Pete’s Marketing Review. Insane Prices, But is it Worth it?

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Name: Petes Marketing by Pete Vlahos.

Price: Free sign up, then a sales page brings up the prices. There’s 3: $1,497 or $3,497 or you can get the “best” deal for $6,497.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

No matter how “proven” or guaranteed a system is, paying this much is extremely risky.

I do believe some people will make money from this program, but there’s some major red flags in my opinion that I need to share with you, red flags that frankly, give me, a person who does this type of stuff (in a different type of formula) pause and reluctance to buy the system and/or recommend it.

I don’t even care about the money, there’s just stuff about this I find very questionable and I’ll explain it below. But first…

What is Pete’s Marketing? It’s basically a “turnkey system” with a big price tag:

I’ve watched the whole sales video (over an hour) and I’ve seen systems like this marketed before. In this program’s case, here’s what basically is going on:

Imagine there is a website that sells an expensive product through a very good, smart sales funnel and the whole thing is on sale, for a VERY big price.

But if you buy it, you will own it and if you send visitors to this website, then they will buy it, but you (since you own it now) will keep the money. You are basically buying a supposed “proven” to sell business model and just letting it run for you, aka a turnkey business.

That’s basically what this program is in a nutshell…

Let’s get into specifics though:

You sign up to it (Pete’s Marketing) directly and/or through one of it’s promoters (if you sign up through a promoter, they become your sponsor). In my case, my sponsor would be Pete himself.

Then you watch an entire webinar about a guy who sells you the actual system.

He will explain in a long 1 hour+ video how awesome and easy this system is to make money with. 

He says he’ll give you his entire sales funnel to make great money with this same system and the price tags will be one of the 3 I listed above.

If you buy the most expensive version which is $6,497, you will make 100% commissions of any sales you make from other people who buy the same system for $1,497 and $3,497 (different packages offer different bonuses, so people pick which ones suite them best).

Here is a screenshot of the price tags (I couldn’t fit the $1,497 into it, but it’s on that page if you keep scrolling:

The real sales angle here isn’t just the potential money you could make, it’s also that the system is said to provide you with a special “software” program that seeks out the best potential leads who will buy this system from you, and the impression made is that you will make your money back easily.

At least that’s how I interpreted it.

In short, here’s the best way to understand the system:

By buying this program for the biggest price (ideally), you get to own it and then through the software that collects leads that are ready to buy, you can sell them this same system and if they buy it, you get checks (based on which package they purchased).


If I, Vitaliy, buy the $6,497 package and get the sales funnel.

Then I send 10 people to that sales funnel and 2 buy. Let’s say their names are Joe and Josh. 

Joe pays $1,497 and Josh pays $3,497. I will keep 100% of that money and make $4,994 and that’s from 2 people. If I can get more people to buy, I can make more, but supposedly this is what the “software” you get will do for you.

If however, I, Vitaliy do not buy the $6,497 package and buy the lower tier packages, I lose the benefits of that same expensive package, including it’s seemingly “awesome” profit potential. So essentially, you are swayed, at least in my opinion to buy that most expensive package because it seems like the “safest” bet to make the most money…

Wow sounds awesome. Why the red flag rating then? 3 major reasons:

I have some MAJOR reluctance in buying this program and recommending it, and it is my personal opinion, but hear me out. Here’s some serious reasons why:

1) I don’t believe you should ever invest such crazy money into these types of big ticket systems.

This kind of program is more of an education, business opportunity type program, but these are actually the ones I tell people to stay away from consistently (I do online business and these high ticket programs are in my experience the riskiest ones).

2) I believe there’s some kind of pyramid scheme stuff going on.

Why? Because you are buying the right to resell a system and the buyers of that system can then resell it too and so on and so forth…

Now I’m not fully convinced this is a pyramid scheme, so for the sake of fairness, let’s say it’s NOT. But never the less, what are you buying here? Some sort of business opportunity to resell?

What’s inside that program that merits such a crazy investment? I honestly didn’t see ANYTHING explaining that in the sales page, just a constant focus on the opportunity and how much money you can make which by the way is also a red flag…

3) Normally programs which preach more about how much you can make and how easy it is, but…

without going into too much detail on what the opportunity actually is are the ones I personally stay away from.

Especially with price tags like these…$1,497, $3,497, $6,497…

For the first 30+ minutes of the webinar where this system was being sold to me, there is the common sales tactic of showing off the money, the rich lifestyle to show me that if I buy this system, I can live the same way.

I absolutely dislike this approach because it often is used to make me think less and imagine a good lifestyle more, aka a distraction from asking questions as far as I’m concerned and that’s something you should ALWAYS do with these types of programs. 

Even if you don’t listen to my advice/thoughts on this program, no matter what, always ask questions and always be skeptical. There’s a reason why this program is sold the way it is, there’s a reason why there’s checks shown consistently throughout the webinar and there’s a constant focus on how easy it is, because they are trying to get you to buy it and to make it harder to think, they also put up a “hurry up” type deal where they push you to buy the $6,497 package so you can get the best benefits. 

Final Rating: Pete’s Marketing.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. High ticket programs like these, that operate through the same types of tactics I’ve come to mistrust are very risky to deal with. I have no doubt you’ll get the promised tools and turnkey business, but I’m telling you this: There is NEVER a guarantee in business that you will have a guaranteed success. The people and places which tell you this in my experience as the ones I trust least.

My final thoughts: But wait, what about that BBB rating of an A+!?

Ah yes, they really like to show off that A+ rating on the sales page and pretty much across the whole sales funnel.

Ladies and gentlemen, while I am not calling Pete’s marketing a scam, I will tell you this: I personally do not trust the BBB because they are known to be easy to get rated well with. In the past, if you paid them money, they’d give you that high rating and lack of doing so, would result in a low rating.

I don’t know if this has changed since the last time I’ve seen it happen (I hope it has!), but I’ve since distrusted BBB ratings and do not look at them seriously.

A true story to make this point…

In fact, the program I recommend above Pete’s Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate had less than 10 complaints out of 100,000 POSITIVE reviews (this happened years ago, it’s since accumulated way more positive reviews) and was still given an F because they didn’t pay them for an A+ rating. If you want to see the overwhelming amount of positive feedback, see Wealthy Affiliate success stories here

And I assure you, there are many more:

Like I said, I hope that since that event happened (Many years ago), that things have changed there, but my main point again is that an A+ rating does not always symbolize 100% trust or guarantee so I don’t look at it as a serious factor in regards to Pete’s Marketing (or any company on that site for that matter). I have to go by my own experiences (which I have a lot of with these programs) and what I know about online business (which I also know a lot about and do for a living) as the most rational approach and just about everything about this program is repelling me away. 

You can absolutely buy it and see what happens, but my advice even in the best case scenario is to never invest money you don’t have into business opportunities that cost so much money and more importantly if you can’t afford to lose that money in the first place.

So is there a better way? 

Yeah absolutely, Wealthy Affiliate is the better way and I’ll briefly explain why (here are the full reasons). Versus Pete’s Marketing:

Wealthy Affiliate is free to try. Compare that to the prices in Pete’s program: $1,497, $3,497, and $6,497. Obviously there’s a bigger potential return, but that initial bigger risk is more of a reality than a potential of making it back and then some…

You get free websites and training that shows you how to make money with it. With Pete’s Marketing, you also get a website and sales funnel, but like I said there’s great risk there (the price tag). 

You can make money in ANY market through Wealthy Affiliate’s training. In Pete’s program, you are shown the opportunity to make money only through that system. It can work, but it’s limited in terms of niche choice and it’s also expensive…

Wealthy Affiliate will give you free coaching, from me, an actual guy who makes money online full time and from it’s creators, as part of your free to try membership. 

In short: You’ll be shown how to make money online, and honestly Pete’s Marketing has a lot of similarities in this regard to Wealthy Affiliate, because you are also shown how to make money online, but there’s some serious financial risk there vs a free to try program to show you how making money online works.

And as someone who has been through that training and seen it’s results, I can tell you that you’re going to really enjoy that program and not worry about paying insane amounts of money which contrary to the claims of how easy it is to make money with it, are still not a guarantee that it will happen, so I would recommend a much safer financial approach an to go with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free, you’ll learn how to market, just like you will with Pete’s program, but you won’t have that though in the back of your head that you spent so much and now need to make it all back. 

7 thoughts on “Pete’s Marketing Review. Insane Prices, But is it Worth it?”

  1. Yes, I watched Pete’s marketing video 5 or 6 times and you’re right, but you forgot that the $1,497.00 level will still cost more because the post card mailing system is not included, and that means he suggests that you buy from your pocket to start with 500 post cards and stamps and I believe address labels. That’s not cheap, that’s a couple hundred right there, or close to it.

    • Ah good points Robert and yes you’re right, the cheapest one doesn’t include the stamps, they are included in the upper tier membership, so I guess it further incites people to buy that instead.

  2. This review was very well put together! I identify with you on how to spot a risky investment a mile off. Recently I had to make a decision on a few online courses I should choose from and what the benefits were of the different payment levels and referral bonuses from commissions.

    I sat down and thought about it for a whole day and also directly asked the owner of the program how much it cost monthly and was the top level worth going for even if I didn’t have much cash left over if I started at the highest level.

    Anyway, my brain made my heart see sense and I have decided to take up the middle level as it is just as good and I will earn some decent income while I learn.

    I reasoned that I could upgrade later when i have decent income coming in. So your review really resounded with me!

  3. Wow, thanks for posting this review on Pete’s Marketing. I had never really heard of it before I read this review and after reading it, I am sure that I want to stay far away from this. I mean, the absolutely minimum to invest in this is nearly $1500! The only way to get the best deal to make money from this is to purchase the $6,000+ package?! I bet the support should you have any questions or challenges is probably nonexistent. I will definitely stick to the program you recommend to make money with. I am curious though, did you ever buy one of those packages?

    • Hi Brian, there is coaching with each package I believe, but I do also recall seeing it last for a finite amount of time, so for that type of investment, if that’s the case, it’s a big drawback for me. Also, no I have never purchased this as I have had experiences in the past with purchasing high ticket items (spent over a $1,000) and the results were horrendous. I learned that you don’t need to spend a crazy amount to make a crazy amount, which is why that program I recommended above and instead is the best way to go in my opinion.


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