Is Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam? A Member’s Review.

Quick Report:five minute profit sites review

Name: Five Minute Profit Sites.

Price: $37. Up-sells are present, 1 for $197, which they attempt to give away for “free” if you don’t buy it on the checkout page, but this leads to buying it later (you basically get it for a trial). Then there’s a second for a “traffic tsunami” package that’s $97.

Full Disclosure: I didn’t buy the up-sells, just the main $37 program.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars.

The concept of getting quick traffic and making quick sales exists, but unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to come from this program. The training is very old fashioned and teaches ways to generate money through something that doesn’t have rates of success and I’ll show you why as I go over it in this review…

Recommended? No!

What is Five Minute Profit Sites (FMPS)?

It’s a program which through very simple steps shows you how to promote Clickbank products via creating an opt in page and then sending to it traffic from 3 different sources: Paid traffic sites like Udimi, Solo Ads or Ad Swaps, and neither of those 3 methods are things I’d rely on. But here’s what you’ll see inside this place:

Theoretically, the way it’s assumed that you’ll make money through this system is that you’ll have a:

  • Site.
  • Autoresponder (They promote to you Aweber).
  • You will use one or all three traffic methods they advise and send traffic to the site you made.
  • Then you’ll collect an email list from that traffic and pitch to them products from Clickbank. 

The set up of all this can take a beginner a few hours and an expert less than 1 hour to work with, but once it’s set up, the big question is…

Will this formula make you money? Why I’m saying no.

What I’m about to say comes from experience in email marketing, traffic generation and success online so this an intermediate/expert perspective you’re getting:

There’s this stereotype going around in the internet marketing world where most of the “gurus” and internet marketing programs that teach making money online preach about:

They preach that the key to success is through list building and traffic generation and they are technically right, but the problem is that the stuff they are preaching, they are neglecting to mention fine and IMPORTANT details that go with this formula.

For example:

Here’s how most systems including Five Minute Profit Sites make it sound: Make a simple site, promote any product, send it traffic and boom, easy money. Or is it? 

Wrong, it’s not. I can tell you with near 100% certainty from my own experience and the countless other failed marketers who tried this and lost money that it’s not that simple. 

These same gurus (many of them are scammers) and people are neglecting countless factors and facts when it comes to making this formula a success. Here’s just 3 to consider:

1) Beginners don’t know a thing about list building.

It’s not easy. Getting an email does not equal easy money, you have to know how to email people and gain their trust and that can take a long time. Here’s a better option.

2) Buying traffic from easy traffic sources like the places they listed is not recommended. 

Any experienced marketer who understands traffic generation would not recommend that his/her clients do this stuff. Why? Because you are likely buying cheap cold traffic that just doesn’t convert/buy. 

Good marketers who understand traffic know that they have to go to places that provide them with targeted traffic. Places like Facebook, Google Adwords and Bing. That’s where I personally go to get REAL, laser targeted traffic.

3) There’s unexpected extra costs to use this system…

While there are 2 up-sells you don’t have to buy after you purchase Five Minute Profit Sites, the unfortunate truth is that the steps will force you to buy at least 3 things:

-A hosting account to have your site be operational.

-An Aweber account. You get a free trial for a month, but it is $19.99 after that.

-Whether you use 1 or all 3 of the traffic methods in this system, you will be required to pay. The prices vary based on how many clicks or how much traffic you wish to get.

That’s a lot of extra money spent on things that are 100% uncertain to make you money. Is that a safe bet? No it’s not…

Final Rating: Five Minute Profit Sites.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. You can make a site quickly and get traffic quickly with this system, but there is a big, extra price for all this to work and the profit part is where I’m calling them out because I know how hard it is to make that sale happen and it’s not going to be as simple as they are making it sound.

My final thoughts: How to really make this type of system work (2 things).

As I am experienced in this stuff, the good news is that I can see the holes in systems like Five Minute Profit Sites and identify what needs fixing. So here’s what I say:

1) I would not recommend this system to anyone. It is not telling you numerous facts about what it takes to make this stuff all work and this is going to lead to people failing.

2) The idea of making a website, and attracting traffic to make sales is legit, the problem is that not every program teaches it right, certainly not this one (it leaves too much info out).

The way I make this type of stuff work is like this (an example):

If there was a simplified, fast way to explain making money online, that would be it folks. But I would still tell people that to make that type of system work, you’d need a program that actually taught it that, correct way. And it’s not Five Minute Profit Sites, sorry. Instead…

Now the system I explained above is actually the same type of system I’ve created multiple successful websites with and the thing to note isn’t just that this works, it’s also that once you have the first 3 things going for you, the 4th and 5th one (which is where you make the money is up to you). For example:

When I have the site and the right traffic coming to it, the way I can make money from them could be through various options:

-I could sell them the product directly on the site by connecting with giant affiliate programs like Amazon and just linking them to it.

-I could collect an email list and then do an email blast of a big sale going on with a product I’m promoting.

-I could write an give away a free eBook with links to products to buy from that free eBook.

-And more…

Now having done these 3 things across my different pages and made money in the process, I know how that works, but it’s the first 3 things you really need to have if those 4th and 5th things are going to work for you and that’s what my recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate is going to teach you.

Anyway, I know I went off track from a review of Five Minute Profit Sites, but I think there wasn’t anything extra worth mentioning, and I’m fairly certain by the halfway point in this review, you just wanted to see a better program. Well now you know it 🙂

Five Minute Profit Sites

$37 with upsells

Five Minute Profit Sites



  • None.


  • I believe this program makes you think making profitable sites is easy.
  • They upsell you hard with this program.

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