Bing Ads Bootcamp Review. And I Though I Was an Expert.

Quick Report:bing ads bootcamp review

Name: Bing Ads Bootcamp by a “Nomad Brad”.

Price: $7. 1 up-sell for $47 a month for a mastermind group on this subject. I only have the $7 offer though.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 stars.

I’m very happy I stumbled onto this program. I purchased it with skepticism but in the end enjoyed the content and the new things I learned.

I do consider myself an expert in this subject, but even this program taught me something new. Either way, I do recommend it for Bing ads users.

Just so you know:

bing ads bootcamp alternative

So let me clarify real quick that there are actually an number of these types of programs out there, including an official one by Bing ads themselves.

Now on a side note, I have to say I don’t exactly trust their “expertise” even though it’s the official company doing their own bootcamp and that’s because my experience in the inner workings of being an advertiser there has shown me that they try to make more money off you spending more on their ads, and that often comes with doing foolish marketing tactics, so I’m not a fan of that. 

What is the Bing Ads bootcamp?

Anyway, this particular one I’m reviewing is by Brad who calls himself the Nomad. I believe I stumbled onto this while answering a question on Quora when someone was asking about PPC related topic, but that’s not the point.

I decided to buy this program since it was only $7 and ended up really enjoying it. In a nutshell, what this program is, is a 3 week “bootcamp” course where each week you are doing something specific to eventually end up having a profitable campaign on the main network. Here is a quick summary of each week:

Week 1: 

You go about the process of setting up a website correctly. Now speaking from experience, this is the absolute CORRECT first step to take. A lot of people don’t understand that PPC advertising is a two way street:

You need to have a good website and then you need to intelligently set up PPC ads to get traffic to that site. Most of the time, people don’t have either of these things in place and maybe if they are luckily, they have only 1 of them working.

I am happy to say that I have both of them working and even happier to report that Brad also emphasizes this point in his program.

The first starting point SHOULD be your website, so you can correctly optimize it so that when the ads run, and the traffic comes, that it converts. I’ve attached a screenshot of the first week’s course on the right.

Week 2:

Here we get into the research phase and get started with making your initial ad/s. Brad walks you through the process of keyword research, how to segment your ads and teaches you the right steps to get started. 

I found a lot of the content here to be good, although my personal approach to this subject is a bit more narrowed down and in my opinion easier to understand. Here is my personal guide on this subject.

But in any case, I didn’t really see faults with Brad’s approach in Week 2. Rather I learned some new things such as that I could become an affiliate for Bing Ads themselves (why didn’t I know this!?).

Having done business with these guys for so long, paid them so much and helped others have success with this network, its high time I got paid for it!

So just as a side note, after I went through Brad’s program, I signed up to join the network’s affiliate program and am awaiting their response!

Week 3: 

In the final week, we have a filtration type of process going on. What happens here is that Brad shows you specific things such as conversion tracking and intelligent testing methods to remove campaigns and keywords which aren’t producing you any results (conversions) and keeping only the good ones.

Now in addition to that, he also talks about “syndicated” ways to market, something I never got into personally as it dealt with the display network of Bing, something I had avoided for very long and always left off, but now I’m coming back to it thanks to Brad.

With the money saved, he shows you how to scale (grow) your account and make more money. The strategies are solid and I have to say, I’ve had issues with the conversion tracking tool in Bing for a long time, but Brad’s approach helped clear up a lot of this. Now I can at least save more money!

So here’s a couple of things I believe could be better:

So there’s case studies missing.

Brad often shows screenshots and walk throughs in his videos (yeah I forgot to say, the site is video content mainly). He says he can’t show some of his campaigns because they are his client’s and that may mess up the confidentiality between them. I get that, but I would love to see his personal ones. I am certainly not afraid to share mine (well not all of it, but the overall stats).

Here is an example:

So I apologize for the small screenshot, but the basic report here is that through my strategies of doing Bing Ads, for one of my successful campaigns, I’ve accumulated over 100k clicks at $0.07 cents PER click and made nearly 5,000 conversions, which totals to a near 5% conversion rate. 

The point being here is that I know about this subject too, and I honestly believe everything Brad says in his program. I would just love to see screenshots like the one I posted, but on Brad’s site. The only thing I really saw was him showing a Google Adwords account he had with a 7% conversion rate on average. That’s awesome stuff honestly.

Final Rating: Bing Ads Bootcamp.

Green Flag (Legit)

7 out of 10 stars. This is a great program that will help you leverage a great traffic network, get good conversions out of it and save money in the process.

My final thoughts: 2 more programs worth checking out.

Ok so, when it comes to Bing Advertising, I have 3 resources that I love. One of them is Brad’s program. 

The second is my free tutorials that I’ve provided to you. Here is the first one which is great for beginners to it. And here is the second tutorial where I show the results of my using my system.

Now the last program is one which you should try out if you need more than just help with Bing Ads, it’s good if you need help with website creation, making it make sales, doing SEO with it and more. It has a very comprehensive PPC guide which is actually the one I learned from and made my tutorials based on, but it’s $49 a month to try (they have a free trial, but it doesn’t show the PPC training, only SEO and website creation). Learn about it here.

But in all honesty, this last program is the best one out of the 3 options, including my free tutorials because it encapsulates all of the things it takes to make money online, including through Bing Ads, so it’s an overall course, not just a centered around 1 topic type of course.

4 thoughts on “Bing Ads Bootcamp Review. And I Though I Was an Expert.”

  1. Hey Vitaliy, thanks for the honest review of my training. I didn’t realize anyone had reviewed it 🙂

    I am proud of the bootcamp v. 1.0 But I also made a lot of mistakes. It was my first attempt at an online marketing training course.

    I agree with you that I should show more case studies, as those are infinitely helpful for people to see, though most of my experience has been client side until the past few months and most people want to do affiliate marketing campaigns so I didn’t know how to reconcile that.

    In a couple weeks I’m going to release version 2.0 of The Bing Ads Bootcamp and I’m really excited to show a lot more detail and cover a lot of the things people want to know more about.

    My hope is to build some live case studies with the people that join the course and see how it goes, and show some of the new affiliate campaigns I’ve been trying out, plus ad lots more content.

    I have also increased the price point because a mentor of mine told me that $7 was ridiculous, haha. So it’ll be a more premium product with advanced information, an interactive coaching component and a higher price point.

    Since you’re a Bing expert yourself, maybe you’d be interested in contributing some content? I’d be happy to do an interview or something and send some traffic back your way, or exchange guest posts or something.

    Anywhoo, just wanted to drop in and take time to thank you for checking out the program and writing up a review.



    • Hi Brad, no problem and thank you for commenting. I’d love to do an interview and it just so happens, I’ve been considering making my own Bing Ads guide and putting it up on Clickbank. This plan is still in it’s brainstorm stage, but I’d love to let you know about in case you have a list interested in it, I’d probably price it close to $50 and offer a good, 75% commission. In any case, I’ll send you an email and we’ll go from there.

  2. PPC is something that has always scared me. I just feel like that I would be throwing my money away. I think I just need to buckle down and go through a comprehensive course to really break things down for me. 

    Brads course sounds like a great place to start so I will be sure to look into this. Maybe this is what I need to really understand how it works. After all, who can argue with a 5% conversion rate…great job!

    • Hi Nate, so there’s great promotions going on in Bing where they give you coupons for signing up and spending about $25, so you’d only be risking that. Second, is that I know you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate so you don’t really need my course or Brads, just follow their PPC training and I assure you, it’ll be the best thing. The PPC training inside Wealthy Affiliate is the one I use and I showed my screenshot above of the results, it’s awesome.


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