Is Point And Click Profit a Scam? Let me Save You $97.

Quick Report:point and click profit review

Name: Point And Click Profit by Amy Jensen.

Price: $97 and it’s also actually a funnel into Easy1Up, an entirely different program with it’s own set of up-sells. Now one thing to note here is that when trying to buy the first program, you are told this is a one time charge and you won’t see more up-sells, apparently this was a lie…

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars. In my opinion, you don’t need to buy this program to learn the content within it. I’m going to explain it and even then, to make money online, I’ll recommend an even better option…

An honest disclosure about this review:

So let me begin this review by saying the following: I did my best to buy this program but the two times I attempted to do it, the program told me my payment wasn’t successful because of some incorrect billing issue which I can tell you is not true (I made sure it was the right billing info). But I’ve had these errors happen before with questionable programs, so it’s nothing new and I figured there was a better way I could get info on this program…

And that better way came in the form of a plan B, where I carefully read the site itself, analyzed reviews from other blogs on this same program, analyzed my own suspicions about the program not being good (I’m very experienced with these programs), cross referenced all the info I found and when I put all of these things together, here is the conclusion I came to:

Point And Click Profit is basically 2 things:

The first thing is…

It’s a system which teaches you drop shipping by connecting you to a program called Suppliers Club & DOBA.

What this means is that you are going to go to these sites, find items to sell, put them up as listings on eBay for a higher price, hopefully make a sale, then keep whatever difference is left.

For example:

  • Let’s say I find a $500 TV on DOBA. 
  • I then go to eBay, put up the same TV (without purchasing it) on auction or sale for say $600.
  • Then if someone buys it, I go ahead and make the order from DOBA, but send it to the buyer.
  • Then I keep $100.

This is why on the Point And Click Profit site, they talk a lot about listings and making money with the more listings you provide. While this is in theory a legit business plan, the problem is DOBA is a questionable place, the odds of a sale on eBay and making good money doing this aren’t generally good, especially if competitors sell the same things you are for less prices, meaning you’d earn less profit for each sale (if the sale is even made). I could go into other factors, but this business is not easy.

And the second thing is…

Point And Click Profit appears to also be associated with a program called Easy1Up. I say this because on the checkout cart, the URL contained the code “Easy1Up” on it, which caught my eye for an important reason:

I know about that program and reviewed it not too long ago. That program basically sells you different packages of internet marketing education courses and their prices are really high. 

Overall, I did not recommend Easy1Up because it was expensive (and it may be a high ticket scheme) but I did tell people that they could get great internet marketing education courses from a better program:

Never the less, while I don’t have issues with Easy1Up, even if the prices are high, the issue I have is that the owner of Point And Click Profit doesn’t really talk about this connection and I wish they did.

And by the way, Easy1Up has nothing to do with eBay selling, it’s an entirely different topic of education on internet marketing like making websites, getting traffic, that sort of thing.

My main issues with Point And Click Profit summarized:

1) The training based on the reviews I read isn’t that good. Plus the topic itself isn’t new or exclusively available in this program, you can find info on the topic on Google. 

2) There are a lot of factors which could negatively affect the success rate of people who use the formula this program teaches. Contrary to Amy Jensen’s income calculator she uses, the odds of success are never high in these businesses.

3) Based on my previous experiences with these types of website set ups, I strongly believe Amy Jensen isn’t real. There’s a lot of fake work at home sites coming up with fake personas, fake pictures and they almost always are single moms with similar stories. So I just have a hard time believing this when I see it again and again…

Final Rating: Point And Click Profit.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. $97 to get this kind of info, plus potentially having to spend more on the Easy1Up program just isn’t worth it guys. I’m glad I had an issue with the payment because in hindsight, I’m 100% certain I’d be requesting a refund as soon as I got it…

My final thoughts:

Programs like Point And Click Profit generally decorate the truth about making money online in that they make it sound easier than it really is. But even though it is totally possible to do, there’s different methods, each with their own risk. Some require big money investments, some require a lot of trial and error and many are just scams.

As I said before at the top of this review, I would provide you with a better recommendation for success in this business and that comes in the form of this program:

I’ve successfully been able to make an income from home thanks to it. You can see how it works here. The process is actually simple to understand, kind of like Point And Click Profit, but it works a little bit differently and in my opinion is easier and involves less risk. It’s also the best program I’ve ever tried for working from home.

Point And Click Profits

$97 and a lot higher if you get into Easy1Up.

Point And Click Profits



  • None.


  • The usual fake creator, fake work at home site scam.
  • In addition to paying $97, it'll try to get you to buy Easy1Up stuff, which is VERY expensive.

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