Done For You Niche Sites: Full Proof or a Major Mistake?

In recent years, many new services have been sprouting that create done for you niche sites. Some charge a lot, others a modest price, and there are also places which teach you how to build it on your own.

Because SEO is both simple and difficult, a lot of people, especially beginners to the world of online marketing prefer experts do the job for them. While the other side who already know the system prefer to just pay someone to make a good website for them in hopes it’ll make money on autopilot while they do nothing. But is this approach really full proof or a major mistake?

Having been in this type of situation before, I can tell you right of the bat, nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats having your own website that you created and molded. It’s the cheapest route and it’s the one which can yield the greatest success (if you have the right knowledge). Yet for those of you still pondering the original done for you option, allow me to provide you some warnings:

1. Most web designers charge $100’s if not $1,000’s to build a website. Though these prices vary based on who you work with, I’ve seen certain places that charge about $1,500 to set up a website. This is usually for people who own businesses and want to take it to the internet. As for niche sites specifically, there are special programs intended for just those things, but they also charge a lot.

2. Many of these web designers & “SEO experts” can make a really great looking website, but…that’s where it ends. Creating a beautiful looking niche site and marketing it online are 2 different things and many places which build them usually fall into one of these 4 categories:

A) They use outdated methods of marketing which can work either do nothing for your site, work (at first), but eventually they may encounter what’s known as the Google slap and lose their rankings. This happened to me (story below).

B) They charge you outrageous prices for services you can get elsewhere for less and even free. Some places/services know that most of their clients do not understand how online marketing works and use that as leverage to charge such high prices. It’s wrong and unethical in my opinion.

C) Many of these places don’t even know what they’re doing. I’ve seen programs who try to rank a niche and regular website very high on search engines only to fail. Typically they’ll try using methods mentioned in A or what people call black hat SEO.

D) Many places usually don’t have guarantees on their services. Thus if you see no results, you’re out of that investment money.

3. Niche websites aren’t that difficult to make to begin with! Believe it or not, making websites today focusing on 1 particular niche isn’t rocket science. If laziness is your excuse for not building your own website, I’d recommend not even getting into this business, because I feel paying someone else to build your own online business which is essentially what a niche website is, is just a pricey investment with little/no return. In addition…

4. No one will ever work on your website as best/hard as you will. This lesson is something I learned the hard way.

My personal story: I once made a niche website and paid an SEO service to promote it for me. I had seen prior success with this business (It’s called Bring The Fresh). Though this isn’t a specific situation where someone made the niche website for me, the fact is making a website and marketing it are 2 equally important things. 

However the original success I had seen fell due to a Google slap and for the new site I used, I saw absolutely no results within a 2 month period. I had major issues with this company as a result and had to dispute their charges. This was a very important lesson for me. 

Another true story: I had a friend who used a program called Niche Jet which basically creates done for you niche websites. I’ve heard good reviews on it, but most of them were in the past or done by people promoting the product, thus it was difficult to judge is the review was honest.

Nowadays some of the tactics this program uses can be very risky for your website. Now the phrase “some tactics” may not sound like anything bad, but this day n age, something like that is like a drop of gasoline in a glass or water and can/will ruin the entire drink.

As for my friend, the site that was created for him by Niche Jet didn’t get any results and he was down $197. The services were honest and upfront, yet the results spoke louder. 

Not all done for you niche sites fail…

While nothing is absolute in this world and there are cases where companies who create websites and market them for you do work, the pros to building your own website and correctly marketing it from the ground up has benefits that far exceed the initial option. 

If you are someone who is truly looking to make a niche website, whether it be for a business or personal passion, I would strongly recommend starting here. It is training that shows you how to correctly build niche websites. This will give you proper guidance, something that is unfortunately difficult to find nowadays (Just look at the avoid these places column above).

Having the knowledge and tools at your disposal to make a successful niche website is truly a priceless perk which will help you save a ton of time, money and stress which you would likely have to go through if you paid someone else to do it for you, at least that’s what my experiences have taught me. 

If you disagree with me on this subject, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I believe those who own something should have 100% control over it and not let someone do it for them. It’s never a bad idea to get advice or opinions on what to do, but to let someone take over your project, your investment and your potential future is just too risky in my book. Keep the power in your hands. 

Bottom line: Done for you niche website services could work, but I don’t recommend using them. Learn how to do it yourself and you’ll see more rewards in the short/long run. That’s what 8 years in this business has taught me.

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