Zamurai PBN Blueprint Review. Why I Can’t Endorse it.

zamurai pbn blueprint review

There’s a lot of risks to using Zamurai PBN Blueprint if you understand SEO and I will explain them in this review.

Quick Report on Zamurai PBN Blueprint:

Creator: Joshua Zamora.

Price: $27 + $19,99 up-sell, down-sold to $17.99.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars (Not a safe approach to SEO)

I’ve previously reviewed a program created by Joshua Zamora and recently saw he had a few other products that he released, Zamurai PBN Blueprint being one of them.

I decided to check it out. Overall, this program makes the same mistake I felt his other program did: It tried to game the system. 

Zamurai PBN in a nutshell:

It’s a guide to teaching you how to make a private blog network in a way that “protects you” from being spotted by Google or having your site/s slapped. I quoted the protection part because I don’t believe in such a thing and considering that PBN’s have been hit pretty hard by Google already, the same approach this training uses is bound to fail in my opinion.

But if you’re still one of the many believers in PBN’s, I will explain the strategy Zamurai PBN Blueprint uses, but again, I don’t recommend it (Why private blog networks are risky). Proceed at your own risk.

A list of things you get from this program:

The members area is very similar in terms of how it looks compared to Joshua’s previous program I reviewed: Ultimate Spinner Pro. The same marketing approach such as up-selling was also present here. After purchasing the main product, I was recommend an up-sell called “Instant Domain Sniper” for about $20. 

It’s supposed to help you find good domains and make building a PBN easier, but because I don’t believe in them to begin with, I didn’t buy this. 

Next up is the members area:

zamurai pbn blueprint insider area

Really the only thing that you get here is the blueprint itself which is a 16 page ebook.

The rest is either a promotion for some sort of SEO program (The must have section).

Get it free allows you to promote this program to others and bonuses has various ebooks on internet marketing which I personally didn’t bother looking at. 

So with that in mind, let me explain the main strategy Zamurai PBN uses that is described in the ebook:

Obviously, you’re going to learn how to build a PBN, but the approach this place uses is apparently a little bit different. Discretion is one word I’d use to describe this strategy because what you learn to do is buy expired domains that have a particular page rank and to host them on different hosting accounts.

This is suggested because Joshua says you don’t want Google spotting that you have all your domain names purchased from the same source and hosted on one account because they will see that as a big red flag. I guess I can understand that.

Joshua suggests buying expired domains which fit certain rules such as:

  • Having a particular page rank.
  • Not spending more than $30 for these domains.
  • Them already having an estimated amount of backlinks.
  • Seeing if they already pop up on Google.

By buying expired domains which still have good results on Google, you can boost your main authority site faster by linking from those sites to it. And technically this idea is practical.

Joshua also provides resources to help you find those expired domains as well as places to have people write content on those sites for you so keep in mind that extra money will have to be spent on trying out the strategies. 

As for results? I honestly can see that happening, quickly even, but everything that does happen will be short lived because the whole fad on PBN’s is dying out. It’s like the next generation of black hat backlinking and while reading the ebook, a lot of the focus was on doing things to avoid Google’s wrath and all the talk about buying domains from different registrars as well as hosting from different places as well are all “petty things” in my mind. 

I never endorse any strategies that involve trying to go around or play the system. With each update Google releases, more and more loopholes are closed with PBN’s being the most recent. In fact, my first ever PBN I reviewed was called Cloud PBN which is coincidentally one of the resources Joshua references in his ebook, was also using a similar approach. The only difference there is that you didn’t have your own network, but used theirs to gain rankings. I can absolutely see this falling of the cliff very soon.


  • Decent quality product even though it’s strategies aren’t that solid anymore.


  • Up-sells are present. 
  • The PBN strategy is dying.
  • The likelihood of a Google slap is very high.

Final Rating: Zamurai PBN Blueprint

2 stars

Red Flag

2 stars out of 10. I put this in the black hat category and anything black hat is going to fail in the SEO game. On the other hand, if you avoid all that nonsense and approach this business from a legitimate standpoint, you will succeed and one of the only places that teaches you how to do this is this program, Wealthy Afiliate.

My Final Thoughts: 

If you’re going to have a long lasting online business, I would never recommend you build it on muddy foundations and that’s what I feel this program does. I mean let’s face it, we can admit that what is being advised here is something Google won’t like if they spot it, right?

Right. So why would you want to even risk this in the first place? Why throw down all that money, all that hard work, maybe get good initial results, but live day after day wondering if you will ever get caught? And you know what? Sooner or later you will. 

I can’t run a business like that. And even if your focus is on producing high quality content, you damage your reputation with Google by doing these types of things. Whether it be PBN’s or any other approach to getting fast results while trying to trick the system, the end result is that you will lose. This lesson is shown to be true over and over again.

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