Freebie Money Printer Review. What You Need to Know

freebie money printer reviewQuick Report:

Name: Freebie Money Printer by Scott Agee.

Price: Free to enter members area, then a number of offers exist, some of which are optional, but in the end I feel you’re going to have to spend money on this site to make anything. I’ll go over the specific prices and what you get.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars. 

The site is really one big referral network to multiple places.

Once I landed into the members area of Freebie Money Printer (FMP), I had the feeling I’ve been here before, but not on the actual site, but others like it. And these other sites had the same look and feel.

You could join them for free and get “free step-by-step training”. However, all of those sites turned out to just try to refer me to third party companies like MLM programs. Did FMP do the same?

Yes it did and I’ll explain exactly where you’re being led to.

freebie money printer alternative

Freebie Money Printer in a nutshell:

It’s a site which really just funnels you through a number of offers, some of which are optional and then gives you the tools and training to do the same thing. In order to use the FMP system and promote those same offers, you’ll have to buy them (and that’s how FMP’s creators make money).

Freebie Money Printer isn’t really free:

Let’s go over each area where there is a price to pay. Again, some of it is optional, but the only thing I saw which was free is just signing up to FMP and then registering with a program called Big Kabang, but that only goes so far as you’ll see.

Everything else is going to cost you in one way or another. Let’s start with the first thing and that’s what you see when you enter the site:

freebie money printer inside look

I cut out a piece of the screenshot, but on the left hand side you’ll see 4 steps. There’s actually 5. Within these 5 steps is where you get offers to promotions. Let’s go through each step:

Step 1: Getting qualified.

This is where you’re going to be referred to a program called Big Kabang through FMP. Signing up is free and it is a rewards site. Basically you get to sign up to trial offers from different companies. Some trials are free, others cost money to try, but what you earn when you sign up for them is credits which can be used to make money.

Big Kabang also offers a referral program so if you get someone to sign up through you, you can make I believe $40 per sign up. With every rewards program I review, this is really where any real money can be made and with FMP, you’re going to be given you own version of the FMP site with your name on it so if people join the FMP site through you, then sign up to Big Kabang, you can make the same $40 commission.

As for making this happen, this is where you’re going to get training from FMP (and it’s not going to be free either). That’s going to be step 5.

Step 2: System Completion.

In this area, you’re going to basically confirm that you signed up with Big Kabang and create a referral link with FMP so you can then use that link to funnel visitors and earn potential commission. Within this step, you’re walked through the FMP site and shown how to utilize various tools within the site such as autoresponders so that when someone joins through you, they can be sent automatic emails to increase the chances that they’ll buy from the FMP site. 

You can edit these autoresponders. There are also banners that you get. You can use those banners to advertise on your own personal site (if you have it). While watching the walk through video, I couldn’t help but notice Pure Leverage was being shown and mentioned. Pure Leverage is a low quality MLM that also has it’s own up-sells to deal with so if FMP is associated with Pure Leverage in anyway, it makes them look even worse.

Step 3:

This step is optional, but it’s going to take you through one of the offers within the site. Basically it’s an advertisement for FMP to send 8-15 visitors to your site everyday and the price of this is $40/week.

While it is optional, the idea is if you have money to spend and don’t want to get into driving visitors to your site on your own, this service will do that for you. And if a few people sign up every week, the $40 is paid for.

In terms of how good this is, I can’t vouch for it. What was mentioned is that these visitors are coming from various other sites, banner ads, newspaper ads, ect… If this is really the case, then I speculate that those visitors are probably not very targeted, meaning you’ll likely not have a lot of people sign up. Personally, I wouldn’t spend the $40/week for this.

Step 4:

Another optional step, but yet another service/program is being pitched called Automatic Lead Tools. The price of this is $497 +$97 monthly. Why so much? Well because among other things, the “best” perk to this tool is that it can find thousands of potential leads just by you typing in a single keyword phrase.

Scott shows how this works in a walk through video. He typed up a keyword phrase and got over 3,000 emails and nearly 1,000 phone numbers. What happens then is you can contact these people as a bulk group, leave them a message, email and promote FMP to them.

I have mixed feelings about this because on one hand, yes you can potentially get in contact with tons of leads, but on the other, the same argument I used above in regards to targeted leads is probably also going to ring true here. Most of the people whose emails are visible on those list aren’t likely going to want to hear from you, might hang up the phone is they get your message, or if they get an email send it to the spam box if it doesn’t land there automatically.

I’ve had a similar case with buying autoresponders with leads which proved my theory. Lots of money was spend and no profit was made. In fact, not a single sale was made.

I’m not saying this can’t work, but in my experience, the best leads are those who find you, and the other way around. To do that, you need to follow a different approach to marketing.

Here’s my personal recommendation for true success online.

Step 5:

This final step was supposed to give you some training to use to promote FMP. This is the alternative if you don’t want to try the offers in steps 3 and 4. The video showed me where to go and I did, but the training tab was unavailable and in order to get any training at all, I would have to pay $19.95, every single month! I might buy that in the near future just to do a review on what you actually get.


  • You can check out the members area for free.
  • Pretty easy to use the site and follow the instructions.


  • There isn’t much free stuff, at least stuff you can use to earn money.
  • I’m not going to comment on Big Kabang, but rewards programs are not worth it in my experience.
  • I don’t believe the prices of the other offers, though optional are worth it either.

Final Rating: Freebie Money Printer

1 star

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. You can make money through FMP, but I don’t feel it’s worth investing into.

My final thoughts:

I know they are say free and a few offers are optional, but if you really look at the site, you’re not really going to get anywhere unless you actually buy one or more of the offers and this is most likely going to the be case if you’re new. You’re going to be lost and will want to buy the offers just to feel like you’re heading in the right direction.

And in my opinion, I don’t like this. At least give people some REAL training to get started and see the potential of the business before trying to charge them for something extra. And when you combine that with the types of programs and services being promoted as well as for the price, that’s the reason why I gave it 1 star. And for alternatives, Wealthy Affiliate would be my first choice.

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