Why Unique Content Spinners Are a Very Bad Idea For SEO

A few years back, using “unique” content spinners was a proven way to generate a lot of content quickly, earn traffic to your websites and experience faster success in the world of SEO. Nowadays however, this approach is not only quickly dying, but is frowned upon by search engines like Google and I’m going to explain exactly why.

What exactly is a “unique” content spinner? Well here is the basic idea:

  • You create content whether it’s an article/post/ect… OR you find someone else’s content (which I consider to be wrong & indirect plagiarism).
  • Then you take that content and use a content spinner to reword everything. 
  • The product of this is a new article which basically says the exact same thing, but in different words. Think of it as paraphrasing. 
  • Some spinners would actually take the content, make 2 or 3 different versions of it and spread it across the internet through article places and other content farms. This would provide you with backlinks back to your page and increase your website’s authority. This worked before, but I’m going to show you below why this is a bad idea and can ruin your website.

Here’s an example of how these content spinners work. If I wrote down something like this:

“As someone who has experienced internet marketing for several years, I can safely say that you can see success if you stick to it”.

The content spinner would generate something like this:

“Being a person who has been in marketing online for years, you can witness success if you maintain it”.

Obviously the spun version isn’t as pretty, but it still makes the same points. One may wonder why would anyone use this kind of stuff? And the answers are very easy:

If you can generate content quickly, it means less work for you and theoretically more success. This is what the spinning programs like SEO Zen use to pitch to you in order to buy their programs. And in theory they are right, but there are many cons. So here we go:

The cons to using unique content spinners:

1. If you used someone else’s content to create a spun version and use it as your own, it’s basically plagiarism.

Not only is this morally wrong but Google can and will catch you for this. Content that seems like it’s been spun and not uniquely written will give your site/article a red flag. This can lead to a Google slap or even a blacklist. They have become much better at spotting this. How do you avoid this? Write your own content and don’t spin it!

2. Unique article spinners don’t really create unique content! 

The definition of unique is basically something that’s never been seen or done before. “Unique content spinners” are basically an oxymoron because there is NO such thing. The ability to create spun content requires that you already have content to spin which means the idea itself is already used. This is why I keep putting the word unique into quotes.

3. The product of spun content isn’t very readable.

Notice my example above. Which was easier and more fun to read? My first impression is the 1st version. Most spun content will provide something that is readable, but it won’t be something that will catch your reader’s attention. It’s like a fancy talker taking a basic engaging dialogue (the content) and saying the same things in either:

  • A form that is difficult to understand. Ever met someone who tries to intellectually say something, but no one understand him/her?
  • Not fun to read. I know you’ve probably met people who speak in such an intelligent way that it’s just plain boring to listen to!

Trust me on this. As someone who writes content to engage people’s attention, I would NEVER use these tools. Always make your content 100% unique. 

4. Using this approach to SEO is basically a form of backlinking, which no longer works!

As I mentioned above, article spinners would take the content your write (yours or someone else’s), make 2-3 different versions of it and submit it article directories such as Ezinearticles.com. The article would then provide a backlink to your website. The more backlinks you would receive, the better your website would rank. But this no longer works! In fact, backlinking can make your website lose all it’s credibility in search engines nowadays! Do not use backlinks!

5. It’s “Anti-SEO”.

Nowadays Google loves quality content that is unique and engaging to your audience. Everything article spinners do basically goes against the Google tide. If the above reasons weren’t enough to get you to stay away from these programs, this should be it! 

Final thoughts:

There are constantly new programs coming out all trying to utilize the spinning approach to SEO and saying how it will works. There’s even spinners which create content without you writing anything. One of them is SEO Zen which I mentioned before. But this content has to come from somewhere. Words just don’t pop out of thin air. And in this case, the content comes from other people’s hard work. This is just wrong! 

Do not use “unique content spinners” unless you want to experience a Google slap/blacklist. Stick to writing your own content. If you have issues with writing, you can hire someone to do it for you! Or better yet, I advise you learn how to do it yourself, not just for education’s sake but for your future success in the world of SEO.

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