How to Write Quality Content For a Website.

The phrase quality content is thrown around a lot these days but most people don’t really know how to write it for their website/show to write quality content or what it actually means. If you know how it works and how to do it, you’re going to find that success online is going to come much faster and easier. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do here. 

What most people need to understand is that quality content involves writing for people, not for the sole purpose of trying to sell something or rank on search engines, but to provide valuable information that is helpful to readers/visitors. When writing on your articles/sites:

  • Keep the reader in mind. 
  • Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and look at your website/articles/posts from the visitor’s eyes.
  • Don’t try to oversell anything.
  • Write as though you’re talking to your visitor 1 on 1. A conversation really. Write from your heart. 
  • Be engaging when writing. 
  • Write up content that can be debated. Maybe you have an opinion that others would agree/disagree with.
  • Try to be funny, helpful and without limits when writing (don’t overdo this though). 

This is such an important lesson that took me many years to understand. Why is it important? Because it creates trust from your visitors.

Your advice/opinions has them coming back to your website, commenting on your post/s, taking your advice on things you may promote and most importantly they see you as an authority. Sure not everyone will agree with what you write about, but that’s expected. 

Quality Content = Better SEO:

When you write quality content, your website’s authority will rise in Google. Why?

Because this is valued by Google more so than any other factor nowadays. And they will reward you for this with higher rankings and more impressions, meaning MORE traffic, more visitors and more success. I’ll explain why further below.

As the internet and search engines evolve further and further, the old approaches to SEO are quickly fading. Backlinking, using EMD (exact match domains), article spinners, ect… are things that no longer work because they try to play the SEO game, something which Google does not like, and rightfully so.

Why should someone who writes garbage and uses cheap tactics to get visitors be ranked higher than someone who writes quality content for the sole purpose to help people? They shouldn’t. It isn’t right. After all, it is Google’s reputation that’s on the line here!

People wouldn’t trust this search engine if all they had listed in their search results were sites not offering any information and just trying to sell things. And that’s the reason why nowadays the quality content website can/will be ranked higher. 

The Rule of Thumb:

Again, write for people, not search engines! Certainly you can do things such as keyword research in whatever your website’s niche is about and try to target those audiences, but even then, the goal should always be to provide valuable information to readers. 

If I was trying to rank under a keyword people commonly search for, my primary goal would be to actually provide information that would keep them coming back to my site, liking my page and asking me questions. And the best way to do this is just to write things people will enjoy reading. And the way I do that is by writing from the heart, something you should do too.

This will lead to:

  • Longer stays on your website from visitor/s. This shows Google people find what you have to write worth checking out. 
  • People liking/commenting on your website. This shows Google people engage on your website, a major plus.
  • Less bounce rates. This means less people leaving your website which also shows Google they want to stay on your page.
  • And more…

Think of all of these factors as “high quality symptoms” and if Google sees all of these, they will assume your site has great information worth ranking and showing off. All of these things will lead to better rankings in search engines. So in the end writing for people and being helpful ends up benefiting you the most! Remember that.

Update: More specific ways to create high quality content…

Here are 10 in which I’ll show you actual examples where the content is truly high level and you can use these references to create your own high quality posts so that they’ll experience the same benefits I listed above.

7 thoughts on “How to Write Quality Content For a Website.”

  1. Vitaliy,

    What are your thoughts on outsourcing to have website content written for you?

    Also is this a topic “how to outsource” that Wealthy Affiliate teaches on any level?

    Thank You!

    By the way…the method in how you teach is awesome and comprehensive! I’m sold and will be signing up via your site 🙂

    • First of, thanks a lot Derek! About outsourcing, if you asked me this same question a year ago, I’d say it’s not a good idea, but I’ve changed my opinion of doing this. I’m for it, BUT only when there’s a few circumstances that make it worth using:

      1. Your site has to be bringing in money. You want a small portion of those profits to pay for the writer/s.

      2. You need to find yourself a writer that understands your niche topic. Otherwise, you’re going to get bad content produced. I recently hired someone from WA (they do have outsourcing tutorials, but you can also ask the community there and connect with people who want to write for you) to write an article on a topic I knew very little about. He knew a lot about it and his expertise produced an excellent article that I paid $25 for. I couldn’t be happier.

      Outsourcing is a great way to take your mind of things, but try to make sure you’ve got those 2 things going for you first then it can be set to autopilot.

  2. Thank you for your informative information about how to write website content. I think the importance of quality content is becoming increasingly important in the future in terms of SEO.

    • It absolutely is Kjell. This kind of stuff was nowhere near as important years ago and that created too many spammers and people trying to make low quality pages for the sole purpose of selling. Now thankfully the trash is being taken out because Google values high quality pages > the old methods.

  3. This is extremely informative on writing quality content for a website. I will use this information no doubt on a regular basis. The website looks great, with all the bells and whistles. I would love to learn what this company teaches. Thanks

  4. I love the way you outlined the importans of quality content. To have that and (unique content, which not are copied from other sites), Google adores and loves!

    Also, you mentioned the backlinking thing… You are so right about, that this stuff doesn’t work anymore, now it’s quality content Google are looking for… Content that really are there for helping people… more than to just sell stuff!




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