Link Indexr. Why I Gave it a Negative Review.

link indexr review

I avoid programs like Link Indexr and this review will explain why that is the case.

Quick Report on Link Indexr:

Creators: Joshua Zamora, Todd Gross and Abdul H.

Price: Link Agency for $79.95, Indexr Pro for $59.95 and Indexr Lite for $39.95 (the one I purchased). There’s also 2 up-sells.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars. 

Joshua, in this program, keeps pushing a policy of doing SEO in a way that Google is likely to punish and I’ll explain why.

The more I keep finding products by Joshua Zamora and reviewing them, the less favorably I rate them and that’s because Joshua and the people who made products like Link Indexr are still focused on strategies of SEO that I know are going to ruin a website in the long run when it comes to rankings.

I did purchase this program, but I dare not use it due to the consequences that will happen in my opinion.

link indexr alternative

Link Indexr in a nutshell:

When I was pitched this program, it was said that link building and good content are a piece of the puzzle to getting good SEO results and supposedly the missing piece of having your site and it’s backlinks get spotted lies with having them get indexed. 

This is what Link Indexr is designed to do.

You basically list your backlinks, your personal site’s links and use this program to then basically ping a number of areas which increases the chances of them getting spotted by Google spiders and getting indexed, have your site get more link juice and thus gain more authority. 

The idea has been used before and by free programs. What supposedly makes this program worth the price of entry is that they’ll help you connect to private blog networks and other link building services. So in other words, the whole program focuses on a lot of back linking and maximizing your current backlink’s potential to help your site. 

Why I will never something like Link Indexr:

Fast rankings and high SERP results are very possible by using programs like these by just like a drug that gives you a high in the very beginning, so comes the side effect and in this case, we’re talking de-ranking and that unfortunately has much longer lasting effects than the original high. 

This is what I always see happen to people who use any sort of backlinking type services and strategies. Some are white hat, most are black hat and what I personally see what Link Indexr is much more black hat. While most of these services are aimed for fast results, I look more towards the long run and this in my opinion jeopardizes that.

Then there’s the usual up-sells:

Joshua always seems to deliver up-sells in the same fashion. His up-sells are more of a supplement to the original program than anything else. With Link Indexr, there’s 2 to watch out for:

1. Indexr University: It’s about $40 and is then down sold to $19.99. It’s supposed to maximize the effectiveness of the original Link Indexr. I didn’t get too much into the details because I usually skip up-sells altogether. 

2. Directory Submitter: You can submit your URLs to over 300 “high PR” websites and web directories and get backlinks from them. I don’t recall the price for this, but this screamed old school backlinking to me and that’s a bad thing! And page rank is not a useful thing anymore…

This type of SEO is risky. Here’s a program that teaches it the safe way.

Here is the members area of Link Indexr:

While I covered the heart of the program, just in case you’re interested, here’s what it looks like inside:

link indexr members area

Dashboard: This is where you can add your links, see how they’re doing, among other things.

Add campaign: Just another link to do the same thing as you could in dashboard.

Campaign reports: Provides reporting on how your links are doing. For the record, this can all be seen in dashboard (again).

More SEO tools: Provides links to a lot of backlinking services. 

Indexr University: I was confused here because this is supposedly one of the up-sells that I didn’t buy, yet I was given access to this and what actually made this ironic was that this area actually has information that I found more important and practical than any other area within Link Indexr and this is the only reason why I gave this program an extra star.

There is a lot of information on keyword research, although I found a lot of it to be a big complicated. I like to stick to simple stuff and I’ve had good results from it. 

Special bonus: There’s a lot of ebooks provided here and a lot of them focus on SEO training. I didn’t really bother reading through any of them, but what I did notice was that one of Joshua’s previous programs I reviewed called,  Zamurai PBN blueprint was offered here. I suppose that’s a good thing because separately you’d have to buy it. Here you get it for free.


  • I really think the only good thing to come out of this program is the area in the Indexr University talking about keyword research.
  • You might be able to salvage some good information from the bonuses as well.


  • Lots and lots of backlinking focus, something I never recommend, at least not in the way that’s promoted here.
  • You can use other free services to promote your backlinks (even though I say it’s a waste of time).

Final Rating: Link Indexr

2 stars

Red Flag (I’d avoid it)

2 out of 10 stars. You can find some good info, but overall because of it’s major focus on backlinking, I gave it a negative rating.

My final thoughts:

If you currently have a website which has backlinks, my advice would be to do this:

  • Stop backlinking if it’s black hat (non natural). Only socially share your site and that’s really all I suggest.
  • Don’t even bother trying to have those backlinks get spotted. Forget them.
  • Focus entirely on building high quality content on your site. 
  • If you want your website to be indexed in Google, simply use the free service called Webmaster Tools and create a sitemap. This will help your site a lot. 

Other than that, stop depending on any link building tools or even looking for them. This just doesn’t work as it used to. It’s overrated.

Link Indexr


Link Indexr Score



  • You may still get some high rankings from using this program.


  • Sadly in the long run, this type of SEO style may lead to penalization.

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