Is Quick Paid Surveys a Scam? Why I Don’t Recommend it.

Quick Report:quick paid surveys review

Name: Quick Paid Surveys.

Price: Free.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars. My honest opinion is that this is not an opportunity to make good side income.

I’ve seen way too many programs like these give off that impression and the truth is that when you run the numbers, how much time it takes to do these questionnaires, you’ll just end up wasting time and there’s better ways to make a side income from home…

Recommended? No.

Quick Paid Surveys (QPS) in a nutshell:

It’s been a long time since I dared to do another review of a site like this one, but today, that changes. In this case, the specific program in question, QPS is in my opinion just another false opportunity that makes people think they can make some good money from home just answering questionnaires, but when you attempt to do it, you’ll find it takes A LOT longer than you can imagine.

My experiences with the program:

After going over the site personally, it didn’t take long for me to discover that this program had many of the issues I have criticized paid online survey programs for, for years (here I list some legitimate paid surveys).

Let me quickly explain what this program is all about in terms of opportunity:

-You get paid $3 for setting up your account. It took me less than a minute, so that was nice.

-You can cash out after earning $15. 

-You can refer people into the program and earn points this way.

-You have numerous ways to make money from this program, one of which is answering daily questionnaires that pay you $0.50 or more. However, these are limited to how many you can take in a day and how often the survey you selected opens up, meaning you may only take certain ones, once a day for instance. In this regard, you are sort of “capped” at what you can earn daily. Here is an example:

quick paid surveys members area

-Other ways to earn involve joining other side partner sites associated with this program, which are also survey sites. Joining them gives you points that go to your Quick Paid Surveys account, but it is a very small amount. I tried one of their recommended sites to make a little extra, only to be rewarded less than a dollar for joining.

-Another way to earn money is to sign up for trial offers, but that sometimes involves getting products in the mail, and then giving a review of them. In my opinion, that is not worth the wait, the cost and the time to answer the questions…

-In short, there are fast surveys you can take within this program, but overall, what you earn is ridiculously little and it takes a lot of time for the $15 threshold to be met. When you analyze how long it’ll take you to answer enough questions and do enough offers to earn that amount, in most cases, it’ll be hours and I’m being optimistic here. Overall, I’m not recommending you sit around and answer questions for that long to earn so little…

My bigger experience with this industry that I need to share with you:

QPS isn’t the first program of it’s kind that I’ve reviewed or tried over the years (here is how I came to the conclusion that paid surveys are terrible). After seeing 99% of them work in the same, waste of time way, I realized that this whole industry is nearly impossible to make good money with and most of the time, it’s the actual survey program which makes anything. 

Furthermore, these sites also affiliate with one another and then refer their members into each others organizations as affiliates so they make the big money, while the members make a little amount. In QPS, this was evident with all the other programs they were recommending I join for small monetary compensation. 

In short, this industry is a huge scam in that people are not told how extremely difficult it is to make money with it. Only after going through numerous programs like these did I realize the truth.

In fact, I wrote a whole article on 5 ways you can identify if the questionnaire site you are interested in joining is legit or not, and the ironic thing about that is…

Most of these sites are legit, because they do pay what they say they’ll pay you, including the one I’m reviewing here, but the problem is that they can’t pay you well for the work they demand you put in. For example, you can’t just answer 10 questions in a minute and get paid $10 or $1 for that matter. 

Where the scam happens is when they try to charge you to enter their members area and/or give you the impression of how easy it is to make money. In a way it is, but to make enough to pay for bills and such things is where it’s almost impossible so that’s where I’m really critical of these places…

Certain sites also cap your opportunities to earn money throughout the day so you are limited to how much you can earn and this sets another ceiling to overcome with the existing obstacles you need to pass to make any good money.

Final Rating: Quick Paid Surveys.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. The site is legitimate, but that doesn’t mean you’ll make good money, not at all unfortunately. I would not waste time with this program or this industry in general. Here is what’s better.

My final thoughts:

The short story is:

In my opinion, you are likely NOT going to make any good money with these sites, even with the legitimate ones, sorry. Take it from a man whose tried many of them and has seen the same lesson/realization play out each time.

But it’s only because there’s such a HUGE demand in the work at home industry for these places, these programs keep being released again and again. 

And it’s like a cycle where every new one that is released gets hype from affiliates who are promoting them saying that this is the new, legitimate one worth trying that will “finally make you money”. But it’s a lie because the affiliates will the only ones who make the real money.

Then when you join the program and that program filters you through their other paid survey sites that they are also affiliated with, you end up getting caught in the promotional spider web that just wastes your time and rewards the program owners only. So yeah, in short, it’s a horrible waste of time and it’s taken me a long while to realize how this whole operation works. But now that I do, I warn people to stay away from them and where to go to find the real opportunities:

I know I didn’t exactly dive too deep into QPS in this review, but there was honestly nothing unique to be said about it. I saw right away how the site operated and connected it to my previous experiences on how the industry works, and that made me realize there was nothing special or good to recommend about this program.

Quick Paid Surveys


Quick Paid Surveys Score



  • None.


  • Survey sites like this take too long to make any decent money with in my experience.

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