My Income at Home System Review. A Scam? How I Wasted $100

my income at home system review

There’s a vast amount of unusable and poor info within My Income at Home System and I’ll expose that in this review. It’s not worth the $100.

Quick Report on My Income at Home System:

Name: My Income at Home System Marc Elrich.

Price: $97 (plus tax for me came out to $105 and change). No up-sells. 

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars. 

Too much information and the issue is that a huge chunk of that info is outdated, and some is none workable. Additionally, there is also not enough direction in my opinion which can leave you lost.

My Income at Home System explained:

This site is basically a compilation of various ways to make money online or from home (some are offline methods). I went through most of the information and here are just some methods you get:

  • Penny Stocks. 
  • Taking online surveys.
  • Making money watching TV (Not something I’d try).
  • Sending out mail and postcards.
  • Making money via taking photos.
  • Fiverr marketing.
  • PLR type strategies.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • CPA type offers.

I think I listed most of them. It seems like a lot doesn’t it? But forget that info, because I’ve got 7 legit options to share with you that’ll cost you $0 to see. Just click here and you’ll see the 7 real ways to make money online.

Back to My Income at Home System. Where too much info leads to confusion:

Within each of the above topics, you’ll be linked to a new page which many times to me felt more like a sales letter than anything of clarity. The message on many of these tutorials was mostly about how awesome the strategy is and how it can make a lot of money (blah, blah, blah).

But there was also instruction (often times vague) on what to do to use the strategies. However some of the instructions provided a ton of links often.

For example: 

The topic on paid survey sites led me to a list of dozens (if not 100’s) of links to visit and sign up to survey sites. It’s not technically a bad thing, but when you combine that survey sites aren’t very profitable in general, plus the time it’ll take to register with each one, it’s a waste of energy.

Another example:

Many topics lead to different methods and ways to succeed within it, but they led me to different “methods” being listed. Some methods had their own links and tutorials. This is good and bad. Good because there’s more than 1 way to succeed. Bad because again I felt totally lost on where to get started.

Some other “good” and bad things included eBooks which were over a 100 pages long like the one on Penny Stocks. Some of the information was good. Actually I’ll even go as far as to say a lot of it is good, but because (again) there is no real direction, you’re going to get lost. 

Now as for really bad things:

Some links on the topics were broken. For example the topic on sending out post cards showed me links on 3 different examples. They led me to pages that were no longer functioning. 

Some methods were outdated. One section covered article marketing which isn’t as powerful as it used to be. 

And that’s only on my first run through the site. Could there have been more broken links/outdated training? Possibly.

The best way to describe my point/s:

Let’s say you have a road map, but no real destination. Looking at the map, how likely are you to get lost? Probably very likely. There’s no highlighted line showing you where to go. 

The other analogy I can use is I felt like a mouse looking for the cheese (money) but multiple mazes to go through to get it. All of them seemed great to enter, but with so many choices and no clear direction on where to go, there is confusion.

There’s just TOO much to process:

I’m not kidding when I say there’s A LOT to read through (let alone process) and there’s no way a beginner to any of the above topics will get through all of this in a single day and if they do, I am certain they’ll be lost. 

I feel the “best” way to get the most out of this program is to pick one topic and really dive into it while ignoring all else, then to really try it, see if it’s for you before moving forward. Actually on that note, Marc does say in the directions to focus on 3 steps in the beginning.

He’s right, but seriously, even 1 of those is too much! This offers some sort of direction, but the problems which will come up with this is that:

1. Not all of the topics are for everyone. You may choose something you think will make money only to find out it isn’t your style.

2. It may not actually work. Remember some of the things I said are outdated and that’s just from what I saw. I didn’t go through every single thing. Finding something up to date nowadays is tough. 

3. Time constraints. Combining picking 1 topic with the time it takes to figure it out, then if it doesn’t work to move onto the next and potentially have the same outcome is going to add up to a lot of wasted hours. 

I say avoid this program completely and just follow the direction of a great program like Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Rating: My Income at Home System

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. Yes a lot of good content exists and much of it can really work, but I feel a lot of it sounded like theory and overall, the good stuff is mixed in with too much other info that’s either useless or just takes too long to understand/implement. That makes it tough to identify what’s what.

My final thoughts:

I don’t want to sit around and figure out what’s good and bad. I just want what’s good, what works and most importantly has good direction! I don’t want to have a ton of ideas and no plan of action. This is a big problem nowadays: information overload and no strategy to actually act on any of it. If you feel the same way, then I would not recommend this program to you. 

The only truly good thing I can say is that getting a refund was easy since it’s part of Clickbank (they are very good at processing refunds). I guess that makes this program a safe purchase, even though in hindsight, I wouldn’t have bought if I would have known what it was all about. I do now.

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