Dirty CPA Review. Overpriced And Not Newbie Friendly.

Dirty CPA deals with a non-mainstream approach to paid advertising online. Personally I’ve had little experience within the specific field this program goes over, BUT…

I have been heavily involved with PPC advertising that is in many ways related to it. In this review, I’d like to tell you what you can expect from this program and why I personally don’t feel it’s worth buying.

Dirty CPA in a nutshell:

You learn how to create ads and promote products through CPA networks. CPA is basically a form of paid online marketing where you get visitors to your website and then send them to offers which require them to sign up.

For example, if I ran a dieting website and was promoting some sort of 30 day trial diet pill which required people to sign up to, this would be an example of CPA marketing.

I would have a dieting website talk about things such as diet pills, then recommend the CPA offer one, link visitors there. For each person who would then sign up through my link, I would make a commission.

What you get from Dirty CPA:

Overall, Dirty CPA basically shows you ordinary and unorthodox ways to succeed within the CPA world. There are also tutorials on PPC (pay-per-click). Basically what will happen is this:

  • You will create a website OR you can direct link a CPA offer via paid advertising.
  • Then you will find offers within the list of CPA networks Dirty CPA recommends where you can get visitors to your site. You will also be able to promote offers through social networks through.
  • You will then adjust your website/ad to promote that offer and use the CPA networks to get visitors to your site.
  • You will earn a commission each time someone signs up.
  • In a nutshell, you’re going to be using PPC advertising and promoting CPA offers.

That’s basically what the whole training within this program comes down to. Much of what you’ll learn about within the program is through video tutorials. There are a number of pages within the members area of this program which contain tons of information regarding what I basically summarized above.

However, as much as this site features relativity simple and pragmatic directions which are supposedly catered towards newbies, there are major missing pieces such as specific instructions on how to build a website. Back when this program was very popular (2009), many of it’s tactics worked very well, but we’re in 2014 now and much has changed including the requirements to run ads within CPA networks.

You will need a website to get things started and from what I’ve seen so far, this program has not adjusted for this change, meaning if you’re a newbie and don’t know how to build a website, you may find yourself be lost. Further more:

CPA networks have changed their requirements for how you can advertise. You will now need a good website before you can promote offers on the website. Things just aren’t as easy as they were before. Certainly many of the tactics can still work, but I just wouldn’t recommend it because:

PPC advertising overall isn’t something that I recommend for beginners. It can be a VERY profitable way to make money online, but if you’re getting started within this industry, I would first recommend using this tutorial on PPC to help you get going.

But in all honesty, even if you nail it down (PPC), I still recommend getting off to a solid start on online marketing, which means getting training which teaches you all aspects of it. This can be found in my #1 recommendation.

Note: When checking the official website, it appears Dirty CPA is no longer working. I’m not sure if this is temporary or permanent, but be aware.


  • Promoting CPA offers through PPC is still a good way to make money online (if you know what to do).
  • There is definitely some decent training within the members area.


  • Not really a program I’d recommend for newbies since it deals with PPC advertising. What is better for newbies is this.
  • Not every aspect of the program is updated to 2014. 
  • Much of the info you’ll find on this program is years old and times have changed since then.
  • Much of the information you get within Dirty CPA can be found for free online.
  • Not a program for people who don’t have money to invest in PPC.

 Final Score: Dirty CPA

3 stars

Yellow Light (Caution)

3 stars out of 10. Not that bad, but not that good either. I don’t recommend it overall because you can get the info for free. Plus it’s not for beginners. See #1 recommendation. 

 My final thoughts on Dirty CPA:

As I said in the beginning of this review, I am not overly familiar with advertising CPA offers. I am however VERY knowledgeable with advertising via PPC and have seen much success/failure from it. One thing I can tell you right off the bat is that it’s not for complete beginners.

It also requires investing money into and I am sure a lot of people who are interested in this program don’t have enough of it to risk trying this sort of thing. While knowing how to run a successful PPC campaign can definitely help you create success with CPA offers or just affiliate type promotions, there is NEVER a guarantee that you’ll be successful with it.

In spite of me having tons of experience with it, I’ve had more failed campaigns with PPC than success. Although the ones that were successful brought in a lot of money, you need to understand that paid advertising online is a gamble and no matter how well you write ads, or whatever “golden” rules you follow, as I said before, there is no assurance they will be profitable. 

That being said, if you’re going to do PPC/CPA promotions or whatever else, you should have some sort of nest ready to spend on this. If you don’t, there’s another reason to stay way from this approach to online marketing.

If that is the case, I would recommend this place (again) as it provides training in much more than just PPC, but also SEO and other forms of marketing and is geared towards complete beginners. If you’re going to run a successful online business, it is important to understand the different tools needed to make that happen. 

While Dirty CPA does have a good idea in mind, it is limited, not only because it targets 1 form of online marketing, but also because it is vastly outdated. And plus you can also get much of what it teaches by doing just browsing online.

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  1. Vitaliy

    Thanks so much fr the great information.

    It seems like you have to watch out for everything online, from scam business opportunity sites to shady advertising tactics.

    Thanks again for the clarification. Keep up the great work,


    • Thanks Gary. You definitely should watch out for everything online these days. Like I said before, it’s like a mine field. If you know the warning signs, you’ll be fine.


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