Is Re Kaching a Scam? A Real Insider Review.

If you are looking to find out what is taught by the Re Kaching program, you’re going to get that in this review. I bought it and will give you an inside look.

Quick report on Re Kaching:

re kaching review

Creator: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari.

Price: $12.95 (this price may increase because I got it at an early bird deal).

There’s 3 annoying up-sells afterwards, each with it’s own down sells and frankly, I rushed to get into the members area so I didn’t really have a look at each upsell.

I just got annoyed by clicking the “no” button over and over.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars.

Both Jason and Mosh show an interesting way to make money online, which isn’t a scam and I will detail the idea they teach in this review, but it has important cons you need to know before you decide on whether or not to try it, and even if you decide not to…

I have my own alternative way of making money which is in my opinion, better.

Recommended? Not really.

re kaching alternative

What is Re Kaching?

This is basically a form of “cold calling” businesses on Instagram and offering them your personal services to improve various parts of said business.

Here is what Re Kaching teaches you to do:

1) Let’s say you find a business on Instagram that sells gardening services (they recommend targeting local businesses).

2) You reach out (direct message) that business and offer them your services to help improve their marketing efforts.

3) You can offer them SEO, social media, help with their IG account, article writing services and more.

4) If they sign up with you, you can charge them whatever you think is fair and then if they agree, that’s how you make money.

5) Then if this works out, you can replicate it and do this same thing for other businesses you find on IG.

6) To make things easier, Re Kaching offers a software with their membership to help you find clients faster and to reach out to them in bulk messages, which is why I said, it’s like cold calling, and theoretically, the more businesses you reach out to this way, the more responses and business you’ll get in return.

Here’s what you get inside the membership area of Re Kaching:

re kaching members area

Let me quickly go over each area (there’s 7 and they are located on the left hand side of the screenshot above).

Check this first. Basically provides welcome videos to get you started.

Re-Kaching Case Study. It gives you a success story of how this model was used to make money.

How Re-Kaching Works. There’s 4 sections here which go over the basic model I explained when I began this review, but obviously in greater detail.

Re-Kaching Step-by-Step. So here you get lessons on finding your first client on Instagram and then reaching out to them. 

Re-Kaching software. Here you get videos on how to use the software to find clients in masses. It’s actually a pretty cool software from what I saw because you install it on your site, select hashtags and are given a huge list of channels/companies and potential clients, then you can select who you wish to reach out to in bulk and then this basically saves time.

Upgrades. This is where you get the same up-sell offers I talked about above (which I disliked because they kept trying to sell it to me hard).

Fast Action Bonuses. Here you get 2 bonuses, the first is a checklist to use when trying to get clients and the second is a link to a private Facebook group.

Does Re Kaching’s business model actually work? Yes.

I actually have experience with this:

Although it’s not directly similar to what Re Kaching teaches, it’s still the same type of idea and it also has the same types of difficulties you need to know about…

So firstly, my experience basically comes down to the fact that I know a lot of aspects of online marketing:

SEO, PPC, social media marketing and basically knowing how to help organize and structure a website so it gets traffic and makes sales.

I have my own website/s which make money for me (like this one) and from having that experience, I’ve had people reach out to me and ask me to help improve their websites and the marketing with it.

Because of this knowledge and the fact that I’ve had personal success implementing it, I can approach many businesses on Google, IG, FB and other areas, analyze where their site or business model has holes in the online marketing realm and help correct it for a fee. 

That’s essentially what Re Kaching is teaching you to do here…

Can you make a lot of money doing this? Sure, it’s very possible and there plenty of success stories out there to prove it. Plenty of professionals are doing what I just said and making good money.

But there are numerous cons and harsh realities to using this formula:

If you’re trying to make this business model work for you, it probably won’t be as easy as you may think and here’s several REALISTIC reasons why (this is from the experiences I’ve had involved with this business):

1) You need to first be your own success story because…

No business, even if they need your services is going to trust you and/or give you money if you have no good resume or proof that you know what you’re doing. 

This means that this business model probably won’t work for beginners who don’t understand how to optimize online businesses and despite the sales page of this program saying it’s beginner friendly, it is when it comes to using the software, but to actually be taken seriously by clients, you need to have a good resume…

2) Many of these businesses you seek to target are already targeted by other people and companies.

And they are all offering the same kinds of services. I know this from personal experience as I get regularly “hounded” by offers from various people.

It’s almost like I’m being spammed and trust me, most of the emails/offers businesses get aren’t even opened or looked at, they are just seen as spam and erased.

And I also know this because the companies/people I’ve worked with and helped with their businesses were already getting cold called by others (and ignoring them). The reason they went with me is because I charged less and they already knew about my resume in this field and this basically made me an obvious choice to work with vs going with strangers.

I explain my history in this in a review of a local marketing program called Bossless Forever.

3) Realistically it’s going to probably take a lot of time to reach the point where you get a good amount of clients…

Let alone one. You first need to get one client, make them happy and then have them mention you to use as a trust booster for other businesses who will consider also using you.

Final Rating: Re Kaching.

Yellow Flag

4 out of 10 stars. Ok, so this rating actually reflects the low price I paid which was around $13 and for that, getting the training I did and the cool software was worth it, but if this program rises in price (which it will later), I’d probably downgrade the rating to a 3 out of 10.

My final thoughts: Why I would recommend making money a different way.

So let me explain the final part of this review by saying that what Re Kaching teaches is legit and works, but the cons I mentioned are really going to get in the way for beginners who try this.

In my personal experience and opinion before you engage in trying to help other businesses improve their online marketing efforts, you first need to be a success story yourself, otherwise implementing this business model is going to be VERY hard for you for the reasons I explained above, trust me.

That is how I did it: I created my own online business with the help of an awesome program:

With that online business I created, I had and have 100’s and more people flood into my site DAILY. Those people quickly see who I am and my reputation and that’s when they come to me.

So a result, if I were to try and do what Re Kaching teaches, I wouldn’t even have to go through all this cold calling stuff, people are already reaching out to me and I could decide who I wish to work with/for, but even if I decide not to go through with it, I still have my own online business making me money and if nothing else, I honestly find working for myself and having my own money generating websites is better than working with other people and trying to appease them.

From that success, and the money I made, my reputation and popularity grows on it’s own. And I honestly feel that if you haven’t had success in making money online and/or are a beginner, that the approach I am suggesting is FAR better to start with than what Re Kaching recommends.

In addition to that, the method I’m recommending provides FAR more support, training and newbie friendly help.

So that’s my professional opinion on the matter and I hope the review I provided you concerning Re Kaching was satisfactory! If you have any questions on the program, do let me know! 

Re Kaching


Re Kaching program score



  • IG is one of the many ways to find local clients.


  • I wanted to see more than one success story.
  • This program seems more like a theoretical approach to making money online. Again lack of enough case studies.

4 thoughts on “Is Re Kaching a Scam? A Real Insider Review.”

  1. I’d never hear of Re-kaching until reading your article. This is a very detailed review and its clear to see from what you say, that this is not the program to use, if you are a beginner.

    Its really annoying that they keep trying to sell the upgrades. Its helpful where you have explained the 7 categories on the membership area, to really see what is involved with this website and what you are getting for what you pay.

    • Yeah generally an inside look like this is very helpful to the reader Eden and it’s why I do it. A lot of reviews like to go around this as a way to make up for the fact that they didn’t buy the program, so that kind of screws up their review. I admit I don’t always buy the products I review, but sometimes I don’t even need to since I’ll already know what the program teaches and will know from my own experiences with similar things if it works or not.

  2. Thanks for the review of Re Kaching! I had never heard of it before but the basics of how it works makes sense to me. I agree with you that this wouldn’t be good for beginners like me that lack the resume or experience to attract quality clients. The introductory price of $12.95 is very reasonable but I still think I’ll pass on Re Kaching.

    How long did it take for you to get through the training? Do they have a lot of material that’s worth the price tag?

    • It didn’t take me long, I’ve been in online marketing for so long that most of the training I find in the products I get are easy to go through (quickly as well). It’s not so much about the speed at which I get through the training, but understanding that training and then knowing if it can be applicable in the IM world.


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