Digital Millionaire Mastermind Review And What it Teaches

digital millionaire mastermind review

I’ve purchased several products from Alex Jeffreys, including the Digital Millionaire Mastermind. If you want to know what’s inside and what it shows you to do, then you’ve come to the right place.

Quick Report on Digital Millionaire Mastermind:

Creator: Alex Jeffreys.

Price: $9.95 with 3 up-sells after purchase and one as an optional add on to training inside members area.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

It teaches good things, but pretty much most of Alex’s products teach the same stuff, so if you already own a previous program by Alex, I doubt you’d learn new things from this one.

To be honest, I’m not Alex Jeffreys biggest fan ever since I reviewed his first program and since I purchased Digital Millionaire Mastermind, my opinion hasn’t really changed.

He’s a good marketer, the training he provides is OK and is actually quite solid at times. The problem is the up-sells and that I keep hearing the same message from him in his other program which I don’t like since I feel you could do all of that with one of his programs. I’ve had similar experiences with people like Michael Cheney who also did similar stuff and with each “new” product he released that said the same stuff, I felt like I wasting money buying that.

Digital Millionaire Mastermind explained:

You get a bunch of videos from Alex’s seminars, some worksheets which help you create a product of your own and then have affiliates promote it for you so you don’t have to do anything.

This is almost the same thing he talked about with his Digital Product Machine and this is what I don’t like:

Having to pay twice (minus the up-sells!) for basically the same thing. Plus I’d like to add, I had to edit this review because I actually typed Digital Product Machine a few times instead of Digital Millionaire (corrected since I said product again!) Mastermind. Because I feel these 2 programs look so much a like, I mistake them very often.

Where is the value in Digital Millionaire Mastermind?

I didn’t see there being much of that in this program. While $9.95 might not be a lot for some, you also have to into consideration the up-sells. 1 was for a membership coaching program for $47, another was called building a million dollar business for $17.

There might have been 1 I missed, but once you purchase the program, in one of the training guides, you’ll see a link to another product called “Super List Method” for $9.95. I usually never try up-sells and looking back at the information I saw in this program, I’m sort of glad I didn’t.

The only value I really see in this purchase was the seminar videos. There’s hours of them and you’re bound to be able to take a lot of good stuff from them. But besides that, the other things are the work sheets which compliment the videos. 

Ok, so let’s talk about the “valuable” stuff inside Digital Millionaire Mastermind:

Overall, there are 8 seminar videos and workouts (PDF) and 2 bonus eBooks.

The worksheets are 1 page printable pages where you basically list your ideas for creating a product and how you believe it will help people. It starts off with figuring out a problem or something you’re good at and marketing a product out of that knowledge which is basically niche selection, something Alex does talk about, though not in enough detail I believe.

The worksheets are very simple and they will help you clarify what sort of product you can make but the biggest things I looked into were the 2 bonus books:

1) Super List Cheat Sheet: 18 pages long and I feel like half of this book was spent telling stories and pumping you up whereas the other half actually spent time discussing valuable information. You can consider this book to be the actual heart of the program (making products, launching them and letting other people worry about selling it).

You’re not so much given step-by-step instructions on doing this so if you have no experience with this, while a lot of makes sense, once you get involved, you may have a lot of guess work.

2) Alex’s Black Book Resource Guide: He just provides you with links to places which can help you make sales pages, record videos/instructional videos for your product creation and more things focusing on that topic. 


  • Seminars in this program do hold good information.
  • The idea is quite simple and valuable, although he could have given this info for free.


  • His previous program seemed very similar to this one.
  • Too many up-sells. 
  • Creating a program and putting it up on affiliate networks is only part of the process. There’s many people who do that and still fail because they can’t accumulate affiliates. I didn’t see any information on that part from this program. Perhaps one of his up-sells offers insight on that.

Final Rating: Digital Millionaire Mastermind

2 stars

Red Flag (Overrated)

2 out of 10 stars. Want to know how to make a product of your own and sell it? Here’s how:

Find a problem society has which you have the answer for, make a product and sell that on places like JVZoo, and if it’s a subject that is other than making money online, then sell that on Clickbank or other resources like it as a vendor (product owner). These are ALL places where you’ll find affiliate marketers who are looking to promote for you.

Then if your product pays affiliates well and sells well, you’ll naturally be able to accumulate people who will want to promote it and when they do it, you’ll make more money.

I just explained the simple common sense approach to this and you can also find this online, for free. Now if I charged you for that, that would be wrong, which again makes the purchase of this program unneeded unless you’re only looking to extract value from the seminars. 

My conclusion: This is not a program I’d buy because most of it is common sense. But I still advise you get truly proper help from places like Wealthy Affiliate if you decide to do something like this as well as training.

My final thoughts:

The whole point of this program is to really do 2 things.

1, you’re learning that you can make money online through making your own programs/products and this program just shows you ways to do it, plus resources and…

2, Alex is further pitching his programs to help you with that process if you get stuck, but I see it as more of a way to keep making extra money and potentially getting new affiliates to promote his current/past programs. He’s a smart businessman, I’ll give him that. I just believe there’s much better information out there.

If there’s anything that makes this purchase worth it, it’s the seminar videos and that’s it. But I don’t think you need to sit through hours of that to understand the process or be able to do it so I won’t be linking nor promoting to his site from mine.

And I also know from personal experience that products like these will leave you with questions and that’s why there’s up-sells, but I think it’s unfair to practice this sort of approach. I’d rather give people enough to work with and gain trust before selling them anything else…

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  1. LOL, you still called it Digital Product Mastermind instead of Digital Millionaire Mastermind.

    This is Jeffreys’ schtick. Record a webinar (charge). Sell the webinar recording (charge). Get the webinar transcript (charge).

    That guy hasn’t come up with an original idea in several years.


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