Pajama Affiliates Review. It’s Good, But Here’s a Better Program.

Quick Report:

Name: Pajama Affiliates (PA).

Price: $97 for the beginner course, $88 for the advanced (bundle) course, a $199 cost for an advanced beginner bundle course and about $300 for private coaching.

There may be other price points, but there are the main 4 I found through checking this program out.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars

The training is high quality/legit but if you are a beginner, I would honestly avoid spending the $97 to learn the lessons and go for other options I will be providing you, the top one of which shows you a lot of this stuff freely (and for less if you decide to go further) and offers more benefits, including free coaching.

Recommended? I would say no, even though it’s legit. Here’s my option (which I will explain more in this review):

So what is Pajama Affiliates (PA)? 

It’s one of the many programs online which teaches about how to blog and do affiliate marketing. The impression that is given is that you can work in your PJ’s doing this (working from home), which I must admit to, being that I too am in this business.

I first heard about this program while looking at a similar one called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, where through looking through reviews, PA was recommended to me instead, and here we are.

What you learn from Pajama Affiliates:

Pajama Affiliates (here is their site) is a course that is divided several training sections.

You learn about blogging obviously, affiliate marketing, keyword research, niche research, social media stuff and basically all the ingredients necessary for one to start and thrive in a blogging business. Here is a screenshot:

Now because there are numerous training courses within this program, you have the option of buying them in bundles which on one hand is more convenient, saves money, but on the other I find the info they claim to teach to be a bit overpriced. This leads me to explain:

Why I am not recommending this program (explaining the 4 out of 10 star rating):

So being that I also blog for money (about me) and have been doing so for a long time (You’re going to see my results from it below), I have seen how the trend in this industry has changed, how the programs have evolved, and so on.

I didn’t buy PA, but being that they literally show you their classes and courses, and that I know all of that already, I just don’t need to (and it’s also how I know Pajama Affiliates is legit by the way).

In the past, information on blogging and affiliate marketing was scarce and it was very hard to find legit info out there. Because of this lack of info, the few programs that were legit were rightfully charging a bit of money to access their info on this subject.

However, this is really no longer the case:

Nowadays, info on blogging and affiliate marketing is WIDESPREAD and as I’ve said MANY times before when I review programs like these, you can easily find free content on these subjects on YouTube & Google, which provide free blogs, like mine which talk about all the things you get inside PA. Also see a recommended page here with other similar programs.

So there’s that alternative, and some of them will save you a bundle. But there is 1 con that arises from this:

Because there is now a plethora of FREE info on this, the question is:

  • Which of this info is legit?
  • Which of this info is up to date?
  • Which of this info works?

That leads me to the recommendation I have:

There is a free to try blogging/affiliate marketing program I am a part of known as Wealthy Affiliate (it’s also known as WA). They basically teach the same things PA does, but while one is free to try, the other offers numerous packages and bundles which all cost money.

In addition, the coaching you can buy from PA is free in WA. Now I do have to mention that there is an upgraded monthly membership inside my recommended program which is $49 a month, and that basically offers unlimited coaching included, but there’s more details here on that.

Comparing the $97 Pajama Affiliates program to what you can get in WA for free:

If you look at the main website of PA and see what benefits you get from, say their starter course for example, here it is (it’s a screenshot):

As you can see, there’s a lot of stuff offered and “only” for $97. But here’s the thing: The free membership of WA actually provides a lot of this stuff (and more). Let me explain:

They offer 10 starter lessons (in addition to 100s of optional ones you’re free to check out) which include ALL of the above benefits you see. Here is how it looks there:

So you can definitely elect to take PA’s version of this whole topic or you can do the risk free thing, and get it all for free with the other recommendation.

Let’s go further: The coaching (How to save $300).

Finding legit affiliate marketers is tough and certainly if you’re lucky enough to find them, having them coach you is even rarer.

With Pajama Affiliates, you can get coaching, it is legit, but the price is $300. And in fact, I’d say it’s actually a bargain considering how many other coaching programs charge (the smallest price you’ll find is $1,000 or more). 

But even with WA, you do get coaching, and here’s how it works:

  • Free members get coaching for 7 days. And this is actually included (nothing extra). Learn more.
  • Paid members ($49/month) get the coaching for unlimited periods. 

There’s your math and savings right there. 

But Vitaliy, is the training and coaching going to help me become a successful blogger?

Here’s your answer:

Yes, if you actually do it. I totally understand the mindset and perception of free vs paid and how it affects what you believe to be valuable, so I’d like to let you know that I am actually an experienced and successful blogger, meaning the coaching you get from me and other people inside WA is totally legit.

Here’s an example of what I made from following the training:

So these numbers are generated from following the training in WA and a lot of is similar to the stuff inside PA, although I’d say WA’s is more comprehensive and deep.

This basically legitimizes PA on one hand, but also makes a good case for why going the cheaper route, WA is better. And I want to actually comment on that right now:

My final thoughts and the bottom line:

Here’s what I have to say:

-The $97 beginner course inside PA is good, but you get all of that stuff for free in the starter membership of WA. 

-The advanced courses ($88 or $199) are things you learn inside the $49/month membership of WA. So…more savings there.

-The coaching ($300) is free for 7 days for starter members in WA and unlimited to those who go for the $49/month.

And being that I’ve shown you the results from my own personal experiences with this, I think you can see this is legit. Furthermore, if you want to see other people’s progress and results from the same program, click here.

Look, I like PA, but I know the stuff they teach and it’s value. I strongly believe beginner blogging training should cost less and be free as well as legit, and you’ll get all of that in WA. 

Plus in terms of advanced training & coaching, I just don’t think people need to be charged $100’s or more to learn these things. And all of that put together is why I believe WA is the better way to go than PA.

Pajama Affiliates

$97 with other pricing for services/training.

Pajama Affiliates Score



  • The module course preview appears VERY legitimate.
  • I very much believe Pajama Affiliates works if you follow the training.


  • Separate pricing for different services is something I personally dislike.

4 thoughts on “Pajama Affiliates Review. It’s Good, But Here’s a Better Program.”

  1. The Pajama Affiliates community is a genuine one and unlike any other. That’s not something which can be recreated under any other circumstances. People don’t only buy a program to learn the same material anyone can teach, but also because they are drawn to that particular teacher, brand, community. No one else can offer exactly what they can because no one else is them. The same goes for any business. I just don’t think it’s necessary to try to rank for a keyword relating to them just to try to steal their customers away when you clearly expect to ultimately profit from signing people up for WA. This post should come down.

    • Hi Shia, I respect different opinions, including yours, but don’t agree with your point of view. Although I am always looking for honest info and updating my posts if I am wrong, you are not exactly disputing my points.

      I don’t disagree that Pajama Affiliates is legit, has a great community and all that (their own training lessons indicate all of this) and I do link to it because I believe in it. But value wise, there’s many blogging programs out there and frankly, out of all of them, good luck finding any that offer you more than WA does.

      You can also look at my recommended page and see a number of other programs I recommend. Based on what I see with Pajama Affiliates, I agree it works, but there’s other options and people should know about them.

  2. Based on your review, it is obvious that you’ve never actually taken the Pajama Affiliates course. You should not be writing a review of something you only glanced at online. You don’t know the depths of their training, the community which they have – you made most of this up from a little bit of research, merely to rank on the Pajama Affiliates keyword. How can any of your reviews be trusted when you make stuff like this up? Kyle would be ashamed of you.

    • Well aside from the personal attack, let’s try to stick to the actual argument you’re making (which is fair) about me not using this particular program. The problem is, there’s a lot more than just that argument that you clearly haven’t considered.

      I don’t know how deep you read into my review of this program, but it appears you didn’t. You probably read a bit, got the impression I didn’t get it, and filled in the blanks for the rest of the stuff I wrote.

      I examined pretty much everything Pajama Affiliate offers and the breakdown of their offers correlates nearly 100% with what I already know on the subject/s it teaches. I literally do the same things they teach and I learned everything about this from Wealthy Affiliate.

      I’ve also reviewed 100’s, yes 100’s (many purchased by the way) programs and being that I’ve run my own blogging business for many years, all that experience has accumulated and I’ve become VERY good at seeing the value of a program even in cases where purchases aren’t necessary.

      Once again, Pajama Affiliate literally tells you what they teach you for their membership cost and once again…I know all of this stuff. And you may have missed this too, but I did say good things as well.

      The main take away as to why I tell people to join Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just because I am of course promoting it, but because the cost value of Pajama Affiliate in my opinion is not enough. They have several different high price points for topics you can learn for free inside Wealthy Affiliate.

      From a consumer’s point of view, who is new to blogging, and perhaps can’t afford these things, why wouldn’t Wealthy Affiliate be a better option I ask?

      It’s a serious question and I hope you’ll get back to me and keep it polite. Have a nice day.



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