Quick Article Pro Review. An Opinion And Warning About it.

If you’re considering using Quick Article Pro to produce content on your website, I want to share why I personally think that is a bad idea in this review and what is better to accomplish such a goal. 

Quick report on Quick Article Pro:

Price: This is a program you can buy on it’s own or in packages (3 in total).
quick article pro review

  • Regular Quick Article Pro is $49.99.
  • With an spinner program, it’s $89.95.
  • If you want ALL 3 programs in this package, it’s $99.95.

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

There’s a big warning I have about these types of programs to share with you in this review. It’s the reason I don’t buy these things or rate them highly.

Keep reading and I’ll explain what the warning is…

Recommended? No! 

quick article pro alternative

Quick Article Pro explained (Before the warning is explained):

This is a program that is actually divided into 3 different parts:

You have the actual Quick Article Pro which is a program where you get content produced for you when you just select a topic on which you want it on. So I can select say a health topic and this program will produce content for me on that. This is $49.95.

Then you have an add on program called Quick Article Submitter. This basically takes whatever content you produce from the above program and distributes it across article directories. They say they’ll submit it to 100’s and the idea is that each directory has it’s own source of traffic so when you submit your stuff there, you can get a lot of traffic and sales. This on it’s own is also $49.99.

And the last one is called Quick Article Spinner, which takes content you produce or potentially use from the first program and rewords it. And just like the prices above, this part of the program is also $49.99 on it’s own.

All together, they offer a deal to get all 3 of these things for about $100. Now they do let you download trials for free so you can explore this on your own, but before you decide to do that, allow me to explain what exactly worries me about this whole thing…

Ok, so here’s my opinion and warning about Quick Article Pro:

Let me first admit that I did not buy this system, not because I couldn’t afford it but because I know what happens when sites use these types of programs.

In fact, as someone who runs sites and relies on content production for his success (about me), if I were ever offered or viewing a program/s like these, I’d run the other way. It’s black hat and that kind of stuff for building sites is not recommended.

Black hat programs and tools will absolutely destroy your rankings in search engines and potentially get you flagged for stealing content.

Allow me to explain why I’m saying this:

I’ve tried several of these programs in the past and reviewed a plethora of them, so I have a lot of experience when it comes to program spinners and explaining the warning I’m about to give. Let me take each of the above 3 programs and dissect why I am not buying nor recommending them:

First, we have the Quick Spinner Pro (the problem with it). 

quick spinner pro review

Now I’m going by the description they are giving me, plus what I know about this stuff. Basically if you type in a topic and get content, that content has to come from somewhere and 100% of the time, it’s from people who wrote that, meaning it’s THEIR original content.

So if you take that content and use it as your own, WITHOUT permission or knowledge of the other person who it’s coming from, that’s plagiarism.

So that right there eliminates any optimistic viewpoint I could ever have regarding this program. Let’s move on…

Second, we have the Quick Article Submitter (the problem with it). quick article submitter review

Now based on the description, they are saying they’ll submit “your” (you already know why I quoted it) content to tons of directories. That sounds wonderful, except there’s one major fact to consider:

Most article directories are dead in terms of the traffic they have. 

Plus these same directories have VERY little ranking power on search engines which is ultimately where you want your content to appear on since that is where you’ll get the most traffic from. 

So in short this whole stuff about submitting to tons of directories amounts to zero value in my opinion.

Third, and final we have Quick Article Spinner (the problem with it).quick article spinner review

Think of this as the first program, where content is taken and potentially stolen from other people and reworded, that’s basically what this thing is.

Now you can write your own original content and then use this spinner, which would be legal but the problem in EITHER case is that the content produced reads very poorly. I’ve seen enough spinner programs in my time to see how they reword content and it becomes very hard to read.

Even if by some strange miracle the content produced by this spinner ranks on a search engine and highly, it will not stay there because it’ll be hard to read and this will affect the people who read it, who will leave the site and thus will adversely affect the rankings.

Trust me, I know how search engines work, especially Google and this is the kind of stuff they investigate to see which sites should get a high ranking and which ones shouldn’t.

Final Rating: Quick Article Pro.

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. There is very little to no reason I can find to recommend this type of program. If you’re not writing your own content and are using this program, the content will be taken from someone else, and without their consent, that is stealing. And then there’s the ranking ramifications I talked about, and both these major cons are why I wouldn’t buy nor recommend this program.

My final thoughts:

Search engine traffic is where it’s at and if you want to get ranked highly on them, you need the following:

That may sound very difficult and that it’s much more tempting to go the other route, such as through the other, easy program, but trust me, the first option is the one that provides REAL results. The other option has massive issues with it which I explained.

But if you use this spinning program and/or the other parts of it, you will in my opinion, 100% not get ranked on search engines. They will not only spot that there is duplicate content going on (because the content is already taken from existing sources that are probably ranked on the search engine) but even if you spin it, that content is still going to be taken from someone else’s hard work and because it’ll be re-worded, it’ll still read bad and I already explained how that affects rankings. 

Quick Article Pro


Quick Article Pro Score



  • None.


  • Duplication of content is not the way to get rankings.

8 thoughts on “Quick Article Pro Review. An Opinion And Warning About it.”

  1. Thank you for this warning about Quick Article Pro and similar content stealing programs. Coming up with my own original content can be challenging at times, but I am starting to get used to it and it really is enjoyable if it’s on an interesting to me subject.

    Hiring writers is a possibility for the future for me, but I hadn’t considered that who I hire might would use these content stealing software programs or plagiarize in some other way. Thank you for the important heads up.

  2. I have to agree with you 100% when you say that there is nothing better than unique content to get rankings on your website. People don’t always want to work – they are looking for a get-rich scheme instead of an honest way to make money. I think the most successful marketers are passionate about their niche and the products they promote.

    I appreciate your review of the Quick Article Pro because I have heard some of my fellow marketers spouting about how they can set and forget their business by letting programs do the “heavy lifting.” I can’t wait to show them this article. I’m sending them the link now. Thanks so much for your research into this program. I appreciate it!

    I can’t wait to see what other information you have provided on your website.


    • Hi Babsie, there’s ways to automate an online business ethically, but it’s certainly not through the types of programs like Quick Article Pro. If you friend/s are swearing by these types of programs and worse, using them, then it’s only a matter of time before their website/s start to see a decline in traffic. 

      At least you’ll warn them about this, but be prepared for them to not believe you. I’ve had this happen many times and I was once one of those guys too. It wasn’t until 2 of my websites tanked to a method of black hat marketing (bad backlinks), that I awakened and started creating a legit online business. Article spinning programs are also black hat marketing tools.

  3. Hey Vitaliy,

    Thanks for sharing info about this software. 0 out of 10, that is quite definitive lol. But I agree with you, because these types of programs that feed off of lazy people are usually horrible.

    I personally love producing my own content because it contains my own personality and brand, and I think unique content is also of better quality. Once again, thanks for warning people about programs like this. People need to accept the grind and develop their own content. It’s worth it!

    Take care!


    • Hi Wilson, you definitely approach the topic of content creation CORRECTLY in that you are proud to produce your own, high quality stuff. I have no doubt with this mindset and the action you’re already taking, that you are either already experiencing results and/or are on the brink of it.

      • Thanks for kind words, Vitaly! I’m definitely on the grind right now. Just made my first few affiliate sales and sign-ups last week actually lol.
        I kind of took a couple of months off this year and it held me back, but that was a lesson learned right there about being consistent. By the way, I’ve been following your blogs for a while, you’ve definitely done a good job of showing me what’s possible with the WA platform.

        Happy Bloggin’


        • I appreciate you visiting my blog Wilson! You’re more than welcome to ask me any blogging/seo questions if they come up, but I honestly think you already know what you need to do and the fact that you already got several sales and are putting in the work to stay consistent in this really is all you need.


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