Traffic Black Book 2.0 Review. The Good And The Bad.

traffic black book 2.0 reviewEven though it came out in 2013, I’ve only recently heard about the Traffic Black Book 2.0 and a lot of what I’ve heard were good things.

Thus I decided to look into it further. Here’s what I uncovered…

Traffic Black Book 2.0 in a nutshell:

Basically an A-Z of PPC marketing and how to be successful in it. Being someone whose personally seen most of his success within the PPC world, I can vouch for a lot of what you CAN experience within this field of online marketing (see one example of how PPC earned me 6 figures).

Though I don’t believe PPC is something newbies or those tight on money should go into. It’s better off to start with SEO in my experience/opinion. But that’s beside the point. If you’ve never heard of PPC, let me briefly explain what it is: 

It is a form of paid advertising online where you place ads in various places like networks and search engines. The benefits of PPC is that you can get a lot of visitors very quickly because the ads you place appear very high and quickly get exposure. However, you will have to pay for this. How much varies, but if you’re not careful, you can end up spending a ton of money and not see the profits you want. 

There are many different forms of paid advertising online and many different ways to succeed within each area. The Traffic Black Book helps you become successful within the whole world of PPC and promote products and CPA offers. Within 2.0 you learn to create your own business and utilize the tactics within this book to build it up quickly.

What’s inside Traffic Black Book 2.0:

There are 7 training modules.

Each module has close to 10 videos that go over each area. There isn’t much on SEO (natural traffic) and as I said before the majority of the information you get within this book is all about PPC, list building and/or promoting products through paid advertising opportunities available online.

It isn’t just a tutorial on how to create a successful PPC project, but also delves into the psychology on how to build websites that get people to buy. This is great information because it can definitely help your project/s convert better.

One thing I am personally interested in is the re-targeting form of advertising which is covered in this book. It is basically a plan where your visitors, if they don’t buy, have ads show every now and then reminding them of the products they once took a look at.

Ever took a look at a product on a site and then went elsewhere and saw the ad for it? Did it feel as though you were being tracked? Well that’s actually re-targeting in action. The idea is to keep being on people’s radar so they eventually buy it. From what I’ve personally heard, re-targeting can be either “spammish” or very successful if done right. 

Where the Traffic Black Book “lacks”:

Certain internet marketing books/programs usually fall under a few categories: 

  • They are either scams (most cases).
  • They cover all forms of internet marketing.
  • They cover only 1 form of online marketing and get really deep into it. 

The Traffic Black Book fits into the last one. I wouldn’t recommend this product for newbies for 2 reasons:

1. PPC advertising in my opinion is not something you should start with if you’re new to internet marketing. This is a better option.

2. You will need to invest money if you’re going to follow through with what is taught in this book and from what I’ve seen most newbies are not prepared to do that either because it’s too risky or they just don’t have any money to put into it.

I really believe SEO is the best place to start to give you an idea of how online marketing works (if you’re a beginner). Now if you look at the Traffic Black Book sales page, they aren’t exactly fans of SEO, saying it takes long to see results and that search engines constantly change the rules making it impossible to see stability (I am paraphrasing). I disagree since I have a lot of success from it and this program is what helped me (and will help you) get success there.

This is really not true if you have proper guidance. In fact I think there is MORE stability within SEO than PPC because if you follow basic guidelines such as creating quality content, your site will see long term high rankings and not be punished by search engines. The main reason most sites fall under the search engine’s radar is because they always try to take the short route to results and implement black hat methods of marketing. 

But if you’re not a beginner and/or have money to invest into trying it out, this product is good. Although I would recommend starting from scratch just to get an idea of how the PPC world works. It’s my personal guide 🙂


  • Great wealth of information on PPC.
  • Talks about a variety of paid advertising approaches.
  • You can see VERY fast/large numbers of traffic using their methods. 


  • Pretty expensive book. 
  • PPC is a risky business no matter how “full-proof” your approach is. 
  • I don’t recommend this product to beginners. SEO is a better start.

Final Rating: The Traffic Black Book 2.0

4 stars

Yellow Light (Caution)

4 out of 10 stars. Good information on PPC, but lacking in other areas. Only recommended for experienced marketers. See my overall #1 recommendation.

My final thoughts:

I recently reviewed a program called Academy of Online Success which had a lot of similar training to this book. I also rated it 4 stars out of 10 because it only showed one way to succeed in internet marketing, a way which I think isn’t for everyone: PPC. This book is legititmate, but the yellow rating comes from the point that you should be careful with this sort of marketing because like I said before, it is a gamble.

As I said earlier, I saw incredible success in PPC and consider myself pretty experienced in the field. Real case study. But one thing I will warn everyone who is considering embarking into PPC is this:

Even if you have a full proof approach to writing excellent ads, paying very little for your ads, and seeing huge traffic numbers (all signs of a successful PPC campaign), it still doesn’t mean that formula will always work. 

In spite of the fact that I’ve had great success in a few projects, a majority of the others failed me. And no matter how many of the same previously successful strategies I used, most of the time it didn’t work. You need to understand that this may likely happen to you if you do PPC. In my case, the successful ones made FAR more than I lost in all the others combined, but still, it’s not always going to happen. You need to be prepared for this.

If you’re going to do PPC and you’ve never done it before, I recommend you start here, try it, see if it works for you and then move into the Traffic Black Book if it does and you want to take it further. Most books like this one pitch themselves as being “proven” to help you succeed. But this is really nothing more than a sale’s pitch. Again remember, not every PPC project you engage in will be successful. This is the reality of the business.

If PPC doesn’t work out for you, you don’t have money to invest into it or you’re just a beginner, this place would a better place to start in my honest opinion. Other than that, I will conclude this review by saying the Traffic Black Book is good. A bit overpriced in my opinion, but still good. Just not for everyone. 

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