Clear Voice Surveys Review. Can You Really Make Good Money?

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Name: Clear Voice Surveys.

Price: Free to sign up.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

It’s just another of the plethora of survey sites out there that generally pays little in exchange for a lot of time answering questions. If you’re OK with this, then this program is for you.

If not, then I’ve got a better option:

What is Clear Voice Surveys? The general idea:

Like any other online questionnaire sites like it, you sign up for free, provide some personal info before getting started and based on the info provided, questionnaires are emailed/offered to you to complete. Upon completion you get an X amount of compensation which is generally around nickels and dimes. 


-It has a free registration. Honestly, if you had to PAY for it, I’d cut this review of right now and call it a scam.

-It’s quite organized and easy to figure out what to do (the members area is easy to fill out and navigate).

Cons: (Lots).

-Registration is too personal. For the amount you generally get paid, why dive so deep? It asks you for your address, phone number and a bunch of other stuff.

-Offers $0.50 per referral, and there’s a maximum of 10, meaning an earning potential of just $5! This is just insulting. One of the only thing that makes these types of sites monetarily “worthwhile” is that they generally pay better money for referring people, but not with Clear Voice…

-The questionnaires themselves are also going to pay very little. I don’t know how much time in the day you personally have to answer questions, but I assure you, for this, it will take time to answer each one.

How much do you honestly feel you should be paid for the time you take to answer these things? I’d guess a lot more than Clear Voice offers you return in most cases…

-Honestly, I’m just repeating myself when it comes to the cons because I’ve already stated in multiple articles that there’s very few sites like this you can depend on and even the best ones still aren’t worth your effort. This is simply NOT a good way to make money from home, sorry:

Other things to note about Clear Voice:

Once you sign up, there’s a lot of info to complete where you answer various things regarding your life. Things such as:

  • Your income.
  • Your wellness status, martial status, ect…
  • Your employment status. 
  • What kinds of electronics you use.
  • What you do when you’re free (travel, what you do when you have time for a little R & R).
  • Ect…

Basically, there’s going to be a lot of initial work required if you decide to sign up with Clear Voice. But honestly, this part of the whole thing isn’t unusual. All paid online surveys sites, even the good ones ask you for this info because in doing so, they can figure out which questionnaires to send you.

Their whole goal is figuring out who the best suited person is to take the surveys they are associated with (I am sure they have affiliations with multiple places).

Now one very important thing to note is that for completing these initial profile questions, you don’t get paid ANYTHING for it. In the past, even halfway good questionnaire sites would actually incentivize and reward you for doing this type of stuff to keep you pushing further, but with Clear Voice, that does not appear to be the case, which is another con you add to the list. 

Furthermore, I’m not the only person who thinks this way about this program. Simply Googling what other people think about this program really sheds light and credibility to what I’m saying here.

For example, there is a pretty popular website called, which as it’s name suggests, reviews these types of places and it just so happens Clear Voice is on their list. How did it rank? Well the general overview is…

2 stars is actually the average amount based of 50+ reviews and if you read the reviews, as you can probably guess, most are unfavorable. You can visit that site anytime to see what I mean, but I think at this point, we’re just wasting time saying the same thing: It’s not a good opportunity to make good money in my opinion (as well as the opinion of many people).

I don’t want to bash Clear Surveys and I won’t say it’s a scam, but is it a good way to make money from home? Nope, this isn’t the program for that in my opinion…

So let’s round up this review and get you going on something that will work infinitely better for you if you’re looking to make something extra from home:

Final Rating: Clear Voice Surveys.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. Despite the average user rating, at least though the site I mentioned above, I am actually going to give Clear Voice a lower rating, because many people who reviewed it probably experienced it as their first ever online survey site.

I have experienced many bad paid online surveys and know how this general system works and why it’s so hard to make money, and with this program, it fits, unfortunately many of the red flags I tell people to stay away from when it comes to survey sites. There is really nothing that I can recommend about this place that is worth the effort of trying.

My final thoughts: What to really do to make money from home.

As I said before, here is the way to go if you want to make an extra income from home:

An on one more final note, I know you may ask this question:

So are ALL survey sites a waste of time and scams? The answer is no…at least on the scam part, but thus far, I will say that every single one I’ve seen is a waste of time and this is coming from a position of someone who actually works from home and knows how much you can earn if you do what’s right (link above shows you the better way).

The ONLY thing I’ve ever found that pays decent money is doing focus groups, but that often requires luck in being picked out and then you may have to spend a lot of time attending a place outside your home and testing stuff you may not always have time for.

It’s not exactly a work at home opportunity, but when it comes to survey type jobs, it’s arguably the only one that actually pays something worth trying, but again, this whole industry in my opinion is not worth the effort, try the better stuff I recommended above, you’ll be a lot happier.

Clear Voice Surveys


Clear Voice Surveys Score



  • None.


  • Another poor type of paid online survey site which pays extremely little.

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