Speedy Snowball Profits Review. Is it Really Fast?

speedy snowball profits review

I am always skeptical of a program that claims fast money, but Speedy Snowball Profits is an exception to this. In this review, I’ll show you what it teaches and how it can actually work!

Quick Report on Speedy Snowball Profits:

Price: $27 (No up-sells!).

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 stars.

Not a new idea to making money online, but very practical nonetheless. I always complain about hyped sales pages with many programs I review, but with Speedy Snowball Profits, what I saw was totally the opposite.

It looked unprofessional and even the eBook itself felt like it was finalized after the first draft only. Yet despite all of that, the idea this eBook was promoting as well as the resources it provided to help you do it were more than enough to make me give this a green flag. 

Speedy Snowball Profits in a nutshell:

It’s rather simple:

Find businesses in ANY area around the country (local, meaning in cities), contact them, and promote services to help their websites in various areas. We’re talking SEO, having video or regular testimonials, provide them with professional web designing services and anything to help their site/s gain more popularity and visitors. Local marketing services are a big thing.

But what if you don’t possess any of those things I just listed?

What if you’re just a regular Joe who has no idea about doing any of this? Well this is where the second phase of this system comes into play and that’s Fiverr where you’re actually going to find those people (the web designers, the testimonial people, ect…) and connect them with your local businesses to provide the needed services. 

What about the money? Well it’s simple too:

Most services on Fiverr cost $5 so what you’ll have to do is contact the business itself, see which service they want, charge them what you feel is fair, go to Fiverr, pay someone $5 or so to do it and keep the remaining amount. That’s where your profit comes into the picture. 

The idea itself isn’t new. I’ve actually seen it before in a product called Paged Profits Formula. Except while that program had a better looking website, the presentation I felt was better delivered with Speedy Snowball Profits in spite of the fact that it looked low quality. Just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

It’s not just the Speedy Snowball Profits eBook that you get:

While the ebook itself is 27 pages long (kind of coincidental that the price is also $27), you also get another bonus to your purchase and that’s the Secret Avalanche List which is a 21 page eBook that provides you with a ton of links to Fiverr and specific services.

The ebook is meant to help you avoid all the time searching and navigating and provides you with tons of different and practical services you can find immediately. Basically it’s like an index of a book. You need a service, you look it up through the Secret Avalanche List. 

Long term goals:

While the idea of Speedy Snowball Profits works, I questioned the long term potential of this and what pushed me over the green flag zone was that Steve talked about going above and beyond to helping the clients you find and the reason being is that they may return to be re-occurring clients in the future and this is where the long term potential of Speedy Snowball Profits comes into the picture.

Let’s say in a week, you manage to find about 100 or so leads, each of which is a business looking for services and perhaps out of those 100 leads, 20 purchased the service on Fiverr which you connected them with. For each purchased, you made $50 profit, giving you a total of $1,000 profit. 

Now out of those 20 people who purchased, let’s say 10 were satisfied so much with their services that they decided to sign up to your email list just in case they wanted something more, wanted to recommend you to their friends or perhaps they have a new site being set up and might need your services.

Those 10 people are going to be your future streams of income and by continuing to accumulate more and more leads every single week, that 10 is going to go to 20, 30, 50 and so on for as long as you keep doing it.

Then you can keep connecting with them every few weeks or months or perhaps send out a huge email blast promoting some sort of new service from which a lot of people on that list may take advantage of, giving you a big payday. 

That’s very possible. While I’ve never done middleman type services between Fiverr and local clients, I do email marketing and there is money to be made doing this so what Steve says is absolutely true. 

Do keep in mind that as this gets bigger and bigger, you’ll have to really micromanage in terms of connecting your with your clients even after a purchase is made and that’s considering you want to keep running this business for the long run. If not, you can keep trying to get fast leads, just sell them services and just keep repeating that, but in my view, that seems more like a hustle than anything stable. 


  • It’s easy to do this. You’re given exact steps to find leads and links to connect to on Fiverr.
  • Very good potential to make good money with this.
  • Long term possibilities exist.
  • Fast profits are possible.


  • It’s not going to be easy to connect with everyone. Not everyone will say yes to you.
  • Lots of micromanaging involving the further you go. 
  • I wouldn’t have charged $27 for this. Maybe a little less.

Final Rating: Speedy Snowball Profits

5 stars

Green Flag

5 out of 10 stars. I like the idea and really see it working. 

My final thoughts:

No complaints here. I like the idea.

The only worry I have is that as your list of clients gets bigger and bigger, you may want to consider getting some sort of autoresponder (Aweber is my pick) to help you organize your list and automatically send out emails without having to micromanage so much. 

Please keep in mind that if you intend on doing this that if your business is going to thrive, you NEED to provide your clients the best possible services. Steve does a good job of linking you to 5 star services on Fiverr, but choose based on your own opinion. Make your clients happy and this will lead to more rewards moving forward.

Overall, if you’d like to learn local marketing and really make the most of the formula in Speedy Snowball Profits, I’d suggest the local marketing training at a program called Wealthy Affiliate to help you take it further.

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