How to Make Money After Retirement to Have a Stable Future

As someone who actively helps people create businesses and a better future, I often encounter a specific niche of people in this field and that is retirees. There are many who are simply uncertain if their pension or savings will be enough to carry them forward and/or they want to help the younger generations in their families thrive financially.

This is a very noble and understandable ambition to have and in this article I’d like to help retirees understand how they can actually make money and help themselves and their family continue to thrive.

How to Make Money After Retirement

An important story about retirees who seek these paths (avoid the scams):

I have to say that of the many retirees that I do encounter looking for ways to make a living post retirement, it is often AFTER they have been used or scammed by someone.

Retirees are unfortunately one of the top targets of scams, solicitations and fraud. I review many of these scams and they are often classified as work at home scams.

There are businesses, especially online ones who understand the same ambition I talked about and aim to capitalize on it through offering people who are just looking to better their family’s life business offers and “opportunities” which are simply scams in disguise.

They also often capitalize on the fact that people, especially retirees are very trustworthy and believe that the people offering them these opportunities have their best interests in mind. These leads down bad outcomes where people are sucked out of $1,000’s and are then at a much more distant path to reaching that goal they originally sought to reach.

I have MANY retirees on my website constantly telling me horror stories about how much money they were solicited for and it really bothers me to see this. I try my best to help these people get their money back and steer them to a place where they can really reach their goals.

Therefore if you are visiting this site right now and you were the target of a scam and lost money, please follow the directions I posted here to get your money back.

Now, how can someone who is retired make money?

Of the things I recommend people to make a living, the best one in my opinion is starting an online business. There are 7 simple reasons why:

1) Provided you follow the right path, it is extremely cheap (pennies cheap).

And yes if you’re reading this article, you are on the right path, keep reading.

2) You are able to create a business while doing something you love.

Many retirees have an overwhelming amount of knowledge in the field/s there were in when they were working full time and can continue to focus on that topic, but from a different, more comfortable environment which is…

3) You can work from home.

Online businesses carry the privilege of being things you can work to grow from your home. 

4) You can make more through your business than you did in your normal job for years and decades.

There is no fixed income when it comes to online businesses. How far your business grows depends will proportionally reflect how much you make.

5) You are the boss.

Chances are, you were likely an employee or a manager when you worked full time. Here, you are the only person who is in charge.

6) You can help your family.

As I said earlier, one of the biggest worries I find with people who are retired if their passion to help their family financially. 

7) If your current pension and/or savings aren’t enough, this can certainly supplement it. 

An online business as I said in #4 can really make you a good amount of money overtime. 

For people who are on a fixed income that is low and even to a point where it’s not enough, this can certainly help you.

A question I often get though for this point is what is one supposed to do if they receive a government pension or are some sort of assistance where if they earn over a certain amount, that assistance is cancelled.

My advice there is that you should work on building your online business to a point where it can equal or bypass the amount you make. If it does, your business can become your assistance. 

Now to the specifics, how can retirees make money with an online business?

Every retiree in my experience has 2 things:

1) They have experience in a field that spans for a long time. They know about certain topics, niches and have passions or hobbies that can be turned into businesses.

2) The way to turn them into businesses is to follow blueprints that actually show the step-by-step process of doing so.

How to do this:

I am part of a remarkable organization called Wealthy Affiliate. This is a program which helps people take experiences and passions one has and turn them into businesses, but through the internet.

This organization has a whole bunch of members, including MANY retirees, a lot of which I have personally referred to there and have been very happy to be a member of.

What that program teaches people to do is create a website on whatever it is you personally love or know about and build a business of it, but through the internet.

How it’s built:

The short story is that the internet is huge, and on the internet, certain groups of people (that we call niche audiences) are looking for things to buy and get answers to.

If the niche audience happens to be interested in that something that YOU know about, guess what? A website which explains the things you know to the niche audience looking for that info is an opportunity to turn those people into clients/sales and a stream of income.

For example:

Say you were a doctor for many years, specifically one on say heart health. Obviously you have gained extensive knowledge in the field of health.

Should you decide to make a website that helps people solve heart problems, you can build a business of that by offering consultations through your site and tips on having a healthy heart. In this particular case, you are looking at a niche audience of millions of people looking to receive help and be healthy. 

That example was about experience, but what about passion? Well if you have a passion which you never really realized into a business, Wealthy Affiliate can help as well, through the same exact process:

Find the niche audience that is interested in the SAME passion you are in and build a website that answers their questions on the said topic. 

It is not difficult to at all, especially with the website creation process and most people have a site up within a minute.

Now I am being extremely general with the explanation and I provide a much more detailed example right here where I show you what it’s like to be inside Wealthy Affiliate and what you learn so…

The story is that if you are truly looking for a sustainable living that online business is really one of the best ways to go and I have personally helped plenty of people who are no longer working accomplish their dreams to create fun businesses they love and ones that provide a means to help themselves and their family. 

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  1. Hi Vitaliy.

    I read your post with interest as it touches a very sensitive issue since a large number of older persons have really been scammed or robbed online.

    I found your site to be full of useful information and the research done is amazing.

    Just advise me though, how did you get the facebook logo, Twitter and Google+ embedded on your post?I would like to do the same for my site as well.



  2. Hi Vitaly–

    I like what you’ve written and think this should be helpful to retired persons. I will read your review on Wealthy Affiliate. But first, I have a question:

    I retired because I don’t want to work long hours anymore. How many hours of dedication would you say it takes to have any success?


    • If by any success, you mean online, I would say a few hours a day for an online business that’s in it’s early stages Steve. But I do write about the topic of success and the length of time needed to reach it here.


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