Work From Home Wizards Review. Stay Away, Here’s Why.

work from home wizard review

Work From Wizards is not a program I would ever recommend you join and this review will show why what it is doing is basically a scam.

Quick Report on Work From Home Wizards:

Creator: Sari Balhi.

Price: $49.95 contrary to the “instant access” claim.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

Never pay for free info! That’s what this place is giving you, for a price, what nonesense.

Work From Home Wizards in a nutshell:

Want to see a magic trick? Here let me show you:

Compile a bunch of sites via browsing online (all free to do) and PLR content, make a database out of it and then charge people to access that free info! 

That’s what in my opinion Work From Home Wizards does and why I didn’t buy it, plus gave it a bad rating. If it isn’t clear, I am saying this place is a scam, because of these things I just mentioned!

But this decision wasn’t just based on assumption. I’ve seen this operation run before and not just once. Most recently I reviewed a program called Legit Writing Jobs which I’d say is everything like Work From Home Wizards. They also charge for the same type of promises and in the end what I got was a small list of jobs they just took from free websites. 

That is why when I see a program like Work From Home Wizards, my defenses go up. 

More evidence pointing to my view of Work From Home Wizards:

When you visit their main site, some of the biggest pointers to my position are that there’s limited spaces available and you can sign up right now to get instant access. Instant access and limited spaces is usually just a tricky way to make you think you’re running out of time when in fact it’s only there to have you submit your email.

There is no such thing with these programs. They’re just lying to you in my opinion. Fortunately I have an email I test these places out with and let me tell you, it’s full of SO much spam. I’m glad I used that one when I signed up with this program.

What came next was something I fully expected which was a link to another sales page which tried to sell me the idea even further, to show me how great writing jobs are and how easily I can get started:

work from home wizards sales page

There’s that limited memberships available again…

Also look at the woman on the left hand side. That’s a picture that’s seen on a number of sites I’ve already reviewed so it’s just there to enhance the site. It’s not evidence of this being real, even though you really can make money writing, but usually not a lot. The last site I’ve seen that woman on was the Earn at Home Club. Here’s a picture:

earn at home club homepage screenshot

I see these things often. It’s not always a sign the program is a scam, but there are some tactics I find cheap being used and this is one of them. 

But on the page where you’re further sold the idea of Work From Home Wizards, there is only 1 link and I knew exactly where it would take me: To another page where I would finally be asked to pay for it and the price for all this “amazing stuff”: $49.95 (one time).

That’s where I stopped because my predictions up until then were right on the mark. I knew the instant access didn’t mean free and that I would just be asked to pay and knowing what happens with previous sites like these, I’d rather not even try it (again). 

Is it all just one big scam?

This is where it’s not a definitive answer. You see odds are that the members area of this program really does contain great information on places where you can write articles and get paid in addition to a few other things. 

That’s not where the scam is. The scam is that you’re asked to pay. Remember, the sites they are going to show you are FREE to find online. I never have problems with websites which compile this information and just give it away for free. I do have a problem when they charge for it. This is where Work From Home Wizards becomes a scam. 

So the next question you may ask is what are these sites and where can you find them? Easy, just look at my review of Legit Writing Jobs (above) and you’ll see a few of them. No charge, no scam. Those are the 5 I know and there’s a number of others out there if you just look around and research properly! 

Also know that when it comes to making money via writing, there’s really 2 ways you can do this:

A) You can get paid to write articles for site owners or companies. Here’s a few legit sites and ways to make money online.

B) You can own your own website, write articles there and get paid when visitors come to your page and buy something you recommend. It’s called SEO and affiliate marketing.

These are 2 different approaches but they have the commonality of writing between them. If you want to know what has more potential, I’d say it’s B because it’s what I do, but in the short run A if you’re not looking to start a business out of it and just want something on the side. 

Please also know that ANY good money that comes from this business (A or B) will happen if you work hard and do a great job. Not everyone who is willing to hire will pay you if they see you aren’t capable of producing great quality stuff. 

Final Rating: Work From Home Wizards

1 star

Red Light

1 out of 10 stars. Save yourself $49.95 and just do some research online. You’ll waste time, but at least you’ll save money.

My final thoughts:

It’s very easy to find scams online and even though Work From Home Wizards makes it sound like it’s a great opportunity and I know some people are going to fall for their promises, just know you can all of this (get paid to write) without paying them! Be skeptical, question everything you see online and always research (let me repeat that, ALWAYS!).

If you follow the research route, expect to keep hitting one of these types of sites. Just remember, don’t go any further if they ask you to pay.

Work From Home Wizards


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  • Literally charges for free info. Google the stuff and you'll find it for free (I'm serious).

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