Is Succeed With Daniel a Scam? What You Need to Know.

Succeed With Daniel leads you into a very high ticket, expensive program that I was briefly a part of. In this review, I’ll explain if that is a scam.

Succeed with Daniel explained (quick summary):

succeed with daniel review

Price: It can be up to several $1,000’s.

You are led to a program known as Six Figure Mentors, and you can start for free (might not be available anymore though), but to really get anywhere, you’ll need to upgrade your membership and that is where this sales funnel really picks up to some outrageous prices.

Overview: Daniel is promoting a program called Six Figure Mentors. I was part of the free membership there and I really didn’t like my experience.

I believe the program is WAY too expensive for ANYONE, even though there’s an argument to be made that it may be worth it.

Rating: 2 out of 10 stars.

Since I didn’t like Six Figure Mentors (SFM), and it is being pitched through this sales funnel too, I will give it the same exact rating I gave SFM.

succeed with daniel alternative

So what’s really going on with Daniel and SFM?

Well like I said, this guy is a promoter of the Six Figure Mentors program.

Apparently, there has been more and more people promoting SFM, especially through places like YouTube, which happens to be how I first discovered Daniel’s site and ultimately, the sales funnel into SFM.

Now I have spotted other people like him promoting the same thing, and also through YouTube, which shows me that this is exactly what SFM would be teaching you to do if you decided to join.

Now I take no issues in promoting things on the internet and I respect the creator of this program.

The ISSUE I have is that the price list (which I will be going over) of SFM isn’t exactly explained until you’re deeper into the system. This whole thing about building an online business is real, but it’s also sold to you in a hyped way, so once you’re warmed up to it, then you will be getting the list of prices and will be more likely to buy it.

Because I have already experienced this, I know the prices, and what to expect and it is because of this, that I left, happily.

A quick video review of Six Figure Mentors if you haven’t heard of them:

Remember, Daniel is simply pitching SFM to you as an affiliate of that program, so the following video which will be showing you a brief inside look into the system is 100% relevant to this review and it’s going to prepare you for what’s to come if you decide to join:

Now I make sure to point out that affiliate promotions aren’t an unethical thing and since I do affiliate marketing, I am technically in the same field as Daniel, but what I choose to promote is why I’m different.

In case you skipped that SFM video, here’s 5 points you need to know:

Point 1:

SFM is being promoted through

Point 2:

SFM is pitched as this “amazing program” that’ll teach you to create an online business, but in reality, most of the program involves being a promoter FOR the SFM system, which I have said when I reviewed it, that I have a major problem with.

Point 3:

While joining SFM for free is possible, there isn’t much that you actually learn about building an online business from the free membership, other than the “opportunity” of what could happen if you UPGRADE your membership with SFM.

Point 4:

That is when you’re pitched the higher price points of the SFM program, which start at $25 a month and lead up to $1,000’s. It should be noted that upgrading is optional with this system, BUT the way it’s designed, the higher price point packages you buy, the more you can earn from promoting them. And if you join through Daniel, and upgrade, he will be paid.

Point 5:

There is another program pitched to you if you decide to get deep into SFM, and that is called Digital Experts Academy, which is basically SFM 2.0 as I like to call it, where the prices rise higher, and the training also rises higher in quality, yet I’ve said, this is not a good excuse to sell it.

I’m personally not getting involved with anything like SFM of Digital Experts Academy because I know of better ways you can actually succeed with an online business, without ever having to pay these crazy prices, not to mention how hyped I found the program when I briefly got in.

Final Rating: Succeed With Daniel.

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. I don’t know whether to call this a scam, but I’d rather let you decide by now knowing how the sales funnel works if this is for you.

I can tell you that to build an online business, in my personal opinion, you DO have better options and being that I’ve done is through one of the better options pitched here, you can do it too and risk WAY less than with SFM.

My final thoughts:

High ticket programs are being pitched a lot these days as being the best way to make a great income from home, due to their high commission rates (It’s really not), but the investment, time and learning curve one needs to really succeed with this business may be a long one, for most people. 

There are absolutely people who make good money from selling high ticket items and I wouldn’t be surprised if the creator of the program I reviewed here is one of them, but the big point is that selling a system that mainly teaches (that’s how it was for me) how to promote it is risky, and if you join SFM, you will probably have to promote it too if you wish to make good money.

You may very well make it work, but if you had to choose between making an online business promoting a company you may not be passionate about, vs making an online business in a subject you absolutely love, I am certain that MOST people would elect to build their business from something they love.

This is why I suggest people go with my #1 recommendation vs Daniel’s, because that choice is there, not to mention that ridiculously better tools, support and even coaching (yes this is also added without paying extra), and here are the main details:

With all this info, I leave the decision to you, thanks for reading my review of Succeed With Daniel.

6 thoughts on “Is Succeed With Daniel a Scam? What You Need to Know.”

  1. I never took SFM seriously from the start. I will always advise anyone and everyone to join Wealthy Affiliate. There’s tons of things to learn from this awesome platform. I’m some weeks old in the WA community, and I can boldly say that I’m finally in the right place for affiliate marketing training.

  2. Thank you for exposing another expensive “shiny object” offered on the Internet. It is unfortunate that many newbies eager to make fast money will fall for these programs. An honest training program, like Wealthy Affiliate will train you on all aspects of internet marketing.

    You can use this knowledge to build a successful business selling online a product of your choice. That product can be any of the thousand products offered on Amazon or it could be an affiliate program such as a sales training program. Stay away from any system where the money can be made only by reselling that system to others. Learning takes time and effort, there are no shortcuts.

    • Well you can apply the SFM training to building your own business not promoting it, but as someone before you asked, the way you pay so much and then get the offer to promote SFM to make a profit fast entices most people to probably go that route.

  3. This is a great post!

    I have heard of SFM before and I am glad I avoided it because it is quite soul crushing when you are promised great knowledge and training but instead you are required to cough up increasing amounts of money with no guarantee of earning it back.

    To me programs like SFM fall into the scam category because of the dishonest marketing (lets face it, if they told you how much the upsells were most people would not sign up at all!). 

    A lot of times I think the people promoting these high ticket programs get trapped and feel like there is no other option out there for them and so they continue to try and promote these products. Perhaps some people like Daniel are looking for a better way to earn a living?

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    • I don’t think there’s anything malicious going on with Daniel and I think he’s trying to honestly make money from SFM, but they are up front about their costs, but this is only after you pass through their free training, that is extremely hyped and honestly didn’t teach me anything Renton.


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