Is Mike Dee’s Rich Janitor a Scam? This Review Explains.

rich janitor review

There’s 2 words I’ll use to describe Mike Dee’s Rich Janitor for you: Mixed bag. And ultimately, in this review, you’ll see why it’s not recommended.

Yes I purchased it and yes I will give you folks an inside look within this review, so let’s do this:

Quick Report on Rich Janitor:

Creator: Mike Dee.

Price: $27 with 2 up-sells after purchase ($97 then $197) and 2 (I think) more offers after you buy. Certain strategies involve buying a website or registering with third party websites, most of which are free.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars. 

This is the sort of product where I was conflicted. At first I though it was a scam, then saw some good strategies, then some ethically questionable, so I settled on giving this a yellow light.

While a lot of what Rich Janitor talked about in it’s member’s area was very familiar to me, there were a lot of new things I learned, but while some were very interesting, I found some to be quite shameless so when you read this review and I talk about those grey area marketing methods, I’m going to advise what I personally believe to be the more “ethical” way of doing it. 

Rich Janitor in a nutshell:

It’s a website which shows you a lot of different ways to make either “a lot” or just some extra money online from about 20 different strategies, some of which will cost you extra money.

A lot of the methods involve using Clickbank and promoting programs from there (through affiliate marketing) and from my experience, you can make good money from Clickbank, but Rich Janitor would not be the program I’d take advise from on this matter, as it’s my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate that helped me reach that goal.

Anyway, within Rich Janitor, some of the methods I feel are outdated and spam like so I can’t say they’ll be able to work, but some I haven’t tried and out of those new ones I saw, some of them were actually pretty genius. Again, this whole program is truly that mixed bag I talked about, but ultimately, it tilts to the negative side.

Rich Janitor, the inside look:

rich janitor inside lookIf you look to the right, this is the members area screen (dashboard). I’ll be going over some of what’s there including the up-sells. The first thing I’ll be covering is the icons to the top left of that image.

You may not be able to see it due to the size, but there’s 4:

  1. A Home page which is nothing more than an intro.
  2. A video software icon under that.
  3. Then underneath that an option to make a website.
  4. And finally a notebook like icon which isn’t that important to read. It’s just 5 PLR books. 

I won’t bother explaining the PLR books or the home button because there’s not that major so we’ll stick to the 2nd and third 3rd icons and what they are:

Let’s start with the video software (remember it’s #2 out of the 4 above):

You can choose to do 2 things:

Create a custom affiliate link and message and use the software to select nice topics. Then the software will find popular videos based on the topics you chose and you can comment on that video and insert your Clickbank affiliate link. A lot of this is done on auto pilot so it’s comfortable, but it looks like spam to me really. 

The second is the ability to have Rich Janitor give you videos that have your affiliate link within the description to help you market various Clickbank programs again. Just like with the custom message form, you also select from a variety of topics and the software will choose a video for you. And again, I have to say, I feel like this is spam as well. 

The second thing we have is the ability to make a website. You’re going to be encouraged to sign up with Godaddy and make a domain name. The only real software in this section is just one that helps you select a domain name and let’s you know if it’s available or not. You are then shown how to set things up from a video.

I didn’t find too much value in these programs and feel like you can do it on your own. As for websites, if you’ve never experienced making one, I wouldn’t go this route (at first). I’d start off with a more comfortable way to make your website. That option will provide you with a free site just to get your hands “dirty” before moving forward.

Onto the next phase of the training (#3 of the 4 options above):richjanitorrighthandside

This covers the left hand side. Now we’ll move to the right hand lower side of the dashboard which covers specific marketing methods and extra ways to earn cash.

Again, I won’t go over them all for a few reasons (nothing selfish I promise), but I will cover enough to help give you an idea of what’s going on. You will see another screenshot to the right. Some of the topics are cut but that’s not a big deal.

Some of the usual methods (which I already know about) included:

Article marketing:

You were told to write articles on article directories and link them to your site to get traffic. This method is very outdated and really doesn’t work well. 

Blog marketing:

You find blogs related to the program you’re program (in it’s niche subject) and post your affiliate links in the comments section.

Again, another outdated method as you’ll RARELY find anyone who owns a site and allows comments to let anyone post affiliate links OR links for that matter. It can still work but your best bet is to provide a valuable comment to the website owner which Mike Dee does talk about doing.

I do blog marketing and my #1 recommended program, Wealthy Affiliates teaches this extensively. In fact, this blog is an example of the product of their training.

Video marketing:

Just a tutorial (video) on making videos using free software and uploading them to popular video sites. That’s actually what submit video 1 and 2 get into details on.

Forum Marketing:

Really the same thing as blog marketing, expect you find forums to put your affiliate links on plus get in contact with people privately. I personally don’t like Forum Marketing. It’s really a grind more so than actual marketing.

Product Creation (where it gets questionable):

Talks about making your own product and having affiliates sell it for you.

You can really create a product (PDF for example) based on something you REALLY know well, like a solution to a problem, or you can follow how Mike Dee showed it (and this is where it can get unethical in my opinion) where he shows in a video how he copies and re-words text from a person who talked about solving a certain problem (through a free source by the way) and then takes that information, puts up for other people to promote and uses that as his own product.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching because in a manner of speaking, that’s basically plagiarism and theft, no?

It maybe not be something Mike endorses (I certainly DON’T!) but why in the world would you even show this in the first place? You’re teaching people how to copy and steal other people’s work that they put up FOR FREE online and then sell to others.

Never do this. Always write your OWN unique work. 

Now some for methods I never heard of but liked:

Seized cars marketing:

A very surprising method I’ve never heard of before, but there was an ethical issue I found again.

Basically in this method you connect to a website Mike shows you which is associated with Clickbank and send visitors to that site looking to buy cars. You send visitors there via an ad like website where people can find what they’re looking for.

So if you send someone there and they buy a car, you can get paid a commission. Really not a bad idea and I found myself nodding while reading, but the problem came when Mike started showing in his example him pulling up images of the car he was using in the example.

The problem there is that the images he was putting up were not the same as the one being promoted (I didn’t even see images there) so the problem in this example is that a person who sees the ad thinks they’re getting the type of car that’s appears in the image while it’s entirely possible it won’t be. Again, something I do not endorse doing. 

User testing:

I have heard about this vaguely in the past, but this is a site where you can get paid a pretty decent amount to look over websites people have created and get paid to basically review it. It’s sort of like a focus group, but you just review websites. This strategy I like because it can provide the chance to make an extra buck. 

There’s a number of other methods I haven’t mentioned, but by this point, you should have a clear picture of what Rich Janitor is all about. So let’s wrap up this review:


  • Some interesting and practical methods of making money. 
  • Video tutorials within members area are pretty clear to understand. 
  • There is a number available to contact Mike (I haven’t tested this).


  • Some methods are very unethical.
  • There’s also a lot of methods which are outdated. Unless they’re updated, they would be a waste of time.
  • Other than some money here and there, I don’t see there being a long term business out of this, just a grind.
  • I wouldn’t recommend many of this program’s strategies to people. There’s better ways. 
  • There’s a few up-sells.

Final Rating: Rich Janitor

3 stars

Yellow Flag.

3 out of 10 stars. If you decide to join, if you decide to follow some of the questionable strategies I talked about, PLEASE be ethical. Most of the other training is really a waste of time, but I did learn some new good things. Overall, I can’t recommend this program.

My final thoughts:

Even with relatively low quality programs, you can always learn something new. With Rich Janitor, I definitely did gain some new knowledge on ways to market online. Aside from the ethical issues and some outdated strategies, you do have some good stuff left, but not a lot.

If there’s any questions you may have on this program, let me know since I now know it all 🙂

21 thoughts on “Is Mike Dee’s Rich Janitor a Scam? This Review Explains.”

  1. I purchased the first and second upsell. After a week or so reading the materials and working through some of it I came to the conclusion that this was what I thought it was going to be. I emailed the customer support team during my trial period and did receive a full refund of both services on my credit card. It was posted to my card in just a few days.

  2. Besides the upsells and $497 “Done For You” being not at all what it says, they are really trying to find “qualified applicants” (with fat wallets) to spring for their $5400 physical products training, and that is just the start. “The pie is 85% physical products, but only 15% affiliate dollars, so physical products is where you want to be to be successful, and we’ll help you build that business”. Fine, then SAY THAT up front, don’t bait-n-switch. No “$1000 in your account overnight, all done for you”, still 7-10hrs a week of you working – which wouldn’t be bad if they were straight from the start about what they were selling. They say the “marketing” arm is third-party from the “training” arm, and first-line contacts really aren’t aware of what is being sold (even if fraudulent). Right there, I’m already distrustful of the company. Eventually I was quoted $20k as a “reasonable” investment in success (their success, I think), using “OPM” – Other People’s Money, meaning your credit cards. I’ll dispute with the CC company once the charge posts.

    • Thanks for your input, I see he’s been at this for a few years and that now makes sense why he is only trying to get people in for $7 to start. Most of the programs out there seem to use the up-sell method. Can’t seem to find an honest one that gives you what they say the will without an up-sell feature. Has anyone found one yet??

      • Hi Ric, up-sells a very normal part of internet marketing products and believe me I dislike them too, the question is which offers you good enough stuff in their regular program before offering you an up-sell worth taking up? The answer to that is Wealthy Affiliate, you can try them for free. Check out all the details of that program here and let me know if you have any questions.

        Regarding Rich Janitor, I doubt he’s recommending Empower Network anymore, since it went down a long time ago. Odds are, there’s another program he’s pitching to people through this affiliate site now.

  3. I purchased the first one, then came the up sell for $497. Thankfully my credit card does not allow for a double purchase from the same company in the same 24 hours. Sent me alert notices & potential fraud notice.
    All of these undisclosed fees come into play after you purchase the first one. He is very clever to build it up with his sob story of him & his wife broke & getting fired from his janitor job by eating a sandwich from a trash can. I should of let him borrow my harps & violins, playing on emotions should have been my first RED FLAG. He keeps saying in his audio video I promise you, I guarantee you the money is going to pour into your account verbally, but nothing is in writing.

  4. Rich Janitor is nothing more than a bait and switch scam. They let you in for a modest fee telling you that will be the only fee. As soon as you get in they tell you the system wont work unless you give them $497.00 more dollars.

  5. I want to thank you for the $47.00 refund. I do, however, have one more refund that should be coming. I ordered the product and it went through my bank account on 7-17-15. Since they were paid for separately, that is probably why it was overlooked. I would appreciate a refund on this as well. Thank you, Roxanna

  6. I bought their base problem, and Upsell2 and upsell4. Upsell is supposed to be a done for you program. This was on July 5, and 22 days later, no one has contacted me. I had issued the ultimatum and I will dispute through the credit card, before July 31

    • I never recall contacting Rich Janitor’s support Mike, but unfortunately, I can’t say I’m surprised by them not returning your messages. I hope you get everything back.

    • I bought the same program and when I didn’t get any notification I started to get worried now I researched and saw this and now it looks like my worst fear is coming true. Did you get your money back by any chance?

      • It’s been a long time since I even remember that purchase Durant. I looked back on the site however and didn’t see it registered with any affiliate network that I remembered hearing about. Not a good sign but you can always get your money back by just calling your card company.

        • Called my bank and got a dispute going. So far I got a credit back from my bank. I also got a response from his support and he said something about I have to set up accounts to get and receive comissions but in the $497 upsell video he says that his team has a done for you system and that you will make $1000 in a day right after you get started. Should have known. Too good to be true.

          • I guess the program has some new up-sells (or old ones with changed prices) going around. Those prices you listed make the program look more like a scam than when I viewed it Durant.

    • I think you can refund the Rich Janitor program if you dispute the payment through whichever option you paid through (CC, Paypal, bank).


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