Send Out Cards MLM Review. Here is How it Works.

send out cards mlm review

Send Out Cards is an MLM program I reviewed at least 5 years ago, but checking today, in 2020, it’s still active, and in this review, I’d like to let you know how it works.

Quick Report on Send Out Cards MLM:

Price: Varies depending on whether you’re a distributor or customer. Distributors have 2 options: 

  1. Independent distributor is free, but a $50 deposit is required.
  2. There is also a Marketing distributor option for $395.

Customers have the option to buy different monthly packages which give them options to create cards.

Overall rating: 2 out of 10 stars. 

The idea of how Send Out Cards works is good, but the compensation plan is a bit annoying to figure out. Also you can make your own greeting cards for less and even through free programs.

What exactly does Send Out Cards have to do with this website’s subject which is making money online? Well it’s an MLM and one of the ways to succeed with them is to try and market them online. Since this service can be marketed online and I’m sure many people who join it will try that, I felt it was important to do a review on it.

Send Out Cards explained:

I’m not exactly a card choosing expert, nor do I really bother with them unless it’s a very important birthday event, so when I first heard about this program, I wasn’t exactly surprised that such a concept exists, but I was surprised that there was an MLM company utilizing this idea, in this case the company in question.

Send Out Cards is basically just as it sounds, a company which allows you to customize your own cards for whatever occasion and send them out to people, friends, family, ect…

Also based on the stats I got from, this MLM has seen a massive increase (90%+) in January of 2015 alone. I’m guessing this might be because we just has New Years and Christmas. Now as for 2020, I can’t comment, but I do know this company still gets searches.

Where does the MLM opportunity fit in with Send Out Cards?

It starts when you decide to become a distributor for the company. That will “indirectly” cost you (see prices above). Also you can refer people into the program and get paid a certain amount.

Send Out Cards features a 7 level down line system in which you basically refer people, who then refer others, they do the same and so on and so forth. I can get into the specifics of how much each level pays, plus bonuses you receive for helping your referrals, but you can really see all of that through their compensation plan which is available on their website. It is 11 pages long. 

Do note that the compensation plan is a bit complicated to read through, especially as you go further down. This is one of the reasons I omitted many of it’s details in this review, but all you need  to know really is that the more people you refer, then they refer = more money to be made. That’s really the bottom line.

The pricing of Send Out Cards explained:

The pricing I’d say is a bit high since customers would have to pay monthly (if this isn’t the case, let me know please) in addition to being charged for the cards. Here is a breakdown of that straight from their website:

send out cards mlm pricing

As you can see, you can buy points which are then redeemable for buying the cards themselves and depending on which level you enter, the price will vary.

Looking at these options, I’d say the pay as you go is probably the most convenient option, unless you’re some sort of company that deals with this industry and constantly requires new cards to be made. For individuals, I feel the pay as you go will be fine, but that’s for customers. 

Now if you want to become an affiliate (distributor) for the company, the 2 options I mentioned above in the price area are available to you. “Technically” you can join for free as an individual distributor, but there is a $50 deposit required.

The other option (Marketing distributor) is a lot more expensive but is recommended to give you an “accelerated start” as they say.

What you get as a marketing distributor is not mentioned within the compensation plan, but I would assume it contains a number of bonus points you can give out (or sell) as incentives to potential leads, among other things. What I did see was that you can give out what are known as “Splash Paks” to leads (100 point value). You can either give them away or sell them. 

Suggested prices and profit margins are mentioned inside the comp plan. In addition all information on Splash Paks, pricing, commission breakdown, the 7 level down line payout, how much you can make as a team if your referrals become marketing distributors or independent distributors as well as other scenarios will also be covered within the compensation plan (I told you it was confusing and I only touched the tip of the iceberg).


  • Decent payout.
  • Somewhat of a free membership available. The deposit necessity for being an Independent Distributor however is also a con.


  • I find the whole idea of paying so much to do make customized gift cards irrelevant (unless you want to recruit people). You can really do this on your own on free site. Just Google something like “Free customized cards”. 
  • Confusing compensation plan.
  • Is Send out Cards a pyramid scheme? I’m torn here but I would say technically no (just BARELY), even though there is a lot of stuff pointing to yes.

Final Rating: Send Out Cards

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. It feels irrelevant to use this to make customized gift cards and if you want to partake in the MLM recruiting program, you may find it’s difficult to get people especially when you have SO many alternatives to make free cards out there. 

When it comes to just making cards, you can do that for free, and when it comes to getting involved with the MLM, I would stay away from it and to stick to making money online with methods like these.

My final thoughts: Would I join the Send Out Cards MLM program?

No. I haven’t been a part of any MLM for years. In fact, I don’t get involved with the entire MLM industry for these reasons. Now as an alternative, something like affiliate marketing, which I did go into and succeeded in is a great alternative to MLM.

I believe too much wasted time is going to be spent trying to get others involved into this. You would have to find a specific group of people interested in making cards constantly who would be willing to buy from you.

As for recruiting, considering how most people don’t often buy cards during the year and how sporadic it really is (Holidays/Birthdays only really), the only attractive offer you would end up having is the referral program, but this is where I was split on the pyramid scheme question. If you don’t believe in the program you promote and only seek to get others into it so you can make money, that makes it look like a pyramid scheme

If you believe in this program and can recruit like minded people, then there is potential, but like I said, you could really do this on your own, make your own cards and charge your own price/s. I never like having to depend on an MLM’s compensation plan or rules to limit me. I prefer freelance work. With the job I have, I can choose what I wish to promote, how to promote it and in many instances not even have to buy anything. It’s a new age approach to business (online). 

If you are a member of Send Out Cards, tell me your story, what your experiences have been and if you agree with this review of it. I’m looking forward to it!

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