Freedom Fighters Network Review. A Front For a Major Scam?

freedom fighters network review

Years ago, Freedom Fighters Network was promoting a now extinct scam known as Empower Network. Read this review and see what works today (legit)…

Quick Report on Freedom Fighters Network:

Price: 7 day free trial, then $47/month, $29.95/month for  autoresponder + access into Empower Network.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars (Scam, not recommended!)

Watching the sales page of Freedom Fighters Network immediately made me think I was being pitched into an MLM. I was right.

But from what I also understand, they are somehow associated with one of the biggest scams I have ever reviewed: Empower Network. In this post I’d like to explain what you can expect from the Freedom Fighters Network, how practical it is to make money with them and what you need to watch out for.

Freedom Fighters Network in a nutshell:

It’s a site which teaches you to promote it to other people. You can earn re-occurring commissions of referring people into FFN. The good news is that access is free for the first 7 days and from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty simple to cancel (head to the F.A.Q section if you become a member).

The cost however becomes very big after the 7 days as you have to sign up to an autoresponder program (here’s a legit one called Aweber) for I believe close to $30/month, not to mention the price of being an FFN member will be $47 afterwards. I’m also fairly certain there might be other miscellaneous charges I don’t know about (yet). So at the very least, skipping the unknown charges, you have the monthly membership and the autoresponder.

Now in order to earn with FFN, you need to bring people into the system and this is where the program sells you traffic packages for a certain price. Here is a screenshot:

freedom fighters network traffic packages

That’s a lot of money to pay for clicks (it’s basically solo ads). Now this is optional from what I understand, but the idea here is that if you can get instant traffic by paying for it and send people into the FFN website, you can make your investment back fairly quickly. 

On a side note, I’ve seen this sort of advertising before and in my personal opinion, it’s a bad idea to try this, especially if you don’t have money. I don’t trust paying for traffic unless I have FULL control over my advertising. I don’t ever let anyone else handle it and strongly advise you don’t either.

I don’t believe the traffic you’ll get from these offers is going to be very relevant, meaning less profit margin, and even if it is, I’m sure they have a lot of their members buying these packages meaning the traffic is over saturated with people who see the same promotions over and over. Simply put, it can look like spam, but that’s my personal opinion…

In terms of making money, you make commissions of each person you refer who not only remains a member but also buys the same autoresponder you had to. What occurs is that once people join through your link, they are introduced to the automatic FFN sales funnel which tries to get them to join. Technically it sounds conformable because all you do is refer people there and they handle the selling basically, but in reality I feel this is easier said than done.

Positive notes:

I rarely give credit where it’s due but from what I’ve seen, FFN does provide a fairly simple walk through once you join to help you get started. Instructions are very easy for newbies to understand and the navigation on the site is also fairly simple as is cancellation. In fact, here is an inside look:

freedom fighter network inside look

2 major reasons I cannot recommend FFN:

Ok so now that we got the pros out of the way which are few, let’s get into the cons…

1. I believe it is a pyramid scheme. I have absolutely no idea what they are selling. I’ve looked at all the steps they provide and tried to dig deep into the program. From what I’ve seen, all you basically learn to do is promote the system to other people who then have to do the same thing. As far as I saw, there is no product, no bang for your buck other than the promise of making money referring others. That’s a classic trait of a pyramid scheme

2. I believe FFN is associated with Empower Network. If you’ve never heard about this program, oh boy are you in for a treat. This is one of the biggest scams/pyramid schemes I have ever laid eyes upon.

Now I was told that FFN is connecting it’s users with Empower Network, but I have yet to find the link that takes me there. If it does, I’ll definitely update this blog in which case FFN is going to look worse than it already is because Empower Network is a prime case study of how far an online MLM can and screw people over, while trying to get them to pull others in. It’s a truly unbelievable scam and I’d recommend you check out my my review of Empower Network of it to see just how far it goes (Costs people $1,000’s).

But that’s not the main point. That’s only if FFN is associated with them but even if it isn’t connected to Empower Network, it’s still a program I would never recommend anyone join because of the original belief that this place is a pyramid scheme.

 Final Rating: Freedom Fighter Network

1 star

Red Flag (Avoid)

1 out of 10 stars. I believe it’s a pyramid scheme and connected to Empower Network, an even bigger scam. I advise staying away from both places. If you want a legitimate way to earn money online, this is my only recommendation (Wealthy Affiliate).

My final thoughts:

I strongly believe FFN is associated with Empower Network. Their sales page looks very similar to other sites I’ve seen which promoted it as well. That or they are just using the EN formula to make their own business. 

But even if the latter is the case, like I said before, I cannot find a product within the system. All I see is a referral program. That is a huge red flag in my eyes which is why I raise the pyramid scheme speculation.

Yes it is free to join and yes you can try it out for 7 days and cancel if you don’t like it. I believe they also offer a $150 bonus if you don’t make a $100 in your first 7 days, but even if this is the case, consider the following:

Yes it is possible and even likely to make money with this program, but if FFN is a pyramid scheme, would you really feel ethical earning money by getting others into it? I wouldn’t and this is the single biggest reason I advise against this place. I’ve seen/reviewed a lot of programs and can tell if they have red flags. FFN has a lot of them in my eyes.

If you have a personal review of FFN you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about it! And like I said before, I will keep investigating and if I find they are associated with EN, I will definitely inform everyone.

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