Profit Network Pro Review. Here’s What You Need to Know

profit network pro reviewI wish I could have found Profit Network Pro earlier. I would have been able to warn people as to why I am totally against joining it.

What you need to know is that this place is apparently no longer working, but at the same time, the bigger problem is this whole “done for you” mentality that screwed over so many people who joined this place and this is what I want to point out.

Now what I write here is my opinion of this program, but I doubt my points are going to be easy to argue against.

Profit Network Pro explained:

Basically it was/is a done for you type service where you pay a nice “cheap” sum of $397 to have the creator of the program, Jerry Brooks (I doubt that’s even his real name) to create a product for you, put it up on a marketplace and then sell it for you to his email list.

Supposedly you’d have a product, website and autoresponder up and running after 14 days. Unfortunately too many people got suckered into this place and by too many I mean any number more than 1!

The biggest Issue here:

Even though I personally believe this program to be a total scam, my biggest reason for writing this article wasn’t to jump on the Profit Network Pro scam bandwagon, but to point out an even bigger problem I see with people who fall for this kind of stuff:

The done for you mentality. I am completely against any/all types of services which claim they’ll make a profitable online business for you. This is NO different. 

The very idea sounds incredible: Just sit back, pay 1 lump sum and reel in the profits as others work hard to make YOUR business thrive. If you’re like minded as I, then you’ll notice that there’s SO many things wrong with that way of thinking and the biggest is that it just doesn’t work this way! 

I have YET to see ANY business that offers you a done for you style service for online business actually become successful. I see places selling services from price ranging from $100’s to $1,000’s and not ONE time did I ever see anyone claim they had a pleasant experience. What other places am I talking about? Here’s 2 places in particular:

Niche Jet. I rated it 4 out of 10 stars (borderline acceptable). The only reason I gave it that borderline score was because you actually did have work done for you (not the best quality), but at least you were given transparency and told what’s really going on. Full review on Niche Jet.

With Profit Network Pro, as far as I saw, it was all done in the dark. Never do business with ANY company that is not transparent with you. That’s a BIG red flag for me.

Bring the Fresh. I’m not even sure if they still have a “done for you” service, but when I was still a member (I got kicked out of Bring The Fresh because of this), they charged you several $1,000 for it.

Even though BTF is one of the few places I gave a green light, I advised staying away from any/all up-sells they had in their members area, one of which was the done for you service. These are just 2 major examples of a larger amount I’ve reviewed. What’s the common sale’s pitch I see? Well it’s simply:

“Let us handle the hard work for you. We’ll make your business thrive while you sit back.”

Something along those lines. It just doesn’t work this way sorry people. In fact:

Let’s use some simple logic: 

Let’s imagine Profit Network Pro was/is legitimate. Let’s say they really did make an awesome product for you and promoted it to their email list/s. 

Logical argument #1: No one in my experience (including myself) who has an email list will ever promote too many products to their leads/email list. It’s just bad business. Imagine for a moment that these email lists which contain different people interested in different subjects are constantly being bombarded with emails selling them products. What’s likely going to happen?

They’ll probably unsubscribe from your list, destroying the income potential of the email list’s owner as well as the person who originally paid to have the done for you site/product built and sold to this email list. 

Logical argument #2: It’s just bad business to charge such a low price for a program unless you’re desperate for customers. Think about this for a second: If I charge several $100 to do who only knows how many hours of work, set up a product and go through the entire hassle of the entire process, then the product becomes successful and they make $1,000’s if not more, I think it would have been better if I were actually creating the product in the first place, it was completely mine and I would reap all of it’s rewards.

Logical argument #3: It just DOESN’T make sense to make a product for someone when the one whose doing the done for you business is pretty much controlling everything. What’s the point of even having customers in the first if you could just make your own products and sell them to your lists?  

No need for pros/cons/final ratings:

In this part of the review, I usually list the pros/cons of a program as well as my overall thoughts on the business. Because I never tried Profit Network Pro as well as had little time to look into the site itself (it’s not working), I can’t give it a score. I can only go by the research I’ve attained and much of it came from the Warrior Forum, which didn’t speak so kindly about it. 

Is it a scam? I absolutely believe it because my past experiences have shown me what happens when people put their trust into something that’s supposed to make success happen for them. It’s never going to happen. If you want to build a TRUE online business, here is my #1 recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate

My final thoughts: 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: No one is ever going to work on YOUR business (online/offline) as much as you will. It’s just a way of thinking that’s causing people to make foolish investments in these done for you services.

I’m not saying they’re all bad, but in reality if you want your online business to reach it’s full potential, YOU are the only person whose ever going to make that happen, not anyone else…unless you pay them a ridiculous amount of money and then I’d have my doubts.

So if you have experiences with Profit Network Pro, agree/disagree with my assessment of it, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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