SEO Recipe Reloaded Review. Why It’s Not Very Useful

SEO recipe reloaded reviewQuick Report:

Price: $5 with 2 upsells, one for $9.95 and one for $17.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars. 

I found the bonus information offered to be of use, but not the main product.

SEO Recipe Reloaded in a nutshell:

The program was created by Paul Prissick. It’s an ebook, plus video content that shows you how to rank websites very quickly through what I consider a bad method of SEO that being either creating your own Private blog network or buying high PR backlinks (you are shown where you can do this).

The ebook is 20 pages long and while the there is a good amount to read, the message reeks of black hat marketing (in my opinion) and I wouldn’t suggest trying this. 

How this is going to work:

The whole strategy entailed in this program is to buy expired domains. Why? Because they have more authority due to their age and with that, you may be off to a much better start in terms of ranking than if you were to purchase a brand new site. 

While it is true that purchasing an old domain can offer many benefits, it is also true some of them were sold because they were penalized in the search engines. To Paul’s credit, he does show how to identify if the expired domain you want to buy is worth it or if it has a bad history of backlinks or something similar. 

The next step is to add content to the site. Now I didn’t go too much into details here, but the strategy involves anchor texts with keywords and a bit of siloing your website. There doesn’t have to be a lot of pages (like Paul says, he only has about 3 and he does show case studies), but if you dedicate certain pages to specific keywords and link them together, you might have benefits to this, although I encourage natural interlinking within websites and not trying to over do it.

There is a section on the site in which Paul talks about adding your keywords to one page to try and rank for all of them. Again, this an example of something I don’t like because to me it shows you’re trying to over do it on the SEO side and in my mind as well as experience, you should always be natural with your content creation. 

The one thing I did like was what Paul showed in terms of actually finding keywords. He uses the Google instant approach in which he compiles keywords through the use of just typing a main keyword and then seeing what the suggestion box displays. This can offer up a lot of ideas. 

Don’t know how to do this? It’s actually very simple. Just follow this approach to finding keywords (method 3).

Now the last phase of the strategy is to do one of 2 things: You can either create a private blog network for your site which if you don’t know how to do, this is where one of Paul’s up-sells provides info on that OR you can buy “high PR” backlinks from resources provided in the book (last page).

This is what Paul says will get the results fast. And to an extent he is right, but as I said before, I consider this black hat and considering the fact that PBN’s have taken a hit from Google as of late and high PR backlinks don’t hold the same weight as before, this strategy has lost most of it’s potential. Would I ever use this? Never and this is because of my bad experiences with a company called Bring The Fresh doing this. Take my word for it, don’t buy any sort of link packages, no matter what they say you get. 

Forget trying to trick the system. Do what’s proven to work, like this.

The bonuses:

It’s strange when a product actually offers more value in it’s bonuses than the actual product itself, but this is what I feel is the case with SEO Recipe Reloaded. With this program, you get 2 and just for the record, they come with the regular purchase. These are not the up-sells. 

The first bonus is a 4 videos most of which detail a lot of the information you find in the eBook, although in this case, Paul shows first hand how to use a lot of his methods for various things like local marketing campaigns. While you already know I don’t agree with the strategy Paul endorses in the e-book there’s still some info you could pick out here and use.

The second bonus is where I believe you get the most value and it’s basically just a video guide on how to do a form of product launch jacking by utilizing high authority websites like the Warrior Forum. You find hot products coming out to the market and utilize that website to write a review promoting it. These reviews get high rankings and you can leverage the traffic that comes to it and make commissions if someone buys.

While it does work, I worry about well this may continue to work in the future. I look at this strategy the same way I used to look at content farms which in a way are similar to what’s happening here. People used to use those places to get high rankings too and this created a lot of low quality websites and Google took serious action and now those places no longer have the same the weight. I don’t know if this will happen to these sites, but I wouldn’t be surprised.


  • I did find good value in the bonuses, although I wouldn’t some specific strategies.
  • It’s only $5.


  • Endorses PBN’s and buying high PR backlinks which I am against.

Final Rating: SEO Recipe Reloaded

2 stars


Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. A lot of black hat stuff in my opinion and the second bonus method is really the only thing I believe will work (for now).

My final thoughts:

I don’t believe this program’s approach will offer long term success. Short term wise, yes, but even then, it’s like you’re going to be jumping from one project to another and hoping you new site doesn’t get Google slapped.

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