my #1 recommendation.

Final thoughts & my issues with Autoresponder Madness:

I don’t believe email marketing as a whole is ideal for beginners to online marketing. In my experience, you should first start out with basic SEO and build a website from scratch and then use that experience to flow into email marketing. 

This product is certainly NOT recommended for people who are tight on money to begin with and believe this to be a get rich quick approach. It is not. I also don’t think it’s wise to put all your eggs into one basket especially when it comes to investments like these.

I have experience with email marketing. I used to do it a lot (failed big a few times like here), but then I slowed down dramatically because I felt SEO was more suitable for me. This may/mat not be the case for you, but what you need to understand is that email marketing is NOT for everyone and this Autoresponder Madness to me sounds like another one of those programs which promises riches through it’s method. 

While there is certainly a lot of potential behind it, just because the formula sounds great does not mean it will work for everyone. If you are an experienced internet marketer looking to get into email marketing, then this program would definitely offer up some great ideas, but if you’re new, I recommend you start here instead. 

I also want to point that if you are going to get into email marketing, you don’t really need a program like this to succeed. If you have a great website that provides excellent content that helps people, you just need to apply that same principal into your email marketing campaigns. This will earn you trust and credibility which will translate into long term success. 

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