Is Auto Blog Samurai a Scam? I Wouldn’t Bother With it

auto blog samurai review

For anyone seeking to get their site ranked high on Google, using a program like Auto Blog Samurai is not recommended. Read this review to see why.

Quick Report on Auto Blog Samurai:

Name: Auto Blog Samurai.

Price: $77 + $30/month

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars.

Not recommended. I say it’s a scam in my opinion).

There are so many make money online programs nowadays focusing on automation services and in my personal opinion, you should be very skeptical about using them. Take for instance Auto Blog Samurai.

Based on what they say in their sales page, you’d think you stumbled onto something too good to be true. And you know what? That’s exactly what I believe is the case. I will never recommend any blogger use this program and feel it’s a scam for a number of reasons. 

Auto Blog Samurai in a nutshell:

It’s a software program which is compatible with WordPress and Blogger websites. You pick out a niche market you’re interested in making a site with and the program then searches for sites that contain content related to your site’s niche, take that content and puts it on your site. This is done automatically everyday.

The sales pitch or theory at least on this program is that you can make your own website/blog and let this software do all of the content creation for you. As it then adds it for you, you will eventually get traffic to your page and potentially earn money from this. You can then repeat the same process for other niche sites.

Is there truth to this?

In theory this works because content creation is what generally leads websites to get visitors and earn money. But in reality, there isn’t much potential from this process. Not only that but in my opinion, what this software does is ethically wrong.

While looking at the sales page, all I needed to know about this program came about when they said the software takes content from other sources and puts it on your site.

It sounds nice, but in my experience, this is code word for copying and basically plagiarism. Here is their 4 step approach to the subject:

autoblog samurai 4 steps

Sorry if the image quality is bad, but this is how the screenshot appeared. But in case you can’t see it, the 4 step process is fairly simple to understand:

1. You pick a niche then a keyword for that niche. 

This is actually the right way to do things. Whenever you start a blog, your starting point to making money online with it must always be a niche. This is probably the only step I agree with.

2. The software then “researches” and finds content related to the keyword you chose.

One thing I feel may be a huge issue with this software in this step is that keyword choosing might be very broad especially for people who are inexperienced. They usually tend to pick out keywords which have high competition.

Also if the software tries to find content on that keyword, it’s still going to take a long time for your site to rank high (if ever) because again, the keyword’s competition is high. If you have any hope of reaching first page rankings on Google through keywords, they need to be low competition keywords.

So if you can do that, there is a chance you may get somewhere with this software, but the next issue is within it’s following step where I find the most troubling issues…

3. The program then takes the content it found and adds that content to the blog. 

This is where things get bad as far as I’m concerned. First off it’s taking information written by someone else without their consent is stealing as far as I’m concerned. Not to mention that it’s plagiarism, plain and simple. 

Now some programs which do this kind of stuff have tried to be sneaky about it by taking the content they find and “spinning” it which means the content is re-worded to sound the same, but be written differently to give off the impression that it’s unique.

However there are 3 (additional) problems with this:

A) The newly written content usually doesn’t sound grammatically correct and if someone reading your blog can’t understand what’s being said, they likely won’t stay long, let alone buy whatever you’re selling.

B) It’s still a form of plagiarism. I like to call this “indirect-plagiarism”.

C) Using automation software programs like this is something Google does NOT like. It has filters and updates it’s system to prevent sites and programs from getting away with this kind of stuff.

Otherwise, their search engine would be flooded with duplicate content and the overall user experience of browsers would be greatly lowered. This is why Google has these things in place to balance out the system. 

4. They say this will make you money because the software and it’s content creation will bring traffic.

This would be true if the content generation were actually unique in that it was written by YOU and not some software. Unfortunately the more likely scenario is that this process will not even get to this step because:

A) The content isn’t yours to begin with and you can get punished by Google which means you won’t even get visitors to the site to begin with.

B) Odds are if the content is spun (re-worded) it won’t even make enough sense to keep the person around long enough to buy.


  • The software is pretty simple to understand and use.


  • Automation software is risky to use in SEO.
  • A lot of ethical issues including potential plagiarism. 
  • Google doesn’t like sites which use automation software. It’s basically a method to try and game the system (black hat).

Final Rating: Autoblog Samurai

2 stars

Red Flag (Avoid)

2 out of 10 stars. Very low probability of success and the longer time goes on the less the chances are. This is NOT how you build a online business, and if you want to know how it’s done, a program like Wealthy Affiliate will show you.

My final thoughts:

The best case scenario I see with this software is that your blog through “survives” long enough to get some traffic and maybe a few sales. Long term wise, I don’t see this working because sooner or later Google will spot it and “slap” it meaning rankings will be lowered or it’ll just disappear. 

And if that’s not enough to convince you, then consider the argument of plagiarism. It’s absolutely wrong to take someone else’s work and it use as your own, without their knowledge, let alone consent. 

I’ve never agreed with automation programs which follow this approach to making money. There’s no sustainability in that. If you’re going to build an online business, you need to do it correctly (the way Wealthy Affiliate teaches it) and not follow these get rich quick approaches. In nearly every instance, they will fail. 

If you’ve tried Auto Blog Samurai, I’d like to hear your experiences with it and what you think! I’m still surprised that when I reviewed this in 2014, that even in 2019, this software is still popular. But the core problems I see with this type of software are still why I wouldn’t recommend it. 

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