Case Study 3: How A 1 Page Website Earned Me 6 Figures In 1 Year ($40,000 In The 1st Month)

In online marketing, most of the projects you engage in will not work. That’s a fact everyone whose in this business will have to learn, but through the experience, you will get better and in truth all you need is 1 successful site to experience the amazing benefits of internet marketing. That happened to me with this case study. 

I’m going to tell you how I made nearly $200,000 in a year ($187,000+ to be exact) through 1 website, a popular T.V show, using training from Wealthy Affiliate and using Bing Ads. 


It was the December of 2011. I was regularly looking up ideas for new ways to promote whatever came out. To do this was I was constantly looking at Google Trends, a popular free website on Google which helps you monitor popularity subjects that arise on a daily basis.

I discovered a diet called “17 day diet” was gaining a lot of attention, made a 1 page website promoting it: (Feel free to check it out), put it up on Bing advertising and promoted a program called Fat Loss 4 Idiots through it. My whole point on that page was to talk about the 17 day diet but explain how Fat Loss 4 Idiots was better. I would later also promote the same method through Google ads, a strategy which would not work today (2013). 

In truth both plans used the same method of dieting, but Fat Loss 4 Idiots was faster and that is what I explained. I never said ANYTHING bad about the 17 day diet. I was very honest and let the customer decide which was better for them. 

The Result?

An EXPLOSION in sales! My first day yielded $400+ in profit. I would later have days where I would made $1,000′s with the biggest day being over $7,000.  This niche would end up making me nearly $200,000 with about $60,000 being spent on advertising on Bing. Either way, it was an incredible feeling to wake up every morning and see $100′s in sales. 

I’m going to be putting up a picture of the first check I received from this project very soon ($21,656.88) and that was for 2 weeks. My next paycheck was for over $18,000 and this was all for the month of January for which the total was $40,000+. 

Let’s summarize the steps:

1. Used Google trends to discover the 17 day diet.

2. Made a website talking about the 17 day diet but promoting an easier alternative: Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

3. Promoted the website via Bing ads.

4. Profit. 

Lessons to be learned about this Case Study:

What you need to know is that in internet marketing, timing is crucial. It’s very rare to encounter a popular niche such as the one I did and make money through it. I’ve discovered many niches like the 17 day diet and tried making money of it only to fail. 

This is a fact of life when it comes to internet marketing: Not every project you do will make you money. But even though that happened, all it took was 1, just 1 project to make me earnings most people do not make. And I also would like to mention that I worked less than 100 hours for the ENTIRE year of 2011. This was all because the money kept pouring in, literally.

In hindsight, looking back on that moment, I should have used that money to re-invest and work longer, and harder, but what’s done is done. 

Furthermore, another lesson I learned and what I would like to share with you is this:

Even though from time to time niches like this pop out from which you can make an incredible amount of money from, the truth is you can make a GOOD and even amazing amount of money weekly, monthly and yearly from niches which are popular all year round and have stable income coming in.

Can this happen to you? 

Absolutely. What you need are these ingredients:

1. Google trends.

2. Find a popular trend which you can monetize off.

3. The ability to have/create a website. If you’re going to capitalize on hot niches appearing on Google trends, you need to have a website ready. But since niches can be different, it makes no sense to have 1 website for all of them. It also doesn’t make sense to have multiple sites because this will end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

My suggestion is to have a free website ready to create and fill in as well as prepared to advertise on Bing. For that I recommend this free website building tool.

4. PPC training (if you don’t already have it). I would highly suggest getting PPC training here, otherwise you’ll end up spending a lot of money and not making a good enough profit.

My Advice to you:

If you are seeking to recreate this kind of success in your life, don’t just depend on PPC alone or finding that 1 magic niche. Those are hard to come by. Instead, if you’re looking for stable ways to make money online & legitimately, make sure you’re utilizing not just this method of marketing, but also all the other forms available.

Having multiple sites which are naturally bringing in money, not just via PPC is crucial to maintaining a successful online business. If you don’t possess the knowledge to do this, I would strongly recommend getting training from my #1 recommendation which teaches all the forms of successful online marketing. Did I mention it also costs $0 to join? 🙂

Next Case Study:  

Finding hot niches and making a website that gets a ton of traffic! But mistakes were made too. See the case study.

If there are any questions/comments you have about this case study, feel free to leave a comment below and I’d be more than happy to answer 🙂 Always remember that in internet marketing, it’s never a 1 size fits all approach. If there’s anything you should take from these lessons, it’s how to think outside the box and apply it on YOUR own way. 

 P.S. $20,000+ paycheck from doing this for 2 weeks. Proof from Clickbank:

Now I would like to point out that this check is a scanned copy of the original which I deposited shortly after I got it. I mean…how could I not save a copy of this!?


  1. dreamgirl93

    Wow! Interesting story!

    I had gone through Google Trends during the WA training but I had completely forgotten about it. It is certainly a tool to not be underestimated. Thanks for bringing it to my mind again.

    To succeed in online marketing you have to be smart, learn from other people’s experience and your own experience.

    Cases like yours are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing

  2. andrejs

    What to say, Congratulations!

    I have never made such 20K paychecks. For me, the maximum was about 1.5K with AdSense about four years ago. Google has changed its algorithms, and previous gray hat promotion methods nowadays do not work anymore.

    I resumed the internet marketing path again. Have some bitter experience and luckily found the Wealthy Affiliate community.

    My paycheck is still is far from figures on your picture, but at least I am sure that my online property is white and beloved by Google and needed for people.

  3. Mara

    I was a bit skeptical when I first started reading this, but I think you’ve fairly presented the method for your success and I can see how this works, being in marketing myself. One thing I wanted to ask. Did you invest a lot in PPC at the beginning to get traction, or was it a case of the money started to come in, so you had the funds to invest in advertising to ride the wave of success? It maybe sounds like chicken and egg, as I can see the advertising must have had a direct result, but the amount sounds like quite a lot to invest up front! I look forward to hearing your response.

    • Vitaliy

      The thing is I didn’t need to invest, when I tested this PPC campaign out and saw how crazy the conversion rates were, I just had to run the ad, make the sale and the costs were covered right there, so I didn’t need to set anything aside.

      When the campaign was making thousands a day, investing a few hundred FROM the profits was an easy decision.

  4. Janelle

    I’m just about ready to learn PPC but I’m worried I will be spending a lot of money on a gamble.

    Do you recommend PPC on bing and not Google? Or have I misunderstood your message?

    Do you still use your free site? Do you keep different one page promotions in different niches on your free site?

    Great article by the way. Thanks j

    • Vitaliy

      Hi Janelle, i typically prefer Bing over Google for experimental PPC and it’s a lot easier to get started there too.

      Since the niche that dealt with this case study is no longer popular, I actually deleted it and no longer use it, despite how much it once made me.

      And I have tried to follow the same 1 page promotions after this event, but it’s far better to have a niche site.

  5. alisonklingvall

    Wow, Vitaliy.

    This is really inspiring and just when I was starting to wonder.

    Any updates on this strategy for 2016-2017?

    Have you repeated any where near this kind of success?

    It seems like the take home here is that we need to work on the basics and building a stable income while being open to that flash in the pan kind of success that comes from being in the right place at the right time. I guess that can only happen when we have already acquired the skills and know what an opportunity is when we see it…I must keep up with all this. so much to learn

    Thanks for the ideas!

    • Vitaliy

      Hi Alison, I have come close several times, but you are absolutely spot on regarding the flash analogy. This kind of strategy will work today and as long as Bing allows for pages to show up quickly if you use their ads, but the more difficult thing is finding that niche first and if you do, monetizing it.

      I pointed out all of this before when I talked about micro niches and how if you implement them correctly, you can basically “insure” a point where you even if you don’t find that lucky product that makes so much money, eventually you will and residual income from promoting these types of popular products will add up if you do SEO.

  6. CaramelRocks

    Your level of success is outstanding.

    Did most of your sales come from Bing or Google ads?

    How many keywords did you bid on PPC to advertise your website?

    • Vitaliy

      It was about even. Most of it would have come from Google ads if I started it earlier, but it evened out in the end. As for keywords, I believe it was less than 20. Most of the sales came from 2 or 3.

  7. Scott

    I can’t imagine the excitement that would come from building a simple site that took off on such a popular niche. Weight loss has to be one the most popular searches on the internet.

    • Vitaliy

      Yeah it was definitely a VERY pleasant surprise. But it is also true that I tried to follow the same formula for a number of other diets and it didn’t work out nearly as well. As I like to say about PPC, it really is a gamble at the end of the day.

  8. Dom Wells

    Do you think this method would still work in 2014? My PPC experience is limited, but something tells me the right campaign would work!

    • Vitaliy

      With a hot market, these opportunities are very possible. This scenario wasn’t the first time I had success through this method.

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