Home Internet Careers Review. Here’s Why it’s a Scam

home internet careers homepage screenshotHome Internet Careers contrary to it’s name is nothing close to what you may expect. It is a scam and I’ll show you why.

What it preaches sounds nice, but it’s just another link posting scam site that promises that you can make easy money posting links for big name companies.

This is simply deceptive advertising and you need to be warned about this and other places just like it.

Home Internet Careers explained:

I’ve been looking into programs like this Home Internet Careers and other work at home scams like it for quite sometime. In every instance it’s been a scam because what happens is that 1 person or several make these sites, advertise them, get visitors, sell you the scam, then if complaints arise, they shut down the site, re-open it under a different name and repeat the same formula all over again. 

It’s really a process of duplication. If a site shuts down, they just copy over everything but the name to a different place and the whole scam just keeps repeating itself. I think to date, I’ve reviewed 9 or 10 other programs like Home Internet Careers.

  • They all look the same.
  • The all advertise the same way.
  • They all have the same promises (post links for big name companies).
  • They all advertise you FAKE endorsements such as from big name media companies and give you the impression they are credible. This is NOT true. 

2/6/15: New version of the scam has been found! internetcareersonline

I always browse to see if they’re duplicating and I did in fact find another one: Internet Careers Online. Page looks the same, but as usual, the name is different so I know whether it’s the same person behind the site or even a different one, it’s still the same scam being run. 

How sites like Home Internet Careers operate & how to avoid being scammed by them:

  • You are looking for a work from home opportunity so you search online.
  • You stumbled onto a website which supposedly has information on the subject.
  • There are ads on this website which promise to help you make easy money. One of those ads leads to a place like this:

home internet careers

If at ANY point in time you ever stumble onto a site that looks exactly like this, click the back button and never look back. These sites are made to look professional and credible, but with nearly every one of these link posting scams I’ve spotted, they are all coming from sites that look exactly like the one I just showed you. 

They also add videos to these pages showing people making money online. But this is VERY deceptive as the video has nothing to do with the program being advertised on the site. This is always the case in all of the programs like this that I’ve reviewed. They do this to trick you into thinking they are being directly endorsed.

Again this is FALSE. 

Plus, if you look carefully, I also outlined the word Online Income Solution, which when I clicked on it took me to Home Internet Careers main website.

This is an example of what I warned people about: They keep switching up names to keep the scam going. Oh and I did already do a review on Online Income Solution.

The verdict: It’s a scam just like this place.

Anyway, let us continue: 

  • When you click on the link/s (in my case where it said Online Income Solution, I clicked, it took me to Home Internet Careers’s main website. 
  • They’ll tell you that you can sign up to see how many positions are available in your area. But this is a fake number. They use a system that detects your IP address & it’s location and then pull up that location saying “There’s an X number of spots available in your area”. This gives people the impression that they have to act now before it’s too late. Never fall for this.
  • Then you read the page about how easy it is to make money online posting links for companies. Again deceptive. I explained in a previous review that this idea of posting links is simply NOT as simple as they claim. No company is ever going to pay you such an outrageous amount of money for doing so little. What IS true is that you can promote products for big name companies and sell them on a website through affiliate links. If someone purchases the product from YOUR affiliate link, you can make money. But notice how different that explanation vs just make links for big name companies is…

Tired of scams? See my #1 recommendation for making honest money online.

  • Then you’ll read some sob story about a mom who was looking for a work at home solution or a guy who found a secret to making easy money and getting himself/herself out of the recession. It’s just all BS to create a personal connection and sell to you. In the case of Home Internet Careers, here is the sob story:

home internet careers kelly scott

  • In most of the programs I’ve reviewed, there’s always a different person. In Home Internet Careers, you are led to believe the person who made this site is Kelly Scott. I’m going to have call BS on that. I just don’t believe it after seeing so many other places like it. 

home internet careers alternative


  • None.


  • Same copycat link posting scam site.
  • Fake photos, fake endorsements, deceptive advertising, ect…
  • It’s a scam.

Final Rating: Home Internet Careers

0 Stars.

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out of 10 stars. The worst score is usually 1 star, but this one deserves the 0. If you want a REAL solution to making money from home, this is my top pick: Wealthy Affiliate.

My Final Thoughts:

I hope this review has helped you understand what Home Internet Careers and other sites like it really are: A scam. If you know other people who recommend it or are wondering about trying it, be sure to warn them about what they’re getting into. 

Additionally what I always ask is that if you know of other sites like this place, to please let me know about it so I can post it up here. You can let me know below in the comments section or you can report the online scam here. Here is another place I’ve reviewed that’s just like it:

Online Home Careers (notice the wording is similar).

What I’ve noticed is that they are changing up their sites more and more often. To me this signals that they’re not getting as many people in anymore which is great. But until we can get rid of these copycat scams for good, we need to keep informing people about it. 

57 thoughts on “Home Internet Careers Review. Here’s Why it’s a Scam”

  1. I was looking for a way to make extra income without having to do the two jobs thing again (I’m part time at a bank and did night time data entry for a few months, and it was really stressful!), so I out of curiosity filled in the blanks to see what would happen with my email address and phone number, and now all I get are calls from pyramid scheme places. How can I make this stop? Is there an unsubscribe option anywhere? My phone blows up while I’m at work and I’ll have 5 or 6 missed calls from totally random phone numbers!

    • Hi Tj, I do not have a solution for the calls but for the spam emails you get, you may be able to slow them down by opening one or more of them, and looking for a link which says “unsubscribe”. These links typically remove you from the email list you were attached to and can reduce them.

    • I signed up for the Kelly Simmons program and paid the $67.00. I received phone calls all day from numbers in Washington State. I did speak with one man who asked how many cards I owned and the amounts. I gave him rough estimates and then he asked for my address. I gave him my parents one where I used to live and the last four of my social. After that he placed me on hold and didn’t call back. What can they do with the information I gave them? I didn’t give my full social or credit card numbers but he did ask what cards they were.

      • Without a full social security, full credit card number and other info including a transaction actually being made, they can’t charge you for anything. Even if something like this happens, it is without your consent so if by some strange chance you see large, unauthorized charges, you can simply and legally claim identify theft. You should be fine and this type of scam happens quite often. You are the second person whose left a comment on my site who says they received calls from Washington State.

  2. I checked out WA, filled out info of my name email, etc to starter membership. Why do you have to go premium? It seems like this online business would take time to make money since you are relying on customers buying something from the internet links linked with your online business page you create?

    What is the link to your personal online business page? I would like to see a finished site.

    Is this business very tedious? I’ve created business websites before with Wix and it can become tedious to start designing details, how you want it and can take up hours. But is it also tedious when having to keep up with the traffic or promoting/marketing your link to the masses to create the traffic/boost?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Jhae, for WA, you can just be a free starter and not premium.

      As for personal page, you’re on it 🙂

      Finally, the business can be tedious, but with Wix, you have a different situation, you have more focus on a good looking page than a good content page from what I remember, so the focus is different and frankly, I prefer WordPress sites like this one. The hard work comes from writing content and when you have stable traffic coming in and a sales funnel working, you can work much less and let the business operate.

  3. I was believing it but thought I would relook later so clicked out got a leave page or stay on clicked leave got a special for $27 – “good clue” so closed out. GOOD-BYE work @ home site.

    • Many sites do that discount thing Dan, but it’s not something I’d say proves they are a scam. From now though, you can always try to save the link of the site, click the back button to see if there’s any discount and at least if you do buy it, you’ll know you managed to get it for the best price. Worst case, if the page vanishes, just re-paste the link to go back to the site and start over.

  4. Thank you so much for the info. It is bittersweet. I’m glad I did the research before I paid $97! But sad because looks like I’m stuck at my bad job!

      • Hi Vitaliy, can you honestly tell me what you deem as the best way to make some extra money online without getting scammed? I want your honest opinion please! I have a full time job, but need something part time to supplement my income.

        • I think it’s through starting your own business or writing for someone, that’s really it Laurie. i don’t know about every single option available online but these 2 work for me.

  5. Thank you for your warning. I almost paid. I’m a single mother working full time. My children are 8 and 10. I need another income source and if it can be from home, that would be perfect.

  6. Thank you so much for this information. I was just about to pay the $97 to start this program. I am in a very terrible financial situation. I am a single mother of 2 special needs boys. Due to my boys needs and My health I am unable to work outside the home. So please is there anything I can do from home online that I can make good money at to pay my debt’s off, buy a house, and a new van? Help please?

    • Hi Rebecca, if you write well, consider signing up on sites like Freelance where you’ll be able to write for people and get paid. This probably won’t make you good money, but it can provide something. The other thing is that you’re aiming for very big goals which good (house, car, van), but these things won’t come from a regular job quickly. To get those things, you need to really have either an established business or some very high paying job. Nothing average is going to be able to pay for all that.

  7. I can honestly say they almost had me, but my instinct was telling me it’s too good to be true. Me and my boyfriend read the whole spiel and planned on paying the $97 the next day when we got paid. Then I thought to myself, maybe I should google this “Kelly Scott” character, because if she is as famous as she claims, she should pop right up on the search engine right? Wrong. I couldn’t find her for the life of me, unless she is the Canadian athlete I found, which didn’t look anything identical to the picture on the HIC website. Then I google searched “Kelly Scott Scam” and your page came up. I just wanted to thank you for revealing the scam as it is and boy am I happy I read this and didn’t get sucked into the trap. I did have to enter my personal cell number to get to the site though and have had a couple phone calls from the same random number from NV. I searched the number as well and of course it’s them, probably trying to tell me what I missed out on and trying to get my CC Information. Once I found out it was them, I blocked the number. Thank you for the info. Really makes you realize how messed up the Internet can be. People stealing money for a living… Not from me! (:

    • Good work on researching this stuff first Lindsey! The best way to not get scammed is just to never deal with it in the first place.

    • For Lindsay and any other that gave them a phone number, especially a cell and are now getting calls from 100’s of scams. The solution is to save the number in your address book (I save mine in a contact labeled DNA (Do not Answer)), and assign it a ringtone of “No Ring” you can add quite a few under 1 DNA, when it’s full add a new one, save each one of the numbers till you can’t save anymore to that folder. If you don’t have a No Ring ringtone, it’s easy to make one with your recorder on the phone, turn the volume off and record 30 secs or so. Save as “no ring” in your ringtones. I don’t answer a call I don’t recognize, if they don’t leave a voice mail, I google for the number, If I can’t find it, I put it in No Ring and if they are legitimate they’ll leave a message. If they don’t want to leave one…………….Too bad they didn’t really want to get a hold of you. My home phone also allows me to assign ringtones. It’s great for all the political surveys that bug you during and election season.

  8. Good news I got my money back from Home Internet Careers. I called and canceled my credit card as well so I don’t have additional charges. Please research!!! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam. When I called to cancel service, guy was kinda rude and was asking why do you want to cancel? My reply is that I just want to cancel for several reasons and he questioned it again! I let my credit card know what was going on in case they try to charge anything else. These people are good at their jobs and make it sound soooo good. They make it sound that in 6 months you should be making all the money you want to make. Im glad I canceled in time and didn’t let them charge my card for more money.

  9. Omg! I should have done my research. I was looking for an online work from home and came across them. I was ify about it but decided to give it a shot since it was only $97 and the story sounded so good. I am like a single mom and was desperate to try anything. As soon as I signed up I got a call from a girl named Monica. She made it sound all good and that I could do the job and forwarded me to her supervisor. She did ask if I had credit cards and debt etc. I thought that was weird. She scheduled a time for him to call me the next day at 11 and guess what he never called. I called in to the number on the website and they saw how someone was suppose to call at 11 and apologized. It was then rescheduled to 1:30 by Monica which number came from Lubbock TX. I said ok Ill wait for the 1:30. By then I was pissed. Two minutes later the supposed supervisor called and said can I reschedule you Monica had an emergency and then I thought this is crap. I told him I just talked to her and he was surprised and made something up. His number was from another state that I cant remember. Monica called me back and went over things with me and said it would be an additional investment of $2400 to $2900. I then said what!? I misunderstood this and thought it was just posting links. Then she was like you can afford it etc. I was like no I cant. She then advised me to hear the business plan out and talk to her supervisor. I agreed to hear the plan. I then told him that I couldn’t afford to invest anything and he kept explaining etc. I then finally said I’m wasting your time and I’m not interest and then he still said he was going to call tomorrow. I bet they will call. I called my credit card and am going to dispute the charge after it posts. They told me should be able to cancel it since it within the 72 hours. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!! Man sucks I was so excited!! I hope I get my refund!!!!

    • I’m pretty sure they’ll “honor” the refund Veronica, but a dispute should do the job as well if they don’t. As I was reading about your experience with them, I was actually going to say, you were lucky that they didn’t call you back the first few times, only because they were going to up-sell you, which they did.

      Don’t let this experience upset you though. I go through this very often and many others do as well. There is always a way out and it’s easy to prove you were misled. I hope they’ll give you back the $97. In the meantime, since you did ask about online work, you might want to try the program I use, Wealthy Affiliate.

      It’s not really online work in the direct sense where you work for someone, but it has the option to register for free and from there, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a better path to take, like maybe writing for websites. There’s plenty of legitimate opportunities out there 🙂

  10. My turn….I have always wanted to see if these work from home story’s was real so I signed up with Home Internet Careers and paid the 97$ hoping that I found a legit company. I was emailed by a Sandy Sauve about the program and she sent me a link and the landing page is just like the one you show above. On May 23, 2015 I read the entire spiel watched the videos and clicked lets get started. Once I was “INSIDE” I was redirected to Click Partners where I set up my account, database, and then finally figured out how to post links. Mind you, it’s Memorial Day Weekend and the support team was off until Tuesday. When I learned exactly what I had to do, I was furious! The companies are not big name companies like projected! I was given 2 ways to post the links 1 via Craigslist/ Backpages 2 peoples’ email addresses that you download. You are given 6 offers to work with: Home Internet Careers $125, Versameal $4.50, Top 3 Work at Home $75, Hawaii Slim $25, Herbal Bust Plus $25, and Social Media Offer 7 $25. Now of course I chose HIC for the $125 and this is how it works: I post the link on an ad I create using Craigslist/Backpages and/or peoples’ email addresses and if someone signs up and pay the 97$ (like I did) I get paid $125 (like Sandy did). It’s June 9, 2015 and I haven’t got a bite yet. Sandy has been keeping in touch with me for sure, via email — she has now sent me links to other work from home jobs haaa this one is called MyFlex Jobs. I signed up watched the video went through the orientation and then went “INSIDE” the Assignment area but before I could do anything I had to pay for MyPCBackup $26 so I could store my work files. Okayyy I did it paid for it went into the Assignment area and to my amazement there are hundreds of trials!!! Yes trials that IIIII have to pay for by either signing up for sum BS, or having to become a member and buy 5 items within 2 years, or order something for a free trial ugggggh I am soo tired of going in circles!!! Calling tomorrow for my Refunds! Before I go, I just received an email from Sandy Sauve with a link that takes me to Paid Social Media Jobs. com for $47 I can get paid 130$ creating a Youtube account and upload 35 videos, Post 5 times weekly to retailers Facebook wall for $95……the list goes on. What do you think about it Vitaliy??? I am soo tempted to trying it. I am about to check out the site you listed above WA. Okay I am about to get started now, it’s FREE! Nothing is evver free but so far this is. Just met Kyle and Carson, about to take the tour, ahhhaah I just seen you commenting in the community section lol. There it is! Gotta pay to go ‘Premium’ hmmm for $19 on sale until June 16th. Well, I am going to give it a try and hope for the Best! I know this was quite long but I had to get it out. I will be back to update you all on the Refund outcome, any other sites I run across good ones and most definitely the bad ones, and to stop by to see new comments. Until next time–Stay Scam Free–LH

    • Yeah once they get you inside, they’ll send you automated emails to sell you more stuff. I doubt even replying to the person would get you a reply back. Please try to get everything you paid back Ms. Lynn. You are being scammed!

      About WA, starter is free and premium is optional. There is no requirement to join. Trust me, it’s far different than anything you’ve ever tried, although I don’t blame you for doubting it.

    • You shouldn’t have to keep paying…really if we think about it, we shouldn’t have to pay for any job. They should be paying us to take the job!!

  11. Thank you for this information. I too, almost fell victim to the online careers website. They made it sound like a dream come true! I’m a security guard and it doesn’t pay well. I have access to a computer with internet and am looking for a way to make some extra $$$
    They got me all the way down to $27 before it let me leave the site.
    I was so excited for a moment but the intelligent side of me said to
    research it first. That’s when I came across this site. I’ve been
    burned before and didn’t want this to happen again. I need help and need to make money soon. Any help would be wonderful!
    I don’t have much money to invest and I’m terrified to lose money.
    I live paycheck to paycheck and it’s rough. Thanks so much!

  12. is there any good work at home sites you have found? kinda sick of haveing to get up early in the morning and working for someone else.

    • It is not a scam Mark. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of any scam site out there. I would recommend seeing the review I put up about it as well as the comments people have added with their experiences in it. It’s free to join also. I’m sure you will see things differently afterwards 🙂

    • Just A Note!

      Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best online training you’re going to find anywhere. The reason you’ve heard it’s a scam is because the people that are promoting scams get upset when they’re exposed by people that belong to the Wealthy Affiliate community and retaliate by writing bad reviews about Wealthy Affiliate.

      What you have here is hundreds and maybe even thousands of people that have been scammed over and over again. Then they find Wealthy Affiliate and after being a member for a little while they realize how badly they were taken advantage of by these programs that are out for nothing more then to take your money without living up to the promises they make.

      Many of the people decide to write articles exposing the scams to help others avoid some of the misfortune that they had to go through.

      Wealthy Affiliate is run by people with integrity that are there to help and support those that join their community at every turn. The 2 most important ingredients when building an online business are good training and good support. Wealthy Affiliate has both!

      The training is hands down the most thorough, and up to date training I have ever come across. The support is second to none as you get get help with any subject 24/7 365. That’s right, live support around the clock.

      Anyone that can tell me of something better then the Wealthy Affiliate program, please do so. I’ll be glad to join just to do my research and if it passes the test I will drop Wealthy Affiliate and stay on.

      I really doubt that will happen though. I do believe my search was over the day I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate.

      Best Regards!


  13. Almost signed up for Online Home Careers or Internet Home Careers…whatever name they have this week! Glad I am married to a guy who believes in research and online forums. Came across your site and was relieved that I didn’t give up my money. Everytime I tried to leave the page, they knocked money off the price of signing up. After I got them down to $35 they finally let me close out – but I didn’t even type my name in 🙂

  14. Thanks for this informative article. I was about ready to sign up. I’m looking for similar work but do any legitimate outfits exist that I can work from home on? In a previous post, you mentioned that they’re not all a scam and there are good ones out there.

    Care to share what the good ones are?

  15. For years I have tried and wanted an online business to be able to work at home. Please everyone listen to him this internet careers online is a HUGE SCAM, I bought into their scam but was smart enough to do more research on them before getting into it. Thank God I got out of it in time. I want to try WA university but I do have a few more questions before doing this. I read nothing but good reports on you and those who criticize your
    company I figured were out to GET RICH QUICK. I learned
    a long time ago it takes patience, dedication and hard work to reach your goals it does not happen overnight.
    Is there anyway Vitaliy we could chat a little before I join. If I do this I will stick with it. I am extremely skeptical and have been taken for a huge sum of money.

    • We certainly can Arlene. I’ve sent you an email and would be glad to answer your questions. Thank you for letting others know about the scam.

  16. Thank you so much as others I was trying to find a legit plan to add to my income. I believe I will stay away from all at home businesses.

    • No problem Kim. Do indeed stay away from these sorts of work at home scams, but just know there ARE good ones out there. Just avoid the ones which give you the idea it’s easy to make money because it’s simply not true.

  17. You just saved me $97.00 and untold heartache and misery. I read the sales pitch from Kelly Scott and thought “this seems too good to be true”. I was so tempted to purchase the program but decided to do further research online. Fortunately there are people like you who are willing to expose these sorts of scams. I have always believed the “seems too good to be true” motto and once again have had it brought home to roost. Thank you very much!!!

  18. I took a look at this also. I received a call from a Gary out of Salt Lake City. He was very good at his job I guess you could say. He wanted to go through my finances and when he wanted to know who I had credit cards with and what my lines of credit were I stopped him. “What has happened in your life that you are so untrusting? Don’t you want our help? Don’t you want to be successful? ” I told him that I use prepaid cards when shopping online and that I didn’t want his help bad enough to answer his questions. Then he hung up on me. I called the company to see if it was in fact them who called me and the answering service told me it was. When I asked to speak with someone else I was told that Gary was the one assigned to me, even after telling them what happened. The girl told me that she was just an answering service and couldn’t help me any further. An interesting thing is that they didn’t even charge me for the program and I quickly withdrew the funds from that card to make sure they don’t. He was so upset when I told him I used a prepaid card that it was almost comical. I would recommend that everyone use prepaid cards when looking into these programs.

  19. Thank you to all for the feedback, you saved me from yet another mistake. I was all set to sign up for the On Line Careers when a friend suggested I do a Google Search first. I am disabled, unable to lift anything over 15 lbs. along with spine, neck and shoulder damage. My SSDB does not cover living expenses and need to subsidize my income. What happened to truth in advertising. These companies should not be allowed to prey on the desperate and needy. Thanks.

    • Unfortunately when it comes to truth Bob, it all varies and a lot of these places state broad things which are actually true, but the way they function and sell to you is a scam. Thanks for your comment.

  20. DO NOT sign up for this! Starting 12 hours after signing up (I cancelled about 6 hours after that), I have received NO FEWER than 46 — YES 46 telemarketer calls. I have been blocking them, but this is an effing nightmare because I have had an unlisted number for 15 years.

  21. I found this through a website sending me to cashjive.com. My laptop is used by more than one person and someone had left cashjive.com open. Figured i’d share since you do so well at exposing the scams.

    • Thanks for sharing this Rachel! I just took a look at the site and it while it doesn’t open up for me, I’m glad we can add another one to the list. Unfortunately this kind of stuff happens very often where you’ll have advertisers for these scams buy up random domain names and advertise themselves through it. At least we can add another one to the list 🙂


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