What is The Best Software For Ranking Websites on Google?

The surprising answer is this: There is no magic software that will rank your website. What you truly need is a website that has an organized look, good content and follows the ranking factors set forth by Google. If you do, the ranking takes care of itself.

That’s the main point I want you to understand in this article.

Ever since the inception of SEO, the demand in trying to get websites ranking high on Google hasn’t just been high, it has only increased over the years. And as a result of this demand, there have been tons of software tools that have come out to try and “help” them do this.

However, this is also a slippery slope because many of these software tools cause a backlash from Google, in that they can get your page penalized by it if you’re not careful. That is why in this article, I’d like to address a few things, and they are:

1) Setting the record straight on which ranking tools are GOOD for your site and which ones are BAD. There are so many misconceptions and what I like to call “land mines” out there that you really, REALLY need to be careful, otherwise you risk losing a lot…

2) I’ll give you specific software tools I use and have used over the years which have given me some great results.

Let me make something very clear again about website ranking software (it doesn’t exist):

There is NO actual software out there that will have your page rank high on Google with the push of a button. I’m sorry, but it’s like a unicorn. And if you don’t believe me, I urge you to keep reading to understand why I am making this point, because I’ve been through this…

If there is, it is simply a black hat tool in disguise, you will understand why those are catastrophic for you to use. And if you don’t, the summary is that using those tools is a way of cheating through SEO and Google does NOT reward you for that. 

So remember, actual software that’s supposed to rank your page/s high = bad and here’s some examples of this:

best website ranking software

Trust me, as someone who HAS tried some of those things before and paid a lot of money for programs (first for using them, then losing money for what would happen next), I though I would automate my SEO efforts, but I ended learning that hard way that this does NOT work.

Your site, your very business and possibly livelihood through using this approach is going to basically end up standing on melting ice and once it melts, your business is going down, guaranteed.

Ok, so if these “ranking software tools” don’t help, is there any use for them?

Yes, but you have to look for the tools which have a specific purpose.

The best types of ranking software isn’t the type that “does it for you”, but the one which gives you the accurate information to do it yourself or possibly outsource it. 

Let us imagine the following analogy:

Let’s say I’m a doctor, and you as a patient walks in complaining to me that you have health issues. As a doctor, I look at your symptoms and diagnose what the issue is. And a good doctor would probably tell you what’s causing your problems and what changes to make to fix it. 

Now it is YOUR job as the patient to take care of your health and not rely on the doctor to fix it for you. You have to do obvious, yet hard things like take care of yourself to be healthy. No pill or doctor is doing it for you.

That’s the exact same analogy I would apply here.

  • The doctor = the ranking software.
  • The patient = the person who comes to me wondering what to do to make their website show up higher.
  • My diagnosis = telling you what to change on your site to make it rank higher. 

How to truly rank your website the proper way (without bogus tools):

Here’s the 4 step guideline I advise ANYONE seeking to achieve great rankings in Google follow:

Notice how using actual software in this case comes dead last. That’s because if you follow the first 3 steps correctly, you will really not have to worry much about how your website does. 

Just like the patient who follows a regiment of clean eating and living healthy, he or she does not need the doctor to do anything other than let them know they are on the right track, and if not, what to change. That’s the MAIN point I want you to take from this entire article.

Every single page I have ever made that has been successful has followed this exact same series of steps. The only thing #4 was good for just to check how my well my efforts were going. 

Now if you’re going to follow these steps and want to do it the BEST way possible:

Now what if you already have a good website going for you and you’re correctly doing first 3 things of the 4 above? What if you already have a niche page, niche keywords and GREAT content? 

Then consider 90% of all your work already done, but if you want to check how you’re doing…

Are there any legitimate tools to help a site rank well? Actually yes:

But they are not magic tools. They are simply accessories you add to your website to help with ranking. The bulk of work has to come from you, but here are some tools that do provide extra help:

Google webmaster tools. I love this tool and I use it to diagnose how my site is doing organically. Here’s steps on setting it up.

SEM Rush. Another free tool that basically audits your whole website and tells you where there are SEO “errors” you can correct. Now this tool is more of an advanced diagnostic tool that I would only recommend to BIG pages that have been around for a long time.

Also this tool can get VERY in-depth sometimes than can often be too much for certain SEO people to grasp, me included when I tried using it to help me rank a local page. But it’s still one of the good ones out there. 

Jaaxy. Now this is the one I trust most. It is actually a branch of the Wealthy Affiliate program I talked about above. Where Wealthy Affiliate provides 3 out of the 4 things to make your page rank well, Jaaxy is #4 in that it helps you see if you’re doing it all right.

Here’s some of the things this great tool provides, but in specific details relevant to this article:

It provides website diagnostics on how well it’s doing, where articles are showing for whatever keyword (a ranking checker) and actual diagnostics on keyword competition, as well as much, much more.

And overall, if you follow these 5 ranking factors when building your website, you’ll do well.

Now here’s how I would approach this whole thing about ranking:

If you are a new website creator, start with Wealthy Affiliate, it’ll lead you through all 4 necessary steps to success.

If you have a page set up and it’s working, ranking and getting traffic, then you have likely 3 of the 4 steps set up you just need a diagnostic tool that’ll help enforce that you’re on the right track. In that case, use Jaaxy.

My final thoughts:

Shortcuts are always going to be an in demand approach to just about anything in life, especially when it comes to trying to make money, online in this case. But remember, all of the tools that try to get you to believe this shortcut exists if you just use them are deceiving you. 

You or someone you pay (that can be trusted), HAS to put in the work to make your page rank high. It will not happen on it’s own or as I said through the push of a button. And I explained how that can be accomplished (remember, it’s the first 3 of 4 guidelines from above).

I have also shown you which legitimate tools work to correctly tell if your page is headed in the right direction. I hope they will help you! 

4 thoughts on “What is The Best Software For Ranking Websites on Google?”

  1. Hey Vitaliy

    It sounds so tempting – the best website ranking software. It is no surprise that many people fall for these tools wishing to accelerate the ranking process. As if going naturally, it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to get the organic traffic, that many people lose the patience.

    Some years ago I had a few niche websites and a friend of mine suggested to use a content spinner software (that was quite expensive actually). As I was new to all of this (and still am :)) and as my friend was quite experienced (in blackhat – but I realized it only afterwards), I agreed to try it out.

    It rocked in the beginning when I was able to generate content with just one click. Firstly, I used that spinned content to generate articles for article directories as the same software also submitted the spun articles to countless directories. And then I decided to try it out for one of my niche websites. After some time Google penalized that website and I learnt my lesson :).

    • Wow that is unfortunate Arta, but it does demonstrate the point I was making about what happens to them. I don’t know if your friend still engages in black hat marketing, but if they do, I would not listen to their advice from now on.

      I know you have a good site going for you right now and as long as you keep building it up, in a white hat way, you will never have to worry about the Google slap coming your way.

      • Yep, it was unfortunate but good that I managed to learn not to mess up with Google 🙂 And I understood that this was only a short term story that was suitable for my friend (he is still using black hat methods though with less success than before) but that was completely not suitable for me.

        Then I understood that I want to have something long term but the long term solution came years later when I found Wealthy Affiliate. I am slowly building my niche website – currently one at a time and still waiting for results to come 🙂 From time to time I get demotivated but I guess this is the hard way to success 🙂

        • I hope this niche site you’re working on is one you like Arta, and I think you’re closer than you think to success. For me, before I found Wealthy Affiliate and hit any type of success, I went through a few years of similar types of problems so I can relate to your frustration completely.


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