Work at Home Edu Review. Just Another Scam Site?

work at home edu scam

Whatever you think Work at Home Edu sounds like, read this report on it first, and I will show you what it really is (a scam). 

And the reasons why are pretty clear, so be sure to read this review fully, and I’ll also show you real alternatives.

Quick Report on Work at Home Edu:

Name: Work at Home Edu.

Price: $97

Final Rating: 0 out of 10 stars (Scam!)

Work at Home Edu might seem like a golden opportunity to the unsuspecting customer, but for me, being someone who has spotted these copycat scams more times than I could count, I want to warn you why I believe this place is a flat out scam.

This is based on me spotting more than 10 other companies like it before and them all using the same method of marketing to reel people in. And I have a big list of popular work at home scams here if you want to see them.

Work at Home EDU explained:

Just another one of those programs that claims you can post links for big name companies and make a lot of money. What these places constantly do is give you the impression that making money from home is easy and all you need to do is pay them up front to gain access.

Just like the other dozen programs like it I’ve reviewed before, the text is the same, the layout of the website is the same, the promises are the same and I’ve done reviews on programs like Work at Home Edu before and received tons of comments from people who said they tried it. Not one of these comments was positive. They all said it was a scam.

If you don’t believe me, read the comments on my review of Online Profit Stream, another copycat company like this place. You will simply be shocked at what they say.

How I discovered Work at Home Edu:

I actively monitor the internet for these types of scams and when I spot them, I warn people about it on this blog. Often times, I spot these types of programs through fake work at home special report websites dealing with work at home opportunities being advertised and these scams are found through ads on these websites.

However, with this program, it was a little bit different:

When I first discovered Work at Home Edu, I was browsing a website and reading the comments section. As with many of these places, a lot of people use popular blogs to spam and one such comment I spotted was talking about a website called “” and how through it they were able to make $1,000’s easy. 

Knowing in advance that this was probably a scam, I decided to visit the website just to be sure and here’s what I found:

fake special report work at home website example

Now for someone who hasn’t dealt with these copycat scams before, the screenshot of the site you are seeing might look legitimate and quite professional, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, just take a look at the small red square on the bottom of the page. It says Home Profit System.

It just so happens I recently did a review on Home Profit System which I came across through a different domain name. It took me a website which looked exactly the same as the one you see above. Now this is one of the most common things these copycat scams do:

They make duplicate websites, but make them appear under different domain names and link them to the same type of scheme, which is often named differently. 

In the case of Work at Home Edu, after visiting the above website, I was taken to this page:

work at home edu

In the previous case of Home Profit System which I found through a different website (but looks exactly alike), I was taken to this page:

ohc university

Except for the title in one being different than in the other, the pages look pretty much the same. This goes back to what I was saying about what these types of companies/programs/scammers do:

The make duplicate websites and promote the same promises:

Making money by posting links for big name companies. An in nearly every instance, they use purchased photos and what I believe to be fake names. In the case of Work at Home Edu, the supposed person behind the program is called Michelle Robinson (yeah right):

work at home edu michelle robinson

I see this exact same text, website layout and promises being made on the other scams I’ve already reviewed. In each instance, they either use the same photos, different names or vice versa. In any case, I don’t believe any of it. 

Tired of scams? See my #1 recommendation for making REAL money from home: Wealthy Affiliate.

Is the idea itself really possible?

The concept of posting links for companies is truly possible, but the problem is that the way these websites make it sound, it’s effortless which isn’t true. Posting links for companies is another term for “affiliate marketing” in which you have a website and get visitors while promoting products from the big name company. It works, but you need a program like Wealthy Affiliate to get it done right.

No place is EVER going to pay you to “just place links”. It will pay you if you make a sale for them however.

Possible up-sells after purchase:

In my previous reviews of programs like these, I believe the $97 they initially charge is just the start. Companies like these are notorious for then trying to sell you VERY expensive internet coaching courses/training to the tune of $1,000’s and they do it aggressively. I’m not sure if Work at Home Edu does this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case. 


  • There are never any pros with these scams.


  • Another copycat scam.
  • Possible expensive up-sells after purchase.
  • A lot of misleading advertising.

Final Rating: Work at Home Edu

0 stars.

Red Flag (Scam)

0 stars out of 10. Just a flat out scam. I am recommending you stay away from it. See my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate if you wish to find truly legitimate alternatives to make money online.

My final thoughts:

Scams like these come and go much faster than you can imagine. When I reviewed another one of these places before, I said it was almost like playing the whack a mole game trying to find and expose these scams, because once I find one, they just rename it and move it to a different website. Then the search starts all over again.

So while I can’t find all of the scams like it out there, what I can do is give you the warning signs and what to watch out for. If you’ve seen other places like this, let me know about it below so that I may warn others about it. And in the future, be very careful with places like these. Do your research and if it sounds too good to be true, it may very well be!

23 thoughts on “Work at Home Edu Review. Just Another Scam Site?”

  1. I recently saw an ad for work at home for: Cami White’s The Easy Life System and Work at home Institute. Please advise of any information that you have on these two work at home programs.

    • You probably can Shaniela. Did they give you any customer service number to call? They usually do. If so, call that one. Make sure it’s NOT the “private coaching” # or whatever they call it.

        • Yeah that’s a bad sign. Ok, in that case, send them an email (if they provided it). Give them 1 day to answer. If nothing happens or there was no email provided, just complain about it to your credit card company or bank.

  2. Well here’s another of the “Michelle Robinson’s Ultimate Home Profits Course” websites that you mentioned earlier. I’m so happy and grateful that after seeing that website and deciding to look into it that instead I found your website and your warning because I was going to purchase the so called training course package, so THANK YOU MOST SINCERELY!

  3. I googled her name and found you guys. Thank God i did my homework. I was so close to dropping that $97.00 cost. Keep up the good work.

  4. I was just about to pay the $97! To the people that paid the money, how do they scam you? You dnt get access, you dnt get paid? And did they give you your money back? What are the specifics? Thanks for this site!

    • Hi Tiffany, there will most likely be access to some sort of training, but it won’t be good and they are going to up-sell you. I’ve paid $97 for multiple programs like these and it’s always the same.

  5. Hi! I’ve tried and researched several of these copy-cat websites to agreeably learn they are scams. I would like to know if you have found any legitimate ones that aren’t scams? The article was a lot of help. Thanks for saving my time and money with this one!

  6. Well, I thought I had done my research, but this scam got me for the $97. I did some extra googling when they were trying to up sell and found this site. Sigh. Live and learn i guess. I would just really like to be able to find a legit work from home job.

    • It happens to most of us Michelle. Don’t blame yourself for making a mistake, these people do a good job of hiding their program’s lies. About the legit program, try Wealthy Affiliate, it’s the one I always use.

  7. I found the link from an article on facebook which I gave my name and email and it sent me that same letter.. Dear Morgan… My name is Michelle Robinson yet it was a picture of a different lady! I read the entire letter, was thinking it was real until I decided to look up the name Michelle Robinson and the first thing that came up was that the Michelle Robinson work at home edu course was a scam. SO GLAD I DIDN’T PAY!!!!
    I almost fell for it, which pisses me off extremely. I knew it was too good to be true.

    • Hi Morgan, the email you got was just a default response they send out to those who sign up on their page. It adds “personal value” and makes you think they are communicating with you 1 on 1 when in fact, they send this same automated message to everyone else. Great work on doing research before going further! You just saved yourself a major headache!

  8. Hi there
    i want to think start work at home but i dont no how to enroll and find in my area for this type of work, my zip code is NC (removed), so please help me and send me a proper way ,

    i appreciate your help

    thanks you


    • I had to remove your zip code Sandeep because I try to avoid publicizing private information. To answer your question, it doesn’t matter about zip codes as many places work no matter which state you’re in. I recommend you begin with this program.

  9. I have been homeless for 6 months with 2 children and this one scam almost got me. But thanks to google it saved me and my children from more suffering. We just got an apartment but the struggle of no job is very real. God bless sites like these.

    • Sorry to hear about the situation Jess. These scams are ruthless and you need to be very careful before you jump on board anything these days. I can’t promise that what I recommend will be the answer to all your problems, but I wouldn’t recommend only depending on this. Always have a plan B ready just in case. I hope you are able to resolve the situation you’re in and get back on your feet!

  10. I think that ICANN should allowed to assign .scam to certain products/services that are illegitimate…like this one. It appears that all the scams out there all have the same website designer as they are all starting to look so templated

    Another low grade product with big claims and little to now substance. If you want to work at home and you are looking into buying products like this, you need to get real with what it will take to succeed.

    Proper training, hard work, and real help.


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