Is League of Power a Scam? Let’s Uncover What’s Really up.

I looked over League of Power and I have to say, based on what I’ve seen, I am not impressed at all by this site (possible scam), and I’ll explain why.

As a marketer (about me), whenever I see sites like this, and check them out, I look for things like:

  • What sort of value/training do they offer.
  • If there are hidden costs or things I’m not being told.
  • How valuable is the info I’m given.
  • What are other NONE affiliated sites saying about this particular place.

Because in all honesty, to see if a program is truly legitimate, these particular questions have to be asked and answered, and in the case of League of Power, I unfortunately have to say it didn’t deliver for me on MOST of them…

But I’ll give you the answers to those questions above, and if you decide to join, that’s your call, but I will be providing an alternative program recommendation that does deliver and frankly OVER delivers on those questions:

league of power alternative

But let’s stick to the main program review first:

League of Power, the overall summary:

league of power review


There’s a free newsletter sign up, which I did opt in for. I didn’t really get much except a preparation email saying the publisher of the program will be in touch with me.

Supposedly there’s a near $30 a month charge later on within the site’s sales funnel, possible product recommendation which do cost money (and possibly which League of Power is affiliated with) and even a high ticket up-sell (Something that basically costs $1,000’s). 

Note: This is NOT 100% verified, but I’ve been reading other blogs on this program and they seem to be in agreement that this happens, but never the less, until I personally see this, I’m not making a 100% “this is true” claim.

What exactly is this program? 

The main context of the site (the way I understood it) is that it’s some sort of “rebellious” anti-main stream program that shows you how to be financially free, that there’s secrets not being told, that they will reveal to you and that you’ll be part of some inner circle club if you stick with them (there is a private members area).

I personally think a lot of these messages are overblown and nonsense to make people drop their guard and later on buy the program’s products, but let’s not go that far yet.

There’s also 3 main programs within the site: Freedom by Friday, Easy Street and Weekend Business Blueprint, that I will talk about in a moment…

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

I’ve looked the site, I’ve signed up to the newsletter, I read their blog, and other reviews on this program and I have determined that this site/program does not really deliver the massive value it’s trying to make it sound like it does. 

There is a TON of hype, but very little actual good info to use and I strongly (I mean that) believe that there may indeed be some sort of money funnel involved that will get you to try and pay.

That’s how these programs work:

Earn your trust by saying they’ll show you secrets, make you sign up, hit you with sales funnels.

It’s not exactly a scam procedure if you’re given good stuff, but it can be used both ways (good and bad).

What are the pros of League of Power?

Well surprisingly, this program has a physical address attached to it. And even more surprising is that there’s a workable number to call.

Some of their blog material (which is free to view) is not bad, but overall lacks imagery to make it better, it’s a lot of reading in many cases, but I found some of the material to be outdated.

Ok what about cons? Grab your coffee…

1) I see absolutely 0 reason to join, because the products they pitch and the message they relay seems like a lot of hype. The only good things I found (and I had to look for it) was in their blog material, some of it is good, but overall, I don’t see anything special about what they say there (financial tips, marketing, accounting stuff, ect…), vs even free blog material that’s readily out there on Google.

2) The site is clearly an HTML website and typically these sorts of old websites to me signal that there’s outdated training, even if it’s good.

I saw 0 value in signing up to their newsletter (even though I did). 

3) Their 3 main products that I listed above don’t really give me much evidence for them being good, again it’s a lot of hype:

-Freedom by Friday appears to be a rebellious, any main stream content you get. Ok, guess what, I can get that type of content on free sites. 

-Easy street appears to just be a program about saving money and preserving it. Ok, I guess that’s good, but what’s stopping someone from looking at free blogs that also give these tips? I see no reason to sign up here…

-And finally, Weekend Business Blueprint is where I think League of Power may start promoting programs and products to you in the form of business opportunities. I cannot verify the validity of these programs, but I would only say that you should be careful, as often times business opportunities may cost a lot and produce little.

Final Rating: League of Power.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. Like I said earlier, there isn’t 100% evidence on my end to say that League of Power is a scam, but there was VERY little positive stuff I could find from other blogs/sources about this program and also my own marketing experiences and knowing how things flow from sites like this, I have to say, be cautious, very cautious people.

My final thoughts:

My honest guess here is that after signing up to their free newsletter, the next step is to warm you up to get these above 3 products (or more) and/or join their members area.

Could it be good? Sure, but I saw no evidence of that as there was no good content provided to me to trust them. Always be vary of websites that have little or no evidence or content to show their claims (here’s a perfect example: Website ATM) and just try to get you inside their sales pitches through hype alone, I mean that.

But again, this whole conclusion I came to isn’t out of nothing, it’s also from the other blogs I’ve researched on this program.

I know better than to get brainwashed by any site that tries to get my trust/friendship in saying they’ll show me secrets and none mainstream things to succeed in life. It’s very often a careful ploy designed to get people to buy things on the back end, be careful. 

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