Is Click Intensity a Scam? My Very Controversial Review.

Quick Report:

Name: Click Intensity. Nick Johnson (CEO).

Price: Free membership, with $25 per each advertising unit to advertise and partake in placing ads and receiving revenue shares from the company. 

click intensity review

Overall Rating: Pending.

While some may have considered this program to be the biggest thing in online marketing back in 2016, I’m going to stay away from that bandwagon because I know how these companies work and what will eventually happen. This whole review of CI is based on my personal opinion of it.

Very important update!

The Click Intensity program has changed drastically. When it first came out, it was a PTC program, and that is what the review below talks about, but it has since changed a lot.

Now it’s business model is entirely different and while I will try to do an updated review to cover what it is today, please note the review below does no reflect the current version of Click Intensity.

At the same time, I cannot say whether the new one is good or bad, so please do not mistake the review below for the current program that it’s changed to.

But overall, when I reviewed Click Intensity originally, it was a make money opportunity that I did not recommend for the risks explained below. And…

Click Intensity (CI) in a nutshell:

This is a program that combines together elements of:

  • Pay to Click (PTC). You get paid to click ads, share them and posts. 
  • MLM. There is a “scheme” where you can build out a team who then refer others. 7 layers possible
  • Traffic Exchanging. You pay to advertise ads on the CI network to get clicks from other members. 
  • Solo Ads. You can separately buy these from the network to get direct clicks to your website from CI.
  • It also includes affiliate marketing in that you promote CI.

All of these things are part of the integrated system which makes up Click Intensity. I can find a bunch of reasons to criticize each of them, but under this network, that becomes much easier and yet this scheme does work (for a time…).

Here’s just some of the controversial things I’ll be discussing about Click Intensity:

  • Reasons I feel it is pyramid scheme as well as a ponzi. 
  • Why it’s very risky to work with because I’ve seen what happens to these types of companies. 
  • Why it does work to an extent and will for some people and yet there will be a big group that it won’t work for because there won’t be enough money to pay everyone. I will show you this below.

You may think that just by those statements, I am sort of contradicting myself by saying it is something bad like a ponzi and yet it works, so where do I stand? I will explain everything because you can’t just give this type of program 1 identification when there’s multiple things that identify what it is. You need to go over everything and that’s what I’ll do.

Exaggerated claims? Yep there’s a lot of those in Click Intensity:

PTC sites and whatever else I listed above to describe CI have become very popular networks lately and that’s because the one thing that makes them so easy to market is this: Easy money or at least the promise of it. Yet there is still not a single business that operates under these stats that I’ve found to be legitimate or not a ponzi. CI basically follows the same path as them…

With CI, after you join as a free member, you are given a welcome video in which a short cartoon explains how the network works. It is vague, it is extremely one sided, but some things that you will hear from it are claims of:

  • 100% success.
  • 0 risk.
  • CI being full proof.
  • That it’s going to be very popular. 

And let me tell you, those claims cannot all be true, especially the 100% success rate, that will never happen in a business. And there are enough historic case studies of these types of businesses from the past that fell apart that we’ll look at to see where CI is going to eventually be headed…

History of Click Intensity:

This may be a bit outdated, but when I first reviewing CI, it was set to be released. Originally CI was supposed to be launched on March 16th, but that date has moved to March 27th:

This may have happened because they have not yet accumulated enough members (I think it’s close to 50,000 as of right now) to market enough and you’re likely to see A LOT of pre-advertising on various websites and video sites promoting CI saying to join under them. These people are scrambling to get in on the business because in all of these places, timing is truly important. Those people will be the ones who make the most money once it launches.

How does Click Intensity work? The model and risky compensation plan explained:

I did join Click Intensity and looked through all of their back office information including the compensation network. Basically this is an enclosed network where people can make money several different ways:

1) They can buy what are known as gold adpacks for $25 which buy you 1,000 coins.

click intensity gold pack screenshot

These coins or adpacks give you the ability to place ads on the CI network to advertise your business. I don’t know how much the coins exchange for when it comes to advertising space but the more you buy, the more exposure you get. As someone who has a business website, these packs can get you clicks and possible leads to your business. 

2) They can buy silver adpacks, also for $25 which also give you 1,000 coins, but they are silver.

click intensity silver pack screenshot

They cannot be exchanged for money (gold ones can from what I read), but buying these adpacks gives you the ability to receive money from the revenue share generated by CI.

The more of these adpacks you buy, the more you can make from the general profits made by CI. Each $25 adpack gives you 1 profit share of CI.

How much profit shares equal will probably depend on how many members are in the system spending money, then an overall redistribution percentage is decided I believe. You cannot buy more than 4,000 in adpacks which costs $100,000…

Now you may have seen from promotional videos that you can earn up to 120% back from each adpack you buy. That number is such a marketing ploy because it’s only just a $5 profit for each $25 adpack, but what sounds better, 120% return or $5 profit? However, with each adpack you buy, you can potentially earn more.

3) You can also be a direct affiliate of this company and earn 10% from adpacks (they have to be silver!) purchased by your referrals.

If they re-buy, you also earn 10%. If you are a free member and refer others, you earn 5%.

4) Then comes the MLM part of Click Intensity in which you can build a “team” up to 7 levels down.

If your referrals get their own referrals and those people also get others, you will get paid a portion of what 2nd level through 7th level referrals buy and here is the breakdown straight from their compensation booklet:

click intensity compensation model

Now this aspect of the comp model confused me because they say you need to own silver ad packs to get the referral bonus which I understand, but then they also mention that you can get paid for each referral if they buy more than just silver ad packs. Fine, but if you look at the direct promoting, they say you make 10% of each referral when they buy SILVER adpacks and nothing else is mentioned, so I don’t understand this.

In fact, the compensation model was very short, but vague in explaining things. There were also some slang words used in places (“Ur” “U”) and overall I had a lot of questions afterwards. You are much better of looking at their “Concept Presentation” PDF which was very well done.

5) Finally the last piece of the Click Intensity money making network is that you get paid to complete tasks…

Which range from looking at websites, clicking on links and banners displayed on the network (probably the same ads gold package buyers get) and sharing CI as well as other featured promotions on the network on social networks.

While these tasks are simple to do, if you are a paid member of CI, you do get more of them to complete. If you are a free member, you get less. I don’t know how much you earn per task, but I assume it’s compensated in coins which you can exchange for money.

Business people, aka those who buy gold packs (1), advertise their businesses on CI will likely be expecting to receive clients and clicks from this group of people (5), but usually the kinds of work these people do which is just clicking the ad, sharing and visiting the site, they’ll just do it to get credit from CI for the click so they can make money and rarely to actually look and possibly buy the offer displayed. Remember they just spent money on adpacks too, they want that ROI most likely and are not looking to spend more. 

As I’ve said SO many times, these types of programs usually yield what is known as junk traffic. This will later play a BIG role in bringing down the whole CI business in my opinion. 

Note: I also have a suspicion those gold coins and basically the overall currency are masking the truth about Click Intensity’s real numbers being transparent. I’ve seen in a ponzi scheme like Zeek Rewards where money was transferred into points to mask the scheme.

Note 2: Click Intensity is also using Payza. I think they avoided Paypal because they would have frozen their funds like they did with Traffic Monsoon (basically the same as Click Intensity, see what it turned into…) so Payza makes it easier to do business, but the lack of Paypal is always something that worries me about any program.

If you do the math the money you can “make” doesn’t make sense:

And that’s where you can spot a ponzi:

So with just about every PTC site I’ve checked out, there is always some kind of deficit left in the way people are paid out. I’m going to explain it broadly, then add in more and more details to help you understand why there’s very likely a ponzi scheme going on:

Let us say that this business has just started and got it’s first client.

That client put in $25 and expects a potential $30 back ($5 profit). Where will they get it?

Well CI would have to get another client to come in and pay for their own $25 adpack. Then a portion of that investment would pay the original client who is now happy with their $5 profit, but now…

You have the new member who also expects a $5 return which has to come from somewhere…

But that somewhere is always going to have to be NEW clients entering the network (constantly, paying for as many adpacks to pay for the previous clients who come in and want their profits).

In my opinion, just like that, simple math exposes the ponzi:

And remember, there eventually has to be a limit to how many people join and trust me, it will happen. 

Eventually with less people coming in, more deficits ($5 deficit per adpack) will accumulate, and the company will not be able to pay everyone.

And that’s not the ONLY deficit, remember, there’s still responsibilities of the company to pay out a revenue share to it’s members and let’s not forget the owners of the business need to earn something too so there’s a chunk going to them, believe it.

And that just means the deficit is going to be greater than that $5 measurement. With even any sort of deficit existing, how can anyone believe that 100% of people will be paid? It’s impossible!

Worried about CI? I am, which is why I recommend this SAFE program instead.

I’m recommending that because in my opinion, after seeing tons of businesses like CI come and go, I expect the same thing will happen to CI. Again, in my opinion, when it does, if you’re prepared and have a real business set up such as with the recommendation I gave, you won’t have to worry about these types of companies. 

What eventually happens when these deficits get too big: Big problems:


Think of economic bubbles that eventually deflate (run out of air or in this case money). That’s what eventually happens to PTC sites.

With junk traffic in my opinion possibly being a HUGE factor in this company yielding small profits for advertisers, they (the advertisers) may spend less on ads which means overall, you’ll get less people in time advertising and spending and even joining CI and remember in this business, new members are the FUEL. Without it, the business will not work.

Remember, people PAY to have their ads shown on CI. If it doesn’t make good money, they will be less likely to advertise again. Less people advertising = less people paying into the bubble which begins the deflation process.

With less ads available overall and other groups of members still wanting to click on them to make money, there will be a deficit in new members and money to give out. 

As they approach the point where not enough members can get paid, stops and delays are put on withdrawals and also how much members can take out (right now it’s $25, but expect it to rise) and in correlation, these problems lead to people getting mad which also slows down new referrals from coming in due to the rising negative feedback.

The deficit that occurs from this model is going to happen, it always does. And the people who succeed with CI will be those who are entering it right now when it’s fresh, there’s no negative rumors. Usually PTC networks explode with popularity and clients at first so the ones who hop on early, get the most. 

Then the next category or people are those who join there to earn something extra which they will as long as the company isn’t in it’s late stages (where the deficit gets too big because there is a slow down of new clients). They will also break even and make money.

But it’s people who enter this network late, possibly in the next year or two depending on the lifespan of this network who will not get their money back. So from the $25 to however much else they invest, they will at best make a small piece of their investment back which still leaves them in the negative and that will be a very large group of people who join it. That’s where I assume CI is a pyramid scheme. 

In my opinion this is what will happen to this program. Right now since it’s new, it’s going to be big and it will make members money, but please be careful…

Summarizing how it may all end:

If you’re new to PTC sites or this kind of business, everything I just said might confuse you, so I will summarize my main points on CI and why in general these businesses fail:

  • New members entering and people advertising on the site (spending) = the fuel to the whole network.
  • Junk traffic from people just clicking to make money will give little/no profits for advertisers within this whole network causing them to leave and/or instead partake in the revenue sharing venture which means overtime there will be less fuel, but you’ll still need to fill up all the members who join, but you can only do that with more new members, but as long as the main problem remains (It’s impossible to pay EVERYONE when they is always at least a $5 deficit taking place per each adpack being purchased, it just adds up to a bigger deficit with each new member). So you basically have a lot of members, but not enough fuel (money) overtime to supply them all, thus not everyone can get paid at the same time.
  • If people start wanting their money or want to cash out, the company will have to place limits if there’s not enough money to be given out and will have to wait for new members to come to pay the current one who wish to withdraw, that’s why I said there will be some sort of limits and new rules of withdrawal taking place. 
  • These problems (deficits, junk traffic, more red tape for members) will only snowball into more problems and cause less people to join overtime. Again, less and less fuel = bigger and bigger problems for the network. 
  • It eventually has to fail in my opinion…

Final Rating: Click Intensity


The original Click Intensity struck me as a ponzi scheme and like I said above, this review reflects the ORIGINAL program that it was and it has changed ever since to something that appears to be completely different.

The same things I said about the original Click Intensity, I cannot say for the current one and will create a new review when I can to provide better info on the current version.


My final thoughts and what I really think about Click Intensity:

In my opinion, I look at Click Intensity as a socialist approach to business where because more money must be given out than paid in by members will eventually destroy the business itself.

You can look through all the opportunities to make money with CI and see that in the end no matter how many ways you’ll make money, no matter how many members you’ll bring it, they will all do it to make even more money than than what they put in and that simply will not be manageable by the business overall. 

I will not risk getting involved with this business when I have seen so many like it before go down the same way (and start the same way). I don’t doubt that Click Intensity will be successful and people will make money with it, I just know how it’s going to end…


14 thoughts on “Is Click Intensity a Scam? My Very Controversial Review.”

  1. Every review of yours that I have read is great! This one is no different. I’ve said it before in reviewing other online business and I’ll say it again, when will people learn that you don’t make money without putting in work. Seriously, I’m gonna make a fortune clicking ads!

    I don’t think so. Do I believe you can make money online? Absolutely, but I also believe it takes work. Thanks as always.

  2. Hello Vitaliy,

    Thanks for your review On Click Intensity – I never heard of them. AND in reading your review, I will stay clear of them.

    It is true that each new bait becomes bait for the next new bait…where does it end? Especially, like you said, if all the baits want their money at the same time.

    Your post is very informative.

    Thanks for taking the time. And also, for your personal recommendation.

    Good luck.


  3. Hi Vitaliy,

    There are a lot of those ponzies and scams out there. Thanks for giving me the insight prior to being lured into this “trap”. I realized a long time ago now that there are no “getting rich quick”. You have to put out the effort. This CI thing is doomed from the start as per your analysis. Its just basic mathematics. Thanks again for the heads up.

  4. I’m not so sure about this Click Intensity program. Are members essentially paying for clicks to their business websites through the purchase of “adpacks”? So you need to have an existing website before getting started with them? And what good are random clicks when they’re not targeted? I can see what you mean by giving such a low rating.

    • Hi Matthew, yes they are. Only members who buy gold packs need to have websites. Silver buyers are the ones who click on them. But you’re right, they’re not targeting so these gold pack buyers are wasting their money.

  5. Hey, Vitaliy! Thanks so much for making this semi-easy for a not-so-savvy wanna be entrepreneur to understand! Had I not read your review, I could see myself falling easily into the trap, here. What do you think the longevity is, for a company like this? And, do you think when they do fail, they just start up shop under a different name?

    • Hi Barb, the longevity of these companies depends on how many people they can get when they launch and how well those initial referrals bring in others to spread the word. I can’t make a prediction on Click Intensity but popular examples like Zeek Rewards and Traffic Monsoon have been around for years. If Click Intensity reaches the same kind of popularity, it would be very likely they also last that long.

      For the other question, while I can’t comment on the creators of Click Intensity, the person who created Traffic Monsoon, also had other programs before it which failed.

  6. I not only feel sorry for the people that fall into the trap of joining programs like Click Intensity from the “paid to click side”, there are also people that are spending advertising money on these “packs” of traffic. Very low quality traffic.

    These PTC programs are literally popping up everywhere. They concept behind them is based purely a scheme, people doing monkey work, and at the end of the day they rely on a whole lot of people doing “senseless” clicking and another lot of folks that buy into the hope of ad packs.

    Eventually they run out of people to fool into buying into their schemes.

  7. Hello Vitaliy,

    Wow thanks for breaking down CI’s opportunity so clearly. I can definitely see how this will eventually fall completely apart. I hate to see schemes like this, it really has a negative impact on the minds of people who are wanting to be successful at making money online. I look forward to seeing more of these companies being called out.



    • Well one of the bigger problems is that this type of company will inspire more to pop up, while it is in business and if it fails in the future. The model they’ve come up with is easy to entrance people with. Even if they know it’s a scheme, if there’s money there, they’ll still do it and if it fails, they’ll jump to the next one that looks like it. People did that with Zeek Rewards.

  8. Thanks very much for your honest opinion on Click Intensity which to me does actually mirror MAPS, Traffic Monsoon (as you stated) and other programs of the same structure.

    YAY, I can’t wait to see this program plastered all over the net after the lauch date… NOT!

    Thank You for your thoughts Vitaliy, and (CI) is not worth the risk of losing money and making little in return.


    • Unfortunately it will happen Neil and if not this one, then another PTC site. Easy money promises are just too easy to not pass up.

  9. Yeah it sounds pretty dodgy from the start. The fact that they managed to combine something like PTC and MLM makes the whole thing sound a little bit ‘pyramid’ at best. Thanks for covering this – I bet they’ve already roped in a few thousand members and made money off them!

    • They’ve already got a lot of members Chris but these companies have taken MLM to another level and I think it all began with Zeek Rewards so maybe they are using the same kind of formula.


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